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Monday 09 April 2012

 Two Dorothies all at sea: Part Six
Posted in: NZ Writing  5th December 2011
The final of an occasional series detailing the experiences of a “straight” cruise by couple of gay Kiwi boys aboard the Radiance of the Seas.

 Just what are those kids up to?!
Posted in: NZ Writing  2nd November 2011
The wonderful folks over at the youth glbti site Curious have found a whole swag of interns who are writing about everything from books and music to political action.

 Blog heaven
Posted in: NZ Writing, Blogger Zone  27th October 2011
Our blog zone is back and humming! Check out what some of bloggers have to say about the world, including Michael Stevens' horror at the horrific murder of Stuart Walker in Scotland.

Posted in: NZ Writing  21st October 2011
Don't get what the buzz is about gay marriage? Then you'll probably agree with this blogger "Thundercvnt" who shares his take on the issue with

 It’s International Lesbian Day!
Posted in: Blogger Zone, NZ Writing  7th October 2011
"Today is International Lesbian Day. Even if you are not a lesbian, join with me in rejoicing this day just by saying the word – lesbian."

 1005 things you need to know about bullying
Posted in: NZ Writing  6th April 2011
Philip Patston from adds five points about bullying which are perhaps not part of the conversation yet and may seem slightly provocative. They are designed to be.

 "You will witness Christchurch rise again"
Posted in: NZ Writing  23rd February 2011
Gay Olympian Blake Skjellerup has been watching the scenes of devastation in his beloved home city, in shock in Calgary. He shares his message of hope.

 Comment: 4am closure will yield new tradition
Posted in: NZ Writing  27th August 2010
A man who knows a thing or two about bar culture, Mike Binis, believes a 4am closure will mean a new tradition will emerge - one that has existed in places like New York for decades.

 By all means come out, just don't fall in..
Posted in: NZ Writing  10th August 2010
Auckland writer Lisa Michelle shares her thoughts on a recent 60 Minutes story which looked at the apparent phenomenon of gay being "the new black" in our high schools.

 Twelve Views of the Auckland Harbour Bridge
Posted in: NZ Writing, Blogger Zone  27th April 2008
New fiction by David Herkt: An iconic bridge connects twelve unique glipses into gay relationships.

 Bring on the blogs!
Posted in: NZ Writing  22nd February 2008
Four very different writers are ready to amuse, surprise, educate and at times unsettle you in our new Blogger Zone. So let's meet the team…

 A Semi-Idyllic Landscape
Posted in: NZ Writing  2nd February 2008
David Herkt's Summer Short Story Season: D.C. Browning enigmatically explores a dreamlike world of animal-transformation and sexual exhilaration.

 Tonight's Suggested Television Viewing
Posted in: NZ Writing  26th January 2008
Summer short story season: David Herkt presents D.A.F Sutherland's story of just how loaded a choice of TV programme can be in a lesbian household.

 Seventeen Homosexual Acts
Posted in: NZ Writing  19th January 2008
David Herkt's Summer Story Season: Brandon Cassell imagines several mainstream NZ media reports of laisons between men gone violently wrong.

 Dream Lover
Posted in: NZ Writing  12th January 2008
Summer short story season: David Herkt presents a tale by Rhys Page in which Johnny 'Sound of Swinging London' Duder finds new talent on an escape to NZ.