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Monday 09 April 2012

 It's about respect
Posted in: Our Communities, Features  16th March 2012
“If I believed the media, I would believe I was a whore, a murderer, a paedophile, a victim, a junky, a freak, a ghastly parody," is the powerful message from transwoman Brooklynne Kennedy.

 Announcement from Auckland Pride Festival Steering Committee
Posted in: Events, Our Communities  6th March 2012
The Auckland Pride Steering Committee has asked us to share this statement on the bid to hold a glbti festival in Auckland, as the council's events funding body considers its application.

 "It is time to recognise gender identity"
Posted in: Our Communities, Politics and Religion  1st March 2012
Agender NZ President Cherise Witehira calls the Government out on the "ignorance and transphobia" that has been displayed in Parliament.

 Underlying attitude mocks transgender people
Posted in: Community, Our Communities  29th February 2012
Ian Anderson and Rosie Jimson-Healey have responded to Rosemary McLeod’s ‘he-she’ piece with their own column, which you can read here.

 The Queer Avengers take on transphobia
Posted in: Our Communities  25th February 2012
The Queer Avengers led a protest against an anti-trans opinion piece in the Dominion Post at the Fairfax offices in Wellington.

 Auckland or Wellington?
Posted in: Our Communities  12th January 2012
Is Auckland or Wellington New Zealand's gay capital? We asked a selection of people from both cities.

 A dark week
Posted in: Our Communities  12th December 2011
The fatal bashing of a Wellington man has shocked the gay community, and comes during a dark week for our communities.

 "We honour you"
Posted in: Events, Our Communities  30th November 2011
This speech from Roxanne Henare was read out by Karen Ritchie at the Transgender Day of Remembrance service in Auckland. It's powerful, beautiful and on the money.

 Scratch the surface
Posted in: Our Communities  26th November 2011
Violence is not a topic we willingly discuss. So how can we as a community start to provide a voice to this unseen travesty? OUTLine's Vaughan Meneses shares his thoughts.

 Bay Pride
Posted in: Events, Our Communities  14th November 2011
The 2011 Bay Pride Festival is the inaugural event celebrating diversity in the community. The committee tells us more about the event, planned for 10 December.