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Monday 09 April 2012

 What's behind the newly invigorated NZAF?
Posted in: HIV  9th April 2012
Once dysfunctional, the NZAF appears well on the road to recovery. At least the rampant public criticism has waned. What is behind this remarkable turnaround? Leadership and focus, says its boss.

 Body Positive: Providing the final safety net
Posted in: HIV, Health & HIV  8th March 2012
Using their meagre resources HIV peer support organisations help their fellow HIV positive people in need, reaching even into a Thai jail if needed...

 Christchurch, social vulnerability and HIV/AIDS
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Health & HIV  22nd February 2012
Last year, Christchurch was engulfed by a devastating earthquake that claimed over one hundred and eighty lives. How have HIV+ and PLWAs dealt with the epidemic in that city? Good question.

Posted in: Living Well, Features  6th February 2012's favourite cartoonist Sam Orchard has created a cartoon strip explaining why he's taking part in FebFast, which is raisng money for four groups, including Rainbow Youth.

 Andy's FebFast Diary: Day 1
Posted in: Living Well, Features  1st February 2012
Andrew is taking the challenge to ditch red wine for a month in order to raise money for Rainbow Youth. How is the first day going? Find out in his video diary here!

 No hookups?
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Safe Sex, Features  20th January 2012
What's with guys who use sites like Scruff or Grindr and say 'no hookups?' Michael Stevens had a storm of responses to this very question. What do you think?

 WINZ and HIV: lessons from the UK
Posted in: Health & HIV, Blogger Zone, Living Well  5th January 2012
As the NZ government moves to move sickness beneficiaries into the workplace the UK's recent experience may make us uneasy.

 Editorial: Fronting up to the challenge
Posted in: Health & HIV, Features  11th December 2011
The NZ AIDS Foundation and the communities it primarily serves are faced with a pivotal moment in the fight against HIV infection.

 Why is HIV Invisible?
Posted in: HIV, Blogger Zone, Features  1st December 2011
December 1st is World AIDS Day, the UN’s theme this year is “Getting to Zero” but who would know it here in New Zealand? As I write this, I can find zero public notice of the fact.

 World AIDS Day QWU offer
Posted in: Health & HIV  30th November 2011
To mark World AIDS Day, and Queen of the Whole Universe have joined forces to offer you a special chance to contribute to three HIV charities, while also having an utterly hilarious night out!

 Getting to Zero
Posted in: HIV, Blogger Zone, Features  25th November 2011
World AIDS Day is coming up on December 1st, but in many New Zealand cities you’ll see collectors out on the streets bucket-shaking today.

 Don't be afraid to shake it
Posted in: People, Health & HIV  17th November 2011
First-time World AIDS Day collector Baz Bloomfield is putting the call out for other gay men to get over the "fear factor" of standing on a street corner.

 Facing a lifetime with HIV - pt2
Posted in: HIV, Health & HIV, Features  4th November 2011
At just 20 years old a young gay man struggles to reinvent his life... a life he now learns will forever be infected with HIV.

 Facing a lifetime with HIV - pt1
Posted in: HIV, Features  31st October 2011
Too many of our young gay and bi men continue to contract HIV just when they're starting out on life. Kris tells his story...

 Smoking, LGBT Women and Cancer Risk
Posted in: Health & HIV  20th October 2011
"In a recent issue of Women's Health Update, I was horrified to see that lung cancer was a leading killer of New Zealand women."