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Monday 09 April 2012

 Charter schools: Not in our youth's interest?
Posted in: Comment  5th April 2012
The Post-Primary Teachers Association and NZ Education Institute are strongly opposed to them and view them as a dangerous experiment which has failed overseas. But what are 'charter schools?'

 UK: Hatemongers mobilise against same-sex marriage
Posted in: Comment  29th March 2012
The UK Christian Right has started to mobilise against preliminary investigation of the case for same-sex marriage proper.

 Confucianism and Homosexuality
Posted in: Comment  24th March 2012
It has often been said that contemporary China is governed by 'Neo-Confucianism", rather than communism. What is Confucianism, and how does it affect the lives of LGBT/tongzhi Chinese citizens?

 Transgender rights: Why are we still behind Australia?
Posted in: Comment, Features  13th March 2012
It is high time that we focused our attention on the primary issue that affects transgender New Zealanders - their continued exclusion from NZ’s antidiscrimination laws, says Craig Young.

 Improving MMP: An lgbt perspective
Posted in: Comment  4th March 2012
The Electoral Commission wants to hear submissions about how the system could be adjusted. What might benefit New Zealand's lgbt communities?

 "It is time to recognise gender identity"
Posted in: Our Communities, Politics and Religion  1st March 2012
Agender NZ President Cherise Witehira calls the Government out on the "ignorance and transphobia" that has been displayed in Parliament.

 Diamonds for an old Queen
Posted in: Comment  24th February 2012
In 2012, Queen Elizabeth II will celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of her coronation. But is it time for LGBT New Zealanders to prefer a republic to our current constitutional monarchy?

 NZ foreign policy and lgbt rights
Posted in: Comment  16th February 2012
Foreign Minister Murray McCully has responded to earlier requests for information by Rainbow Wellington by welcome clarification of his ministry's LGBT rights stance. What should we make of this?

 Jan Logie's maiden speech
Posted in: Features  15th February 2012
Lesbian Green MP Jan Logie has given her maiden speech to Parliament and been met with applause and cheers. You can read the text of her speech here - or just watch the video!

 Adoption law reform overlooked - Yet again
Posted in: Features  15th February 2012
Lobby group Adoption Action is frustrated at the lack of progress in updating our outdated adoption laws.

 Five minutes with John Key
Posted in: Features, Features  13th February 2012
It’s an interesting sight watching John Key arrive at the Big Gay Out. People mob him like he’s a celebrity ... but we managed to get five minutes with him for a one-on-one chat.

 US: War with the Newt?
Posted in: Comment  9th February 2012
As the US Republican nominee race continues, it is now almost down to two main contenders- former US House of Representatives speaker Newt Gingrich and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. But is Rick Santorum making a comeback?

 On same-sex marriage
Posted in: Features, Community  4th February 2012
Rainbow Wellington Chair Tony Simpson has been gathering his thoughts on same-sex marriage. Here's a thought-provoking piece he's penned on the issue.

 Failed states and the plight of lgbt inhabitants
Posted in: Comment  3rd February 2012
Why are so many of the world's LGBT crisis hotspots 'failed states?' How did they get that way, and what does the term mean? Moreover, why are the situations of their LGBT (and other) inhabitants often so desperate?

 Antisoliciting Bill, Take Three?
Posted in: Comment, Features  27th January 2012
"As I have said before in this column, LGBT Aucklanders and others should oppose this injurious and retrograde bill," Craig Young writes. Finds out why he feels so strongly about it here.