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Audio requests being accepted

Sound Archives Ngā Taonga Kōrero’s main Christchurch office has been open for requests since May following the February earthquake.

Staff continue to work on organising and rehousing collection items at our temporary premises. While this work is being done we are not able to provide full access to the collections, however, we are able to supply material that has already been digitised.

You can compile a list of item/s using our online search and send your request via the online form. Please note not all items in the catalogue are available at present, but in some instances we may be able to offer alternative suggestions for audio.

The Team at Sound Archives

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Collection of old microphones

Payment and licensing

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Our Objectives

Sound Archives\Ngā Taonga Kōrero is responsible for managing, collecting, preserving and providing access to the nation's recorded radio heritage.

Our staff index and convert historic recordings to newer formats, and select current broadcasts to add to the collections.

This resource is available for research, education, exhibits and film, television and radio productions.



Sound Archives is a not-for-profit entity, wholly owned by Radio New Zealand. Sound Archives is separately funded by the Broadcasting Commission (NZ On Air) to act as a national broadcast radio archive. This entity was formed in 1998 by the amalgamation of two separate units within Radio New Zealand, the general archive collection, and the Maori programme archive. Find out more on the about us page.

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Photographs and Ephemera

A shelf of Microphones.

Sound Archives in Christchurch holds many photographs, memorabilia, and documents relating to the history of radio in New Zealand. You can view some of our photographs in the gallery

Audio Projects

Tape machine..

Sound Archives has been involved in some interesting projects.

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