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Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 12-067
Rotorua South
Rotorua 3045

He mihi

Tuteira Pohatu 2009

Manawa mai te putanga o te kō manawa
Ko te reo te manawapou o te tangata
Ko te ihi te waimanawa o te tangata
Ko te hupe te roimata te wai aroha
Whakaāhurutia te iho wairua o te tamaiti.
Mā wai e kawe te kaupapa, māu, māku, mā tātou.

We welcome you, the reader, to this source of inspiration
Language and communication are essential for all people
Tears and laughter, pain and joy are powerful emotions which bring us all together as one in this field of gifted education 
We must nurture the essence of the child and more importantly, it is up to us to advance gifted education.


Welcome to New Zealand's first national professional community in gifted and talented education for:
  • networking, supporting and learning
  • sharing best practices
  • advocating for diverse needs
  • helping to increase understanding
  • making links with international and national organisations
  • providing a shared voice to Government and other groups

Partnership - We need you! You need us!
Working together to nurture our gifted and talented students: teachers, principals, counsellors, RTLBs, educational psychologists, teacher educators, professional development providers, researchers, postgraduate students and anyone with a professional interest in gifted and talented education.

Our thanks to:

The Todd Foundation  for their generous support in establishing giftEDnz