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Author Topic: Harder to find sperm donors for lesbians - expert  (Read 84 times)

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A leading fertility expert says it's harder to find donors who are willing to allow their sperm to be used by lesbian couples, and his team would be delighted if there was a rush on gay men willing to help out with the situation.

"Most men who present as donors present with an idea that they are going to be donating to couples in heterosexual relationships because that is what they know," explains clinician Dr Richard Fisher from Fertility Associates, who introduced IVF into New Zealand in the early 1980s.

Dr Fisher says commonly sperm donors are in partnerships themselves and are looking for ways in which they can assist couples who are in strife with their fertility.

"It is not, however, that uncommon for men to offer donations to gay or single women after they have had these options discussed with them," he says.

"It is a question we ask as we are firmly of the view that they are offering a gift and it is allowed to be a gift with strings attached. With the law now requiring donors to be identified in time, we want comfort for both donors and recipients and for both of them to be well informed about issues."

Dr Fisher says Fertility Associates has a large number of requests for donor insemination from gay couples and currently around 60 per cent of its donor programme are either gay couples or single women.

"We would be delighted if an army of gay men decided to donate," Dr Fisher responded when the idea was put forward by Daily News.

He explains donation requires interview with a doctor following an initial semen analysis to make sure that sperm is suitable for freezing and thawing apart from its biological potential. "We also ask donors to discuss the issues surrounding gamete donation with our counsellors and they need blood tests prior and three months after donation to ensure that we are aware whether or not they are Hepatitis B/Hepatitis C/HIV positive."

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Re: Harder to find sperm donors for lesbians - expert
« Reply #1 on: 01 Oct 11, 12:28:pm »
I have donated before and might go back - only I have not gotten any updates at all since I did it and that was over a year ago.

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Re: Harder to find sperm donors for lesbians - expert
« Reply #2 on: 08 Oct 11, 04:52:pm »
It's a fantastic thing to do.

I first tried to become a donor back in 2005 when FA was advertising widely for donors. I was honest about my sexuality - and because the NZ operations were running under the Australian rules - I was not allowed to donate. I actually posed here about my experiences back then - and that I believe had something to do with what followed in Wellington and the case that was raised with the HRC - which of course led to the rules changing in early 2006.

As soon as that happened - FA were back in touch with me and happily worked with me over several months in early to mid 2006 while I went through the process with them. I'm very pleased to say that I have photos and correspondence with the families of two offspring (a 2 year old boy and a girl born just a month ago). I also know that there is at least one more well loved baby girl out there somewhere :-)

So yes - please consider it - so long as you are doing it for the "right" reasons. BTW - the right reasons will differ from person to person. I did it because I wanted to help couples that clearly REALLY wanted to have kids, but couldn't - as simple as that.

Oh - and perrin - be a bit patient. I didn't hear about the first results of my donation until three and a half years after I completed the donation process.