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    • What is a 'like'?

      A 'like' is quick and friendly way to let a video creator know that you appreciate or like his or her video.

    • How do I like a video?

      Just hover the cursor over the video player screen, and click the heart icon in the top right corner. A large heart with fade in and out very quickly signifying that your 'like' has been registered. It's as simple as that.

    • How do I unlike a video?

      Click on the heart logo in the top right hand corner of the video again and your 'like' will be undone.

    • Where can I see all the videos I have liked?

      Go to 'Videos' in the top navigation bar, then click 'My Likes'. There you can view every video you have ever 'liked' on Vimeo.

    • What is the point of liking a video?

      'Liking' a video is simple way to let other users know that you enjoy their videos. Once you look around Vimeo, you'll quickly start to find videos that you enjoy. By 'liking' a video you are helping to promote content to your contacts and subscribers as well as giving that video a creator a nice feeling. 'Liking' a video will also store that video in 'Your Likes' section so you can view them later.

    • Can I 'like' my own videos?

      Sorry, you can't 'like' your own videos, but we guarantee that if you spread some likes around Vimeo, they will come back to you. Its all about the love.

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