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125. FCP X 2.0
1 month ago



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  • Darwin Hall 25 days ago
    This clip itself was edited using what?
  • plus 24 days ago
    haha FCP 7
  • Rafano 23 days ago
    :) nice.
  • Michael Cukr plus 22 days ago
  • Yo Cy, Best review for FCP in all respects that I've come across. Keep up your amazing work and Can't wait to see Under the Sun
  • plus 24 days ago
    Thanks a lot Dimitrios!
  • Very good review, its helping me to make an informed decision
  • plus 24 days ago
    Thanks Andrew
  • Harry Marks 25 days ago
    A really great non-hysterical, non-flaming, very useful review by someone who's objective. It certainly helped me make a decision. Thanks!
  • plus 24 days ago
    Thx harry!
  • plus 25 days ago
    this was all made in fcp x :​26958127
  • plus 24 days ago
  • MichaelTheGeek 24 days ago
    Great review!!!
  • DC Reels 24 days ago
    In your 'Things I Don't Like' list you mention that FCPX doesn't talk to Motion. In fact, not only does it work with Motion (version 5, not 4) it talks to Motion in new and very interesting ways including something called 'Rigging' which is very powerful. It's actually one of the few bright spots of the app.

    Otherwise, I liked the review and your overall production value is very good.
  • plus 23 days ago
    Thanks for that DC Reels!
  • Fluid Films 23 days ago
    Best review so far. Sounds like they're going to improve the workflow but the keywording/smart folders makes me nervous. Your review helps me understand it all a little better.

    Audition looks great. I hope they add it to Premier Pro, which I started transitioning to in CS5 for the 64 bit Mercury Playback.
  • Chris Gatewood 23 days ago
    Won't let you hand off projects to other editors? I'm no expert and this may just be my way of doing it, but I was able to move projects over to other drives for other editors to edit?
  • James Branch plus 23 days ago
    Nice film.

    A few comments:

    You can hand-off projects to other editors. In fact the media management is very good.

    If an item is offline then look in the info panel and 'relink' offline media using 'Modify Event References'.

    OMF/XML integration and Multicam are all coming in the future. As is broadcast monitoring.

    I thoroughly recommend Essential Training for FCPX on An excellent course.

    I understand that Apple are releasing API for FCPX soon. When that happens the 3rd party scene for FCPX will really go into overdrive. Whoever writes the app that allows even basic FCP7 project translation to FCPX is going to be a rich man.

    I have a hunch that facial recognition and speech recognition are on the horizon.
  • plus 23 days ago
    I was pleased to see the improvements for auditioning music too. You can set your video to loop and play one music track after another - or indeed jump out to iTunes and the video will keep playing.

    "I have a hunch that facial recognition and speech recognition are on the horizon." @James Branch

    I have less doubt about what kinds of things are coming than WHEN they are coming. I also expect auto-tracking, which the colour tools sorely need.

    And the weird relationship with Motion 5 is intriguing. For example, you can 'port' filters from Motion 5 to FCPX more easily than you can roundtrip, and therefore duplicate clips - which necessarily trashes all metadata. Logically, traditional workflows will never ever work. So that needs to be re-invented somehow: moving and manipulating smart data rather than duplicating and moving dumb media.

    Ultimately, I wouldn't be surprised to see an 'app' store in FCPX. Composers, colourists, motion graphics and visual effects artists will have the opportunity to sell us highly adjustable components that can be easily searched, auditioned, bought and applied in a few clicks. This would mean Apple reconfiguring a highly efficient, creative economy and taking a slice of every sale. But I ramble (sorry).
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