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2. Coachelletta
10 months ago
1. The Sandpit
1 year ago
A day in the life of New York City, in miniature.

Winner: Prix Ars Electronica Award of Distinction 2010
Nominee: Webby Awards 2011 - Best Viral, Best Music
Official Selection: AFI Fest 2010
Official Selection: Tiburon Film Festival 2011

Original Music: composed by Human (, co-written by Rosi Golan and Alex Wong.

Please view in HD and full screen for best effect. For a description of the shoot, camera, lenses and workflow, please see here:​aFmaPZ
  • Sam O'Hare 1 year ago
    I realise I left a thanks out - the guys at Brooklyn One for access to the penthouse balcony. Thanks!
  • Javier Frachi 1 year ago
    Sam, what you´ve done is truly, truly amazing! Congrats!!!
  • gaz fox 1 year ago
  • Sam O'Hare 1 year ago
    Wow, I have been totally taken aback by the huge response, it is way beyond anything I expected! Thanks to everyone for all the kind words, and to those who blogged, tweeted, facebooked, and otherwise spread the word about the film.

    To answer a few questions:

    I was lucky to have friends, contacts and a some helpful people I'd never met but asked nicely allow me access to rooftops and balconies, they are all mentioned in the Thanks section. The rest was shot from public spaces, including the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges.

    As for flickering, for the most part that wasn't a problem, with the camera on fully manual and the automatic vignette removal turned off.

    The track hasn't been released I'm afraid, but this is being considered. If this happens, I will post it here.

  • Sue Anderson 11 months ago
    Your film was featured on The BBC's geek show CLICK today. The presenter was very impressed and so am I. Well done dude
  • Hatef Rad 10 months ago
    So do I :D.. I followed the link which BBC Click presented last week... I like your type of photography... Great job dude...........
  • michael merron plus 1 year ago
    Loving this!
  • 2 months ago
    Great! Love it!
  • Brilliant stuff!
  • Keri Friedman 1 year ago
    One of the best time-lapse miniature-style films I've seen. Gorgeous work!
  • Ilya Malov 1 year ago
    Same here!
  • Paul Verhulst 1 month ago
    Jep! :)
  • Joerg Niggli 1 year ago
    Great shots and spots! I've noticed pan and focus movement (looks great). Did you film with a Video DSLR and changed the speed in the edit program later?
  • Dathan Manning 1 year ago
    OK - This is THE best ever. You obviously have many friends in "high" places. Feel free to use my balcony any time for your next time-lapse. But really, how did you DO this?
  • Anjelkam 9 months ago
    is in the style of Jim Clark and his "smallgantics" 1997​Pages/​ Smallgantics.htm
    so beautiful.
  • Ken Ardito 1 year ago
    Terrific Tilt shift! What lense and camera did you use?
  • Harry Sherwood 1 month ago
    He used a Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 and Sigma 50-150mm f/2.8 lenses for all of these shots... :)
  • really nice. thumbs up.
  • Van Lonberger 1 year ago
    Excellent! Terrific editing and a great match with the music.
  • zao 1 year ago
    Tilt shift, it´s really great, congratulations.
  • heyparker 1 year ago
    Awesome dude!! For some reason whenever I see tilt-shift like this I'm always waiting for a giant magnifying glass to pop into frame and fry some poor unsuspecting little human :)
  • Ricky 1 year ago
    really nice
  • Willem Rabe 1 year ago
    this is beautiful, i love how the helicopters and construction equipment seem to be coming to life and the stop motion feel it has to it, and it feels so peaceful, even though it's the busiest city i know and you sped it up...

    great stuff!
  • MILapse 1 year ago
    wonderfully fun and beautiful work here!
  • UNLOCAL 1 year ago
    Nice work !!!!! I like it
  • Rosemary Ragusa 1 year ago
    Really cool!
  • Helge Johnsen 1 year ago
    Amazing video. Thanks for sharing.
  • john 1 year ago
    I downloaded the movie, its an incredible quality, great job!!
    by the way, what camera did u use?
  • Ben Thom 1 year ago
    how'd you download it? i want that music.
  • Anjelkam 9 months ago
    is in the style of Jim Clark and his "smallgantics" 1997​Pages/​ Smallgantics.htm
    so beautiful.
  • Sam MacCutchan 1 year ago
    This is really well done. The music fits perfectly.
  • Parker Wilson plus 1 year ago
    This is awesome! Definitely one of the best tilt-shift videos I've seen. The construction site, in particular, really did look miniature. Also the night stuff (especially the last shot) was cool as I haven't seen much night tilt-shift video. Any camera/lens info?
  • Anjelkam 9 months ago
    is in the style of Jim Clark and his "smallgantics" 1997​Pages/​ Smallgantics.htm
    so beautiful.
  • System D 1 year ago
    Absolutely awesome!
  • Hoho!
  • Sam O'Hare 1 year ago
    Wow, thanks for all the feedback everyone! This was shot on a Nikon D3 as a series of stills, and all the movement (except where we follow the digger, I moved the camera there) and DOF was done in post. Please see​aFmaPZ for more information.
  • Steven Hale 1 year ago
    Did this take you months and months? Or years??
  • Jef Samaroon 1 year ago
    do you use editing suite like FCP or premiere to edit or just photoshop.
  • Steve Flanagan plus 1 year ago
    inspiring stuff. really enjoyed it.
  • Rusty Rogers plus 1 year ago
    Why do we love this stuff so much?
  • Janelle Burdell 1 year ago
    I was just thinking this.... lol.
    It makes me smile!
  • Jef Samaroon 1 year ago
    it make me open my small eye to bigger eye..
  • Cash Tilton 1 year ago
    All those locations are very familiar, but you have let me see them again as if for the first time. Thank you.
  • Bill Fant plus 1 year ago
    Lot's of cool shots! Dig the music.
  • Michael Pavel 1 year ago
    Best tilt shift video I have seen!!! Nice job!
  • Eric Teran 1 year ago
    Very nice...inspire me to do the same.
  • Gorgeous! Excellent work.
  • David Sweeney 1 year ago
    This is simply stunning!! LOVE IT!
  • Jurriaan Hos 1 year ago
    nice one!
  • Toycity!
  • Johann Renner 1 year ago
    That was exactly what I thought when I saw the very first seconds of this video. It is a great job! Congrats Sam and thank you for sharing this!
  • andrew tomlinson plus 1 year ago
    beautiful !
  • James Breen plus 1 year ago
    Very, very nice. Well crafted all around.
  • SB Studio plus 1 year ago
    Loving this Sambo! Cracking! Love to all. SB
  • mungkey 1 year ago
    awesome! Love the miniature
  • William Leue 1 year ago
    Whoa! This is stunning! It took me a couple of minutes to fully realize that I was looking at a real scene. The miniature effect was very strong.
  • Talita Emmanuela 1 year ago
  • Dablbabl 1 year ago
    Brilliant! Magic city! I love it!
  • Michael 1 year ago
    The "rivers of light" section near the end gave me goosebumps. Lovely.
  • fred slobodin 1 year ago
    Just WOW!
  • Murielle Ungricht 1 year ago
    Love it Sam! What a wonderful clip. Humanity in film = art!
  • Anthony Carrino 1 year ago
    Amazing work man! really enjoyed it! Thank you.
  • Robert Caplin plus 1 year ago
    great work!
  • Anson Burtch plus 1 year ago
    Awesome! Nice job guys.
  • Jesse Salto plus 1 year ago
    Amazing! Congratulations on a beautiful piece.
  • Frederic Vercammen plus 1 year ago
    Splendid !!!!
  • bittergas 1 year ago
  • John Matthews plus 1 year ago
  • Jesse Brauning plus 1 year ago
    The Night Time street scenes are some of the most beautiful video I've ever seen.
  • Chris Walter 1 year ago
    I think in 5minutes and 30s you just become my hero. This was awe inspiring. I wanna be just like you when I grow up! :D
  • Bjoern Amherd plus 1 year ago
    very nice!
  • peter sennhauser 1 year ago
    Sam, congrats on that movie, which is stunning because of the technique, but not any less because of the outstanding quality of almost each and every shot: perspective, composition, lighting - these are great photographs, not even needing the video and fake T/S, though it certainly makes it even more impressive.
  • Mirko Faienza plus 1 year ago
    absolutely beautiful! I love these miniature stuff.
    i like a lot your focus points in the shots.great job
  • Andrew Humbley 1 year ago
    Very well conceived and beautifully shot, making optimum use of your location(s). An inspirational work. Time for me to dust off the cameras and experiment. Thanks also for the insight as to cameras, lenses and post production at​aFmaPZ
  • Joaquim Bel plus 1 year ago

    I've done some tests also with tilt shifting but you really pushed it faaar away!

    Keep it up!
  • Simon Owen 1 year ago
    Amazing video - really beautiful images! Do you know if it's possible to create that 'toy-look' using a Nikon D90, and if so what lens would be needed? Cheers and congrats on some great capturing.
  • Jason Rhodes 1 year ago
    1. This is probably one of the best things I've ever seen in my life.

    2. Can I please buy an .mp3 of this song somewhere?
  • Craig Mansfield 1 year ago
    Download Goldwave and use "record what you hear" option.
    Sent the artist some money via Paypal if you want to support them.
    Peace and love.
  • William McNeal 1 year ago
    WOW! Time lapse combined with tilt shift is incredible. Great sound track choice too.
    Found via twitter link by @shutterstock.
  • Sarah Sherman 1 year ago
    This is incredible! Outstanding! If only I were that talented!
  • ciara leeming 1 year ago
    breathtaking work
  • Excellent Tilt Shift Work, Well Done!!
    Love the Nacerima and Testa Demolition Heavy Equipment. I do all the photography and video for Testa. See my channel The Wrecking Machine!!!!
  • D.J.Granger 1 year ago
    This is really incredible!
  • Diogo Carmo 1 year ago
    Awesome stuff, good work dude!
  • DEAR MAMA plus 1 year ago
    amazingg!!! nice job!!
  • Janelle Burdell 1 year ago
    Wow! Gotta find out about this "Tilt-SHift" referral y'all keep talking about! BAM! BAM! Ha! Really dig the music too. Thanks for sharing.
  • Robert Baxter 1 year ago
    Sitting on roofs in the middle of a hot summer taking 4fps with a still camera(without a tripod) does not sound like my idea of fun. It was worth it though, it turned out beautiful. I especially enjoyed the night shots.

    You did the tilt shift effect post production!? You're crazy! I'm loving this video!
  • theibrahims 1 year ago
    That is an excellent tilt shift movie. you are talented. Like the soundtrack and wanted to know who is it by? Thank you so much for sharing.
  • luiztap 1 year ago
    The best use of timelapse that I have ever seen!

    Just brilliant!!!
  • Becky Mitchell 1 year ago
    A friend just posted it on facebook. Mike showed me it a month or so ago n I loved it. Very clever and alot of work...Excellent stuff Sam!!!
  • Phil Harnett 1 year ago
    Reminded me of that great movie Koyaanisqatsi. Great work. Loving it.
  • Dan Valentine 1 year ago
    Terrible. Worst thing I've ever seen.

  • Simon Egleton 1 year ago
    This filled me with joy, I love your work. Thank you Sam. As a NYC resident for 27 years, I also liked your unusual location choices.
  • Corax Incarna 1 year ago
    Wondrous... just spectacular.
  • Mike Petrucci 1 year ago
    Amazing. Really.
  • inkblotch 1 year ago
  • Sergei Lassyi 1 year ago
    Very Impressive!!!!
  • Quang Duong media 1 year ago
    Very Impressive
    What you use camcoder?
  • Dane Deasy 1 year ago
    Amazing. Una furtiva lacrima.
  • Ariel Tagliacozzo plus 1 year ago
    very nice!
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