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2. The Unseen Sea
11 months ago
Update: Thanks so much for all your comments! I am reading them all and enjoy them a lot! I am sorry I can't reply to all of you. I am traveling at the moment and only have internet access once in a while. I hope to get to all the questions eventually. Thanks again!

A collection of time lapses I took around the San Francisco Bay Area roughly shot over the period of one year.

Please watch in HD :-)

Find more of my work on my website

Follow me on my Facebook page:​pages/​Simon-Christen-Photography/​183499695028114

or on my flickr account:​seemoo

Music by Nick Cave - Mary's Song from the Soundtrack of "Assassination of Jesse James"
  • Ferenc Vicze plus 11 months ago
    Good job, congratulations for your movie
  • HYPEMUCH 11 months ago
    This is freaking amazing... FULLSCREEN AND HD is so mesmerizing.

    Blogged here:​
  • iamkalaniprince plus 3 months ago
    so so so very beautiful.
  • Daniel Kelly Brown plus 11 months ago
    this is truly epic. Perhaps I will hire you for time lapse earth. Cheers!
  • Alexander Nathan Soto plus 11 months ago
  • theABSURD 11 months ago
    Absolutely stunning!
  • Vormkrijger 11 months ago
    Absolutely MEGA stunning!

    what settings do you use for the night shots ?
  • Simon Christen 11 months ago
    thanks so much. sorry for the late reply.

    It depends... I am always shooting in full manual mode and then adjust the exposure as the light changes. I take care of the "jumps" later in post. The exposure really varies depending on the shot. For example a bright city needs shorter shutter speeds then fog illuminated by moon light. The shutter speeds ends up being around 4-5 sec with the aperture wide open and high ISO settings. This way I get to take a picture every 5-6 seconds.

    Thanks again!
  • RizzNizz 11 months ago
    this is awesome. I never thought it was possible to adjust exposure manually while shooting. I'm curious how you smooth out the jumps in post. You must have to do this for exposure and framing unless you can adjust exposure remotely. I've been experimenting with timelapse but yours blew me away.
  • Sean Anderson 11 months ago
    Awesome video Simon! I'm also curious....I assume you stop intervals and adjust the expsore as quick as you can and then resume shooting, but how do you make it so seamless in the video? (the color, light level and avoid jumps in objects like boats or the moon)
  • LoyolaLane 11 months ago
    nice job
  • Renaud Duval 11 months ago
    Serene and beautiful. A sea of clouds.
  • 11 months ago
  • Chris 11 months ago
  • very nice
  • 33hirtz 11 months ago

  • Matthew Griffith plus 11 months ago
  • Norma Burrowes 11 months ago
    beautiful, the title is perfect.
  • Simon Christen 11 months ago
    thanks, finding a good title almost drove me crazy. Credit goes to my wife Jessica for coming up with this one!
  • mpared 11 months ago
    stunning posted at the curious brain :-)
  • VITAL plus 11 months ago
  • George C. 11 months ago
    seriously! i'm glad to have experienced this :) thank you.
  • Philip Bloom pro 11 months ago
    Nice to have it on Vimeo...see, it's racking up the views Simon! :)
  • Simon Christen 11 months ago
    Thanks again, man! Yea, I am a happy camper... :-)
  • Ben Hughes 11 months ago
    5d mk 2 i'm guessing? very impressive.
  • Simon Christen 11 months ago
    it's mostly shot with a Canon 40D except one shot. The last fog wave one was shot with the 5D mk2 because that night my shutter on the 40D crapped out. Huge, huge thanks goes to my friend Steve for letting me use his camera.
  • Kinora Films plus 11 months ago
    Fantastic! Love the sequences, as well as the editing... It really conveys the feeling of a second, gossamer sea, enveloping the city at night. Great job!

    Wondering if you were set to manual, or in aperture priority mode, and smoothed out the flicker with a plug-in?
  • Simon Christen 11 months ago
    thanks. really glad you like it.

    I am always shooting in manual and adjust either shutter, aperture or ISO as the light changes. The noticeable jumps in exposure I clean up in post. I also use a plug in to help me get rid off smaller flicker between frames.
  • Ben Hammersley plus 3 months ago
    Which plugin? :)
  • Lucas plus 11 months ago
    Wow. I know the SF Bay is foggy and cloudy, but this video made me appreciate it so much more. Beautiful.
  • Benjamin Dowie 11 months ago
    Truly amazing.
  • eslam 11 months ago
  • Tom Guilmette plus 11 months ago
    great work. amazing how that fog rolls in like an ocean tide.
  • Two99Media plus 11 months ago
    Epic title is epic.
  • Dana Epp 11 months ago
    Totally awesome Simon.

    Would you mind sharing some of your technique? I would be interested in your setup for the night shots. Lenses. Exposure times, ways to handle the changing light etc.
  • Simon Christen 11 months ago
    Thank you! Really glad you like it.

    yes of course. I'm using a Canon 40D with either the canon 10-22mm, 24-70mm or lately the 70-200mm lens attached. The night shots take a little while to capture all the light. For example the fog waves hitting the hills was shot at ISO 640, f/2.8 and I believe 4sec shutter speed. As the light changes I just keep adjusting either one of these settings. Usually it's a compromise of "ok I guess I can tolerate a little more noise, but get to capture more frames... " :-)

    I hope this helps. Thanks again.
  • Abram Hodgens 11 months ago
    wonderful! how did you get set the exposure for the moonrise at 00:57 ?
  • Simon Christen 11 months ago
    Thank you. I don't exactly remember the exposure settings for this one. I would guess it was around ISO 400, f/4, and shot every 5sec... But that's just a rough guess. Unfortunately I don't have the original files with me right now that I could look it up.

    But as the light changes I also change the exposure on the camera and then take care of the jumps in brightness between frames in post.
  • CarlosHuerta 11 months ago
    One word...Impressive
  • Andrew Higgins 11 months ago
    Wonderful, beautiful film.
  • Ben Hammersley plus 11 months ago
    This is frick'n wonderful! Wow.
  • Verl Adams 11 months ago
    very nice work.
  • Dan Forsley 11 months ago
    Has Hollywood called?
  • pixelated pro 11 months ago
    Beautiful work. Time well spent!
  • llaurentt 11 months ago
    Wonderfull time-lapse
  • Matthew Brown plus 11 months ago
    This is almost beautiful....hehe, just kidding. The imagery and colors are stunning.
  • Simon Christen 11 months ago
    thank you good sir...
  • Sebastian Oswell 11 months ago
    One of my favourite time-lapse compilations.
    Totally worth the 3 minutes and you other work on your website is great as well! Cheers!
  • Simon Christen 11 months ago
    Glad you like it. Thanks also for checking out my other stuff.
  • EJ Bennallie 11 months ago
    Yes your other stuff is awesome as well
  • Kieran Ball plus 11 months ago
    This is my favourite timelapse video ever!
  • Simon Christen 11 months ago
    Wow, that is quite the honor! Thank you. :-)
  • EJ Bennallie 11 months ago
    I would have to say so myself. The music and detail is perfect. Great job!
  • juliano schwarz 11 months ago
    it just made my morning
    the sea above our heads
  • Happy and Kranky 11 months ago
    Not sure why...made my eyes water.
    In a good way.
    Just lovely.
  • Simon Christen 11 months ago
    Thanks so much everybody for all your nice comments! Really glad you like it. It's already pretty late over here, but I will try and answer all the questions tomorrow.

    Thanks again! You guys rock!
  • Wynner3 11 months ago
    WOW! I see San Francisco off in the distance from my house and I have never seen it as beautiful as this. Awesome work.
  • John O'Connell 11 months ago
    The Half moon at the end is gorgeous - really interesting to see the "lapping" and wave motion of the clouds / fog in some of the shots at the end too!
  • Simon Christen 11 months ago
    thanks a lot.

    Yea I know, it totally took me off guard as well. I did not expect this at all. It happened right in front of my eyes but I didn't notice it until I played back the time lapse... The fog really just seems to "ride" the air currents. Like a leave on water.
  • Anubhav Joshi 11 months ago
    Beautiful dreamlike vistas!
  • Janis 11 months ago
  • Goce Mitevski 11 months ago
  • mungkey 11 months ago
    The compilation is amazing!!!
  • Sublime.
  • Matteo Carniato 11 months ago
    Very Magical atmosphere, I love IT!!!
  • Ed 11 months ago
    AMAZON is the word!!
  • MILapse 11 months ago
    Simply amazing. Hats off for your patience to get these top shelf shots!
  • Simon Christen 11 months ago
    Thank you very much. I'm so glad you like it.
  • der gaertner 11 months ago
    great work!
  • Chris Klüpfel 11 months ago
    Wow! Fantastic work, it`s indeed a "sea". Is San Francisco allways that foggy?
  • Simon Christen 11 months ago
    This was a bit of an unusual summer. I don't think it's normal for SF to have fog like this all the time.
  • Claude Lyneis 11 months ago
    The summer of 2010 was the coldest, foggiest in many years. It is not so unusual to see a lot of fog in SF and coming through the Golden Gate to hit the Berkeley Hills. Some of this appears to be shot from North Berkeley.
  • Mando 11 months ago
  • Юля Ну 11 months ago
  • Tom Lowe plus 11 months ago
  • Simon Christen 11 months ago
    thanks dude.

    if you have any suggestions for improvements. I would love to hear them from the master!
  • Tom Lowe plus 11 months ago
    seems you're doing pretty well on your own! :) great stuff, man.
  • Craig Clarke plus 11 months ago
    Very Cool
  • fronque 11 months ago
    Beautiful. Great.
  • Chris Saulit 11 months ago
    unbelievable. very well done.
  • TVerde 11 months ago
    just Brilliant...
  • Scott Karlins plus 11 months ago
    Stunning images Simon!
  • Addison Wright plus 11 months ago
    That was beautiful.
  • Destination Luxury plus 11 months ago
    nothing like that sf fog...i thought you were on an airplane
  • Simon Christen 11 months ago
    thank you.

    haha, luckily SF has some hills like Mt. Tam and Tilden Park that are tall enough to stick out of the fog...
  • Donna Marie 11 months ago
    INCREDIBLE! I've never seen a cloud move like the Ocean!
  • Vitchub 11 months ago
    Most impressive footage! Great effort to document the beautiful moves of fog. Thanks for sharing your talent!
  • Bartłomiej 11 months ago
    Beautifully. Fun to watch ;)
  • Jan Kolarik 11 months ago
    simply fantastic!
  • Alexander Svensson plus 11 months ago
    Incredibly stunning!
  • Sebastian Oettinger 11 months ago
  • Renato Conde 11 months ago
  • What If... 11 months ago
  • surdicforest 11 months ago
  • Jeremy Akins 11 months ago
    This may be the coolest thing any human has done
  • Simon Christen 11 months ago
    haha I don't know about that...

    I think m&m's are up there...
  • Lisa Schindler 11 months ago
    Wonderful shots, it looks so stunning I can't stop watching!
  • Tyler Williams 11 months ago
    wow. absolutely beautiful
  • Louis pet 11 months ago
    Why wont it let me download? i'd love to have this playing on my TV during family gatherings :D
  • Simon Christen 11 months ago
    Can't you just open it up on vimeo ;-)
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