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All footage was shot within an 8 hour span in Brooklyn, NYC. Several of these shots will be used in part w/ a series of spots we are directing/producing which will be released sometime in the near future.

Check out our blog for more info:​blog/​2011/​8/​11/​8-hours-in-brooklyn-w-the-phantom-flex.html

Shot on Rule Boston Camera's Phantom Flex camera.

Director/Cinematographer: Jonathan Bregel
Color Grade: Khalid Mohtaseb
Production NGAFers: Dan Selby, Jesse Korman, Chris Dowsett
Executive Producer: James Douglas
Production Company: Next Level Pictures

Song used: Skream - "Where you should be"
Download the album/track here:​gb/​album/​outside-the-box/​id384394570

Lenses used:
Duclos/Tokina 11-16 f2.8
Arri 150mm Master Prime T1.3

Special Thanks to:
Mike Sutton
Rule Boston Camera
E-Rock - Breaks Kru
Tyler Ginter


  • Kessler Crane pro 20 days ago
    dude!! that street slip and slide shot was off the hook!! The skate shot was crazy awesome as well!
  • FucknFilthy 12 days ago
    Amazing! Just features on
  • Tom Lowe plus 5 days ago
    SICK! You guys raped this.
  • Michael N Sutton plus 15 days ago
    Jonathan, this is great stuff. Opener is mind blowing. Would love to see more. This is the kind of stuff we we would love to showcase at Rule Boston Camera.

    twitter @MNS1974
  • You just know that when you get the best people together with the best equipment... it's gonna be gold!! Brilliant work gentlemen, all around.
  • Janosch Simon 13 days ago
    siiiiickkkkk :-)
  • Tom Baurain plus 13 days ago
    Buttery smooth moves. Love it. Great work gentlemen.
  • Derek Dockendorf plus 13 days ago
    Skate shots at sunset are just unreal. Great stuff!
  • Gabriel Scindian plus 13 days ago
    Killed it!!!
  • Tyler Ginter plus 13 days ago
    You're the man Jon! You killed it on this one :)
  • Two Brothers Films plus 13 days ago
    oh man.. more people need to run&gun with phantoms. so sick
  • Karen Abad plus 13 days ago
    Gosh guys. love it.
  • Philip Bloom pro 13 days ago
    water slide hot was amazing
  • Drew Geraci plus 13 days ago
    Really spectacular shots mate! The water shot at the end was off the hook!
  • Meat Bingo plus 13 days ago
    The skateboard shot is incredibly beautiful - perfectly composed with the lines of sight and sun in the background.
  • Stephen Niebauer staff 13 days ago
  • Philip Bloom pro 13 days ago
    staff fest of comments!! Sam managed three words though that makes him the cleverest of all of you! :)
  • Stephen Niebauer staff 13 days ago
    i will delete your account right now
  • Daniel Hayek staff 9 days ago
    Who's Philip Bloom?
  • Hassan Saddiq 4 days ago
    Just some noob that makes videos of his cats
  • Sam Morrill staff 13 days ago
    Oh hell yeah.
  • Philip Bloom pro 13 days ago
    Sam, Stephen is threatening me because he is threatened by your superior intelligence. Be careful there!
  • Sam Morrill staff 13 days ago
    Don't worry, he's harmless. Ignorant, but harmless.
  • Neil Evans 13 days ago
    love the opening two shots, in fact the whole thing was smokin. great work
  • Ian Durkin staff 13 days ago
    jesum crow!
  • Jimmy Heffernan staff 13 days ago
  • Mark staff 13 days ago
  • Katie Armstrong staff 13 days ago
  • Tyler Ginter plus 13 days ago
    lol! Do you remember when we met in Vegas at the Roulette table in MGM GRAND during NAB 2 years ago? Im pretty sure we were all kinda drunk at that point...good times! We should all link up sometime soon. Cheers!
  • Next Level Pictures plus 13 days ago
    I just wrote that from tylers account...oops...-Jon
  • Tyler Ginter plus 12 days ago
    LOL, Jon that is a huge Vimeo FAIL... Sorry Katie, Jon likes to hack into my account, tell Blake to keep an eye out for him :)
  • Daniel Hayek staff 9 days ago
    Blake's on vacation.
  • Marcus Leite 13 days ago
    This is GORGEOUS! Composition, moves, grading - it's all there and it's all mind blowing. Inspiring work!
  • Robert Harvey plus 13 days ago
    Stupidly impressive, the opening shots and the skateboarding ones were gold though! Care to lend me phantom ;)?
  • Matthew Popay 13 days ago
    Love everything about this. The shot between 1:12 and 1:28 gave me goosebumps. Amazing stuff.
  • Salomon plus 13 days ago
    And so history is made - it's amazing how definitive some pieces can be. This is one of those. You killed it! Now I want to go hire out one too. Well done boys
  • Mike Ross 13 days ago
    I post too many comments.
  • Scott Brignac plus 13 days ago
    The Phantom can make most things look cool, but this is top notch cinematography and direction. Excited to see the final spot. Stellar work!
  • Motion Minded plus 13 days ago
  • Freek Freriks 13 days ago
    Oh thats awesome!
  • Olivier zibret 13 days ago
    Great job guys!
  • Brian Troy plus 13 days ago
    I love the skateboarding shots. Gorgeous.
  • Paul Wood plus 13 days ago
    Damn this is good. Sure there's no Twixtor going on here? Looks amazing. Great job.
  • ryan roehl plus 13 days ago
    thats a phantom bro brah
  • Paul Wood plus 13 days ago
    yeah got it, just did my homework on this camera. Thats a serious frame rate machine!
  • Neil van Niekerk plus 13 days ago
    holy macaroni !!
  • Sahar Sarshar plus 13 days ago
    this is amazing!!!
  • Josef Hrehorow 13 days ago
    your name couldn't be more appropriate. this is on another level for sure.
  • Bruno 13 days ago
    I really like the fuck flip a lot!
  • ransreviews 13 days ago
    All about Bklyn, all about Brooklyn, great job.
  • smudlikvitek 13 days ago
    This is a very excellent video :)
  • Nathan DeWild 13 days ago
    Very well done, So good looking of course
  • Michael N Sutton plus 13 days ago
    Fantastic job. Everytime I get you a flex something great happens. Sure we can do the same with the TS3Cine. Great job everyone.
  • Darren 13 days ago
    looks sick! the overexposure on the dudes playing BBall looked horrible though.
  • Love the slow kickflip, and bouncing shoes.
  • Andres Garcia 13 days ago
  • eCabs 13 days ago
  • Michael Stine plus 13 days ago
    I could watch slow mo all day long. Great work!
  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Timur Civan plus 12 days ago
    This was the work of Jon Bregel
  • Collin Kartchner plus 13 days ago
    That skateboard shot was SIIIIIIIIICCCCCCCCCK!
  • Lars Peter Lueg plus 13 days ago
    The best I saw on vimeo yet. GREAT!!! Kicking ass. :-)
  • Joseph Stunzi pro 13 days ago
    Love the tattoo footage. Nice to see you guys using the Duclos-modded lenses on such a high-end camera as well!
  • Dan Lawrence 13 days ago
    I love it!
  • Matty Castro 13 days ago
    Wow! Really good work guys. I've been called 'picky' too. Great job!
  • A great piece of work. Love it.
  • Kemalettin Sert 13 days ago
    am i the only one who sees weird horizontal line in the middle of screen on a skateboard scene
  • Evan C. King 8 days ago
    Yes, you are high and need to come down from it. Just kidding, I see it too. Still a great video though.
  • The Nielsen Ratings 13 days ago
    Never understood the fascination in this kind of stuff. Its not original and is reminiscent of a bad trip.
  • Timur Civan plus 12 days ago
    shakes head......
  • Tyler Ginter plus 12 days ago
    lol... Timur you are the man!
  • The Nielsen Ratings 11 days ago
    Trying to gain popularity from skateboarding?? Gotta shake my head on that one
  • Amish Solanki plus 13 days ago
    The tune totally worked with this. Said a million times before, but the skate shot was unreal
  • Sentel Mullins 13 days ago
  • David Ealdama 13 days ago
    that is totally unreal! talk about 2k fps machine! any movement will look good on this thing... :)
  • Waow; awesome
  • Callum Baker 13 days ago
    Wow, incredible!
  • Brandon Vincent 13 days ago
    The kickflip shot was amazing. Great perspective, great light, super-slow mo...excellent stuff.

    The superslide shot on the street was really cool, too. It was almost like the world was moving at normal speed but everyone else was in slow motion!
  • The best! You guys rule!
  • R1BS plus 13 days ago
    T t t h h i i i i s s s s i i s s s r a a a a d d ! ! !

    Thanks for sharing guys!
  • Seth Eckert plus 13 days ago
    Is this twixtor?
  • Timur Civan plus 12 days ago
    No sir this is the glory of a full fledged 2500 FPS Phantom Flex Camera.
  • Seth Eckert plus 12 days ago
    those are rough to come by :/ unless you have deep pockets
  • Tyler Ginter plus 12 days ago
    Or unless you know how to pitch sick projects and ideas to clients... read the blog for how he got the camera!​blog/​2011/​8/​11/​8-hours-in-brooklyn-w-the-phantom-flex.html
  • SODA Inc. plus 13 days ago
    This just made my day! Beautiful cinematography.
  • ZX Wang 13 days ago
    Super Phantom!
  • Matthew Allard plus 13 days ago
    Tattoo was simply amazing. Good to see something that hasn't really been done before unlike high speed shots of water.
  • Tyler Ginter plus 12 days ago
    Thanks dude for noticing that. Jon and the crew spent a lot of time developing this concept to capture emotion instead of macro water droplets...
  • Marcus X plus 12 days ago
    DOPE!!! That is all...SMH. So good!
  • Michael sanders 12 days ago
  • Alex 12 days ago
    I like it!!
  • Michael O'Connor 12 days ago
    Awesome shots mate!
  • Julia Osovskaya 12 days ago
    Two words: blown away! Amazingly beautiful and the tattoo shot is just crazy!
  • Chris Bowden 12 days ago
    Whaaaaat?!! Too good!
  • Dizza 12 days ago
    epic good!
  • emilly rainbird 12 days ago
  • OMG! AMAZING ! WooooW! :D
  • Andréas Bengtsson 12 days ago
    Wow. Holy shit. Wow.
  • Jodddo 12 days ago
    how did you do the panning of the kids playing with the water hydrant on the street?!?
  • Carefully...
  • Jeen m Thankappan 12 days ago
    Holy Cow!!! Phantom Flex Rocks.. Amazing video and music too.
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