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57. DSLR Accessories
8 months ago
56. DSLR Lenses
8 months ago
If you're new to shooting with a DSLR, here are some things you'll need to know about lenses.

See the lesson for details-​videoschool/​lesson/​13/​dslr-lenses


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  • Matthew James Price plus 8 months ago
    Great new videos guys! Love the dynamic between Andrea & Philip!
  • Jared Foster plus 8 months ago
    What a great combo. Andrea you are hilarious.
  • Andrea Allen staff 8 months ago
    Thanks Jared. It's easy when you're next to the ol' Philip Bloom. ;)
  • Mike Collins plus 8 months ago
    What lens is on your 5D there Phil? And nice work to you all. It's another good resource for people to be able to check out.
  • Philip Bloom pro 8 months ago
    probably my 50mm F1.2
  • Mike Collins plus 8 months ago
    That's what I was thinking. Thanks!
  • Marthin Fort 8 months ago
    awesome. thanks for sharing this!

    by the way, who's that guy behind you ? 0:24 :)
  • Giorgio Gunnelli 8 months ago
    I think that's Chris Elliott
  • Philip Bloom pro 8 months ago
    Ah that is Craig. He gets his own story soon
  • Joe Moya plus 8 months ago
    but does the lens have... "da position" ?

    :-) see:​15025289

    ...pause video at 2:22...
  • Moritz Lüdtke 8 months ago
    Great video!!
    But at 4:39 the headline is "Lenes Recap"
    is this right? I don't know because I'm not a native english speaker
  • Dom 8 months ago
    lovely couple :) and nice series ... will be more ?

    BTW: what song this is (between scenes) ?
  • Dmitri Shushuyev plus 8 months ago
    This is was super! I really enjoyed watching this ;)
  • Rhys Wood 8 months ago
    does my 550D have a crop or full frame sensor?
  • Daniel Hayek staff 8 months ago
    It's an APS-C sensor, here's a handy page to check out-​wiki/​Image_sensor_format
  • Rhys Wood 8 months ago
    ahhh thank you very much!! :D
  • Still Moving Images 8 months ago
    04:35, lenes . . . Great combo and very informative. Thanks guys!
  • David Awatere 8 months ago
    Unsatisfied tension combined with fast glass, what a combination!
  • Ringo Paulusch 8 months ago
    Andrea's voice is coming from the left speaker although she's sitting to the right, and vice versa with Philip. That's irritating.
  • Daniel Hayek staff 8 months ago
    Fear not, we'll fix that soon ;)
  • Jaelyn Rose 8 months ago
    Your guys tutorials have been super helpful and hilarious!!! What camera and lens was used for the B cam and was it graded?
  • cwjstone plus 8 months ago
    These tutorials are excellent. Thanks!

    "Ya, It's a pretty big number there" LMAO
  • Alexander Evensen 8 months ago
    I agree with her, Naikon, not Nikkon :P

    Also, you can have a Pentax to Canon adapter, so you can use all the old fantastic Pentax lenses on your Pentax camera. Way to go.
  • Kwaku Nyantekyi 8 months ago
    @ 2:44 "Is this Kinnon?" She got you there bro. But then again that might just be because I'm American. LOL. Great vid by the way. You helped in swaying me to invest in one of those 30mm Sigma lenses.
  • AVCHD User 7 months ago
    I wish there were fewer stupid giggles and more real info. Like, what happens when you put a non-standard lens via adaptor? What happens when you put on a lens from the same manufacturer but which is not designed for your camera? What happens to autofocus, metering and such? Will the camera warn you that exposure is too high or too low? Instead Philip simply suggested using a 50 mm lens and this was it.
  • Rickard Bengtsson plus 8 months ago
    Love these videos!!
    Great dynamic between you two
  • jp cummings 8 months ago
    It's Nik'k'on!

    Absolutely. Positively. ;)
  • Daniel Skogli 8 months ago
    You two make a great duo =)
  • Flemming Midtgaard 8 months ago
    intelligent, informative and great entertaiment. Thanks
  • So how do you pronounce Nikon again? :D Totally hilarious :D Great stuff guys. Fantastic videos.
  • Kenneth Reitz plus 7 months ago
    Great work! But, this audio is driving me crazy! You swapped L and R :)
  • Barry Flewitt 7 months ago
    OK. Are there lenses specifically designed for Crop sensors?
    Or do we have to accept that we only get to use part of the lenses image?
    Also when shooting in video mode does the mirror flip up out of the way while you are videoing?
    Of course she is making your life hell. She's a woman, it's her job.
    Thanks for info.
  • Oliver Wolfson 7 months ago
    Great fun, and information. What lens adapter did Philip mention?
  • Markko Cruz 6 months ago
    Excelent class maestro!!! . Now maybe u could ilustrate us about the importance of PL lenses. (How the PL lenses works with the light in a image, and what´s the diference beetwen the 30m lenses (i have an 7d) and the PL lenses.
  • DIY Film 6 months ago
    Somebody needs to flip the left + right audio ;)
  • Michelle Diaz 5 months ago
    Great video! Quick question!
    Im really interested in buying the Sigma 30mm lens and I went online to look into it and apparently they have two? One for a Nikon and a Canon, not quite sure which one I should get! Is the only difference the mount on the lens? And one more thing I heard the Sigma is hard to focus well with, is that true?
    Thankyou :]
  • Jonathan Lawrence plus 5 months ago
    Michelle - I have a sigma 10-20. I am pretty sure the sigma glass is no different for Cannon and Nikon - Only the mount would be different. Sigma make great lenses at great prices, if you can afford their EX series it is a beter lens. I LOVE my sigma
  • Glenn Trinidad 5 months ago
    nice and helpfull! andrea is so cute! lol
  • Jonathan Lawrence plus 5 months ago
    Your commitment to education and excellence is .... educational and excellent!
  • Brook McAllister plus 5 months ago
    Vimeo/Phillip great work.
    Where might I find the photo diox (?) pro lens adapter? I can't seem to find anything relevant when searching online. Much appreciated.
  • Boat Safety Films plus 5 months ago
    it's fotodiox. I got one on amazon I think. good luck.
  • Morgan James Chadwick plus 4 months ago
    Ni-kon lol.

    Philip Bloom is the man!
  • Marc Van Osdale plus 4 months ago
    Fun Video....It would've been nice to explain the fact that in terms of filmmaking...this girls 7D gives a more accurate representation in terms of lensing than your full frame 5D does Philip. Calling the 7D a crop frame holds true in the still world more than the filmmaking world where the super35mm frame is what you are referencing. And honestly...if you wanted a normal perspective, you should be using your 50 on the 7D and an 65 or 85 on your 5DMkii Also....simply backing up to find your wider frame is kindof missing the point....what about your change in perspective???
  • Davo Smith 4 months ago
    I'm just getting started and your short videos are a wonderful introduction. Most appreciated....
  • Blake Whitman staff 4 months ago
    Awesome, glad they've helped!
  • Jay Rimmer 23 days ago
    Shakey Shakeyyyy
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