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157. introduction to audio with DSLRs
1 year ago
brought to you by canon live learning. thanks to sennheiser and zoom for providing the wireless lav sets, shotgun mics, and field recorders for the cinema caravan.



  • Joshua Brown plus 1 year ago
    really helpful guys, this has been the biggest hurdle for me. im shooting on sunday, hopefully capturing some great audio :)
  • Unikt pro 1 year ago
    That was awesome, sounds great :) One question .. what i have to do to sync my audio from zoom with my footage from DSLR ? Thanks for sharing :)
  • ColdWater Media 1 year ago
    Try PluralEyes for syncing. Works great, UNLESS you're syncing more than three cams.
  • stillmotion plus 1 year ago
    plural eyes by singular software. they are awesome. just drop your audio and visuals into separate tracks and it auto syncs everything for you. $149 for months of saved time.

  • Unikt pro 1 year ago
    That really help me guys, thanks for sharing that infos :) I was thinking " it will take a few months to sync my audio from zoom with my video footage from dslr" :)) At the end your tutorial helps me out ! Thanks for your help ! I really apreciate !
  • Mindframe 1 year ago
    you guys are so awesome...don't know anybody at your caliber willing to share such valuable information. much respect to you guys.
  • stillmotion plus 1 year ago
    and we will keep it coming. thanks for getting involved, watching our films, commenting, and being a part of this community. i think together we can all do great things for our industry and the perception of it.

  • TTPhotoVideo plus 1 year ago
    I think you've just nailed part of your company philosophy there.

    Thanks for the tip of syncing software too; before, I would just look at the wave forms and align my clips. Hopefully this piece of software can come handy.
  • Eric Cho 1 year ago
    Great information!! love it
    Thanks P
  • Jet Kaiser Films plus 1 year ago
    What a beautiful, informative video
  • Sergey Kuzubov plus 1 year ago
    Thank you, helpful video, love it:)
  • Arief B 1 year ago
    Great info guys. This single video answers most of my questions regarding audio setup. thanks for sharing with us.
  • NEMA Photography plus 1 year ago
    awesome segment on audio! thanks for sharing!
  • vitart 1 year ago
  • ferrinspace 1 year ago
  • Dave Dugdale plus 1 year ago
    Great stuff, please keep it coming.
  • Les Hillis 1 year ago
    Very helpful video, and the linkage to PluralEyes just opened MyEyes to a whole new way of working. Greatly appreciated.
  • P. You rule as always. Nice work. Thanks for giving back. I'm trying to do the same. Even though, I'm not as cool as you haha.
  • retainer media plus 1 year ago
    incredibly helpful.
    thank you so much for posting this.
  • We have a Zoom h4n and are thinking about geting some lavalier mics. Is there any nice workaround the fact that the zoom only has 2 xlr-inputs? If we would like to have 4 lavalier mics, we would have to have 2 h4n's, right? Is there any other solution?
  • rose street studio plus 1 year ago
    The H4n can record four separate channels of audio but you can only control the levels of two groups; the XLR,1/4" jacks are one group and the built in stereo mics as the second group. If you plug a stereo mini plug to two mono jack 'Y' adapter into the back (Radioshack or Guitar Center will have all the adapters you need), you'll cancel out the built in mics and have two input sources for your other two mics (lavs/sm58s/shotguns whatever). So in other words, yes you could record four separate mics on one H4n but you won't be able to control all four channels individually. I use an H4n and a backup pro video camera for audio in conjunction with my Canon DSLRs.

    Just curious, why would you want so many mic inputs?
  • Thank you for the response! The reason is that we would like to be able to record four (or even more) people. Each one with a separate lavalier mic.
  • Dani Croitor 11 months ago
    yeah, i want that too.
  • CuatroManos plus 1 year ago
    We love you, thankyou for transmit your knowledge.
  • Lucas plus 1 year ago
    Ridiculously helpful and high class. Thank you!
  • Hi Patrick,

    Sorry I missed you in LA. I had to shoot.

    One question:
    what padding are you using with the sennheisers?
    I have the G2 systems and it seems that the transmitters work best at -30 and the recievers work best at -18 when used either with a 5D or plugged into a zoom H4N.

    I basically set the zoom h4n record level at 70 and it seems to get great audio. Some people have told me that they set thier Zoom in auto, but I feel that might flatten out the sound.

    Also, are you using the compressor or limiter on the Zoom?

    If I use a squid directly into the h4n, I feel I have to set the H4N to between 10-20 so I don't use that mic much but it has a fantastic sound. Just not enough time to really test it enough to be confident at a wedding.

    Also, thanks for sharing.

    Video Keepsakes of Beverly Hills
  • Marthin Fort 1 year ago
    thanks for sharing it.. really great one
  • Mike Jones plus 1 year ago
    Thank you for these videos - you guys are awesome!

    Question about the Zoom. I have issues with my Zoom not having much head room. It seems either the levels are not high enough or they're clipping out. Any info on how you set your levels and if you've changed any of the internal menu settings (like using the internal processors)?

    Thanks again! Really appreciate all you're doing!
  • Brandon Rottman 1 year ago
    hey, thanks so much for this. this is really awesome. quick question, for the footage of the buses and the unloading of the bags, what lens did you use?
  • Ryan Murphy 1 year ago
    That Koala windscreen you have - what sizing is that? Did you just purchase the one specified for the NTG-2/3 and throw it on the Rode Videomic, or was there something to measure and order a different one? Thank you for your response in advance, I've been trying to find that windscreen since your wedding lens breakdown.
  • rayjoyce plus 1 year ago
    The ones sized for NTG 2/3 fit perfectly on the Rode Videomic.
  • Mograph TV 1 year ago
    That was so awesome I loved it. I recently picked up my first DSLR - Canon t2i but I was thinking that it would be really great to pick up a high quality microphone.

    I guess I could just use one of these shotgun mics at loud parties?
  • Epic Motion plus 1 year ago
    rad. love it. now to buy a second zoom.. dangit...
  • ITway 1 year ago
    Hi guys
    We have new sliders look at
  • Brad Holt plus 1 year ago
    You guys need to come to Texas!
    I need you to come to Texas... :D

    Extremely helpful video. You're all great! Lemme know if you're hiring. ;)
  • 1 year ago
    Hello guys, what a gift... 9 days ago I commented your tilt shift video asking you about your great sound and now I get this. It's more than I asked. So THANK YOU.
  • Maribeth Ratajczyk plus 1 year ago
    I shared this on Twitter and FB. It is great to pass on good info. I will be using the zoom for the first time this Sat! (moving on from 2nd shooter to main) This came out just in time. It gives me confidence. Thanks for the education.
  • ricketts0 1 year ago
    Great info, thanks for sharing!
  • Vimage Studios 1 year ago
    Gracias =)
  • FStoppers plus 1 year ago
    We just posted this to , great material, thanks
  • Couch Media plus 1 year ago
    go the koala fluffy P!
  • this is great ... everyone that ask me about audio-recording with HDSLR has to watch this ...

    one note though ... if you won't spend that much of money on a sennheiser shotgun mic (even i love it & its one of the best ;) ... i would recommend a RodeNTG1 its awesome for the money ...u can even get a set with windscreen and shock-mount
  • Nico Burasco 1 year ago
    This is a great introduction to field audio, but I was wondering how you get the music you use in videos like this?
  • videoemotion plus 1 year ago
    Great tutorilal!
    Really appreciate
    Thanks for sharing
  • Christopher Kalt 1 year ago
    Good job! Appreciate the tips. You mentioned that you connect your Zoom H4n to a soundboard at weddings. I just got one and wish to do the same at weddings and concert events. What kind of configuration do you use in connecting the board to the Zoom H4n? I was thinking of using 1/4" "out" from the board to XLR "in" on the Zoom. What is your recommendation? Thanks again.
  • Ray Roman 1 year ago
    Thanks for this, passing along on twitter!
  • Poop-er!! 1 year ago
    Hey Stillmotion! i recently got my Canon 7D and i need a mic...i was looking at the Rode Shortgun mic that u guys introduced here in this video...i really want to get it but my friends are telling me not to..cause of the auto gain thing..but seriously i wanna hear what you guys say abt it...should i buy or should i not?

  • stripdshirt 11 months ago
    Tremendous help! Thank you so much!
  • Thanks for sharing!
  • Proworks 11 months ago
    Thanks for the information!
  • Exact Image plus 10 months ago
    Great stuff as usual.

    How do you normally mount the H4n & 2xG3 receivers?
  • alin morea plus 10 months ago
    thank you for a good and helpful lesson
  • indrayogi 8 months ago
    Thanks for the knowledge bro.
  • Gabriele Girardi 8 months ago
    Love this tutorial section of Vimeo, as a musician I suggest to let audio parts of the video that explain differente take longer or more detached from the rest. Sometime I got stuck trying to read the information, watching the scene and trying to understand audio differerence, too many things! :D Anyway well done guys
  • Bandit Films plus 7 months ago
    you just saved me form having a stroke...thanks a shitload!!
  • Bill Voelker plus 6 months ago
    Excellent informative video, but the background music is distracting and annoying!
  • JD 6 months ago
    Very insightful.

    But would you recommend connecting a zoom H1 mic to the external mic jack on my Rebel T2i and just use it as an external mic instead of having to sync the audio with the video afterwards?
  • Dennis O'Clair plus 6 months ago
    Yes! A lot of people do that. It's called double system recording and it will make syncing easier. If you sue Magic Lantern you can disable the AGC and in many cases the in camera audio will work fine, no syncing necessary.
    However, a -25 db pad cable is recommened between the H1 and the camera. The pad cable lowers the Line level signal to a Mic level signal.
    Check out his video:​18531221
    -25 db pad cable:​i4CxKL
    -25 db pad cable w/headphone jack:​eoND64
    Magic Lantern user group:​groups/​magiclantern
  • Doctor Diamondface 6 months ago
    This video was featured by Dr. Diamondface on the Verdict Photography blog.
    Dr. D
  • what about pluggin a rode videomic on a zoom ???
  • Philip Bateman 3 months ago
    Thank you so much for this :D
  • Luciano Menardo 19 days ago
    Thanks very much for this amazing tutorial.
  • Jay Kevin Composta 13 days ago
    name of the song??? really nice "Documentary" video though...
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