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232. Fall•10
1 year ago
227. SoundWorks Collection: Gary Hecker - Veteran Foley Artist
1 year ago
From "The Empire Strikes Back" to "Robin Hood", award-winning Foley artist Gary Hecker of Todd-AO says it takes “timing and a huge creative mind” to be the man behind the sound. Here, he shares tips and tricks he’s learned during a career that has spanned more than 200 films.

Hecker also recently joined CSS Studios’ Todd-AO in late 2009. One of the most accomplished Foley artists in Hollywood. Among his recent credits are 2012, The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3, Angel & Demons, Watchmen and the Spiderman trilogy.

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  • The Owl Mag 1 year ago
    this is so cool. reminds me of larvelle jones from police academy.​watch?v=Cb5AvgAAQ_M
  • MaghoxFr 1 year ago
    LOL you made me have such a lovely flashback!
  • Austin Vavrovics 1 year ago
    one of your best imo
  • Milos Janata 10 months ago
    Wow, This guy looks like a proper actor
  • Jacob Snyder plus 9 months ago
    This is awesome.
  • mpared 9 months ago
    wow simply amazing up at the curious brain!! well done
  • Keith Rivers pro 9 months ago
    i love this!!!
  • Claude Lyneis 9 months ago
    What a beautiful film demonstrating the art of Foley sounds. I really liked the horse sequence. A great combination of technical and artistic work. Thanks for posting.
  • Ids plus 9 months ago
    liked it as soon as I saw it was foley recording. Spatula at 0:31!
  • Jacko 9 months ago
    What's name of song from 2:18 and 3:21?
  • Michael Coleman plus 9 months ago
    Jacko - These are actually music tracks that we have had produced for us by a friend named Gawain Mathews for using on various projects.
  • Paul Wong plus 9 months ago
  • 1987danchen 9 months ago
    that's so cool!!!
  • whoreian 9 months ago
  • Ellz Ramclam 9 months ago
    I really enjoy pieces like this that showcase the REAL talents of a movie. I mean, yes, an actor makes and sells a movie, but it's everyone behind the scenes that make movies what they are. Thumbs up to Gary and everyone else who stands behind the camera.
  • Blake R. McRitchie 9 months ago
    this is so passionate. Really nice to see.

    great video.
  • Beekeeper plus 7 months ago
    I always love foley's even thou you don't notice in the film that gives the overall life and you can actually feel like you are there. thanks for sharing this wonderful piece.
  • Grover Saunders 6 months ago
    This was really interesting and I have a great respect for what foley artists do, but I've seen so many parodies of this exact type of "The Art of Foley" piece that it's almost hard to take seriously.
  • Ant 6 months ago
    So every single audio is not from the filming like the horse galloping?
  • Virgil Mihailescu 6 months ago
    awesome dude :) awesome sounds!
  • Zick-art 6 months ago
    This is just amazing ! The movie industry is full of little artists who create the bigger picture and its really obvious this is not just a guy throwing things around to make noise like I used to think ! This is someone in love with what he is doing and he has a deep view of what he is doing and why he is doing it ! Thanks for making me appreciate Foley art more
  • Jesee Walker plus 6 months ago
    So AMAZING! I love watching foley get the credit they deserve. Such an overlooked craft.
  • Jens-Chr. Strandos plus 6 months ago
    Always amazed when I see or hear this. Great performers.
  • Tomas Vergara 6 months ago
    This looks like an awesome thing to do.

    I would really like to hear what he thinks about stock sounds, though.
  • Patrick Johnson plus 5 months ago
    Such a great encapsulation of the foley process. Nice work!
  • Tom Robinson 5 months ago
    Inspiring ;)
  • Wesley Versteeg plus 5 months ago
    Awesome, thanks for sharing!
  • Wilbert Bedonie 5 months ago
    Essential to your art INDEED!.
  • nocolor-in-mybalcony 5 months ago
  • qh! 5 months ago
    super awesome!
  • Erik Naso plus 5 months ago
    Thanks for sharing. My teenage son enjoys making sound films. He needs to watch this.
  • SilverS 5 months ago
    Wow that's awesome, what a fun job
  • ☞ Michael DeVowe plus 5 months ago
    Fascinating. I loved every minute - great work!! Thank you for sharing.
  • Scrambled Egg Films plus 5 months ago
    Awesome! Foley, one of the many important parts that go into making fine cinema.
    Sound is at least 50% of your movie!
  • Drian H. 4 months ago
    I feel deceived. (Guess I'm not very formalistic.)
  • CID MACHADO 4 months ago
    Thanks for showing the work of true artists that doesn´t reach the screen but amaze our ears! Great videos in your channel! Keep it up!
  • mansoorck 4 months ago
  • jeriko1kenobi 2 months ago
    love it!! :D
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