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49. National Association of Broadcasters - NAB preview…
2 years ago
I will be leaving after the Red Sox game on Monday April 20th to head to Las Vegas Nevada to attend the NAB show.

This will be my first and I am very excited.

I will be working in the Vinten (UK-based camera support company) and Letus (35mm lens adapters) booths from Tuesday April 21st to Thursday April 23rd.

If you are at NAB, please come by to say hello.

I will also be posting blogs about sweet television gear at NAB on my website. You can find it at

Vinten will be unveiling a new line of tripod at the show and I was lucky enough to get my hands on one to test during the winter. It is super smooth and has some great improvements.


Downloading has been disabled because this video contains footage courtesy of New England Sports Network.



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  • Nick Keating 2 years ago
    Cool stuff Tom, I was at the sox - rays game a couple weeks ago and was thinking about saying hey but never got the chance. Have fun at NAB, look forward to reading the blogs. You get the bike out yet?
  • Tom Guilmette plus 2 years ago
    i hope to post a blog a day this week. we shall see how busy i get.
    i actually got on the bike this afternoon...for a thirty minute power ride!
  • Phillip Platz plus 2 years ago
    Sweet stuff! So is the new tripod better than your Vector 70?
  • Tom Guilmette plus 2 years ago
    the new tripod series is for eng style cameras, not big ones like the one in this video.

    the tripod head that replaced the vector 70 is the vector 950. vinten will have one on display (including the "active" version. i have not yet used it, i have used the vector 70, 700, 750, and 900 pan heads thus far.

    vinten will post info to their website. i will also have a short video i shot posted to my site detailing my tests this past winter. expect that video tuesday.
  • Samu Ainesmaa 2 years ago
    I'm so very impressed by the shots where you follow the ball, especially the ones where they hit. I can't imagine being able to follow the ball and see where it flew, how do you manage? By the way, I never did ask, but where did you learn your craft (just out of curiosity)?
  • Amish Solanki plus 2 years ago
    Sweet! Hopefully I'll get a chance to come by and say hi!
  • ¡ǝnɹʇ 2 years ago
    Great video. You are really skilled with that Vinten. We don't get baseball broadcast over here, but I bet thousands would kill for your job :)
  • Philip Bloom pro 2 years ago
    cool stuff. God knows how you follow that ball!
  • Olimpiu 2 years ago
  • Mike Jones plus 2 years ago
    Dear Tom, you are my hero!
  • Laww Media plus 2 years ago
    Hey Tom
    Great camera work.
    Do you turn up the contrast on the monitor so the ball is super white on a black background so it's easier to see?
  • David Mihal 2 years ago
    Hey tom, I was at the game this monday (the sox killed). I went up onto the green monster after the game and saw you closing up the camera, didnt get around to saying hi.

    I also brought my hv30 to the game and tried to do one of your patented shots that you mentioned in this video-following the ball off the bat into the outfield. Such a hard shot! I guess you really do need that pan head. Your truly a pro!
  • Matthew Robertson 2 years ago
    Great stuff tom! I would love to see those video blogs. I do sports stuff, and from experience I can tell you baseball is without a doubt the toughest sport to film, your pans look wonderful!
  • Christal G! 2 years ago
    Hello! We met at the NAB show.
    Well, you've got an awesome job!
    -Take care and hope you had a great trip to Vegas-
    Ps- I'm the wife of Mr. Jehu Garcia
    aka yeah!
  • Christal G! 2 years ago
    Oh yeah- Go Red Sox!
  • D Rubio 2 months ago
    Ynwa :d
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