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Shooting Poverty is competition for young filmmakers to tell us in their own words how they will make a short doc that exposes the true impact of armed violence and irresponsible arms trade in poor communities worldwide.

The competition is now closed. Stay tuned for the next call for submissions in early 2011.

WATCH, VOTE AND SHARE this year's finalists here or on

Why Shooting Poverty?
Half of the world’s poorest people live in countries that are in the middle of, at risk of or emerging from violent conflict. Because there is currently no international Arms Trade Treaty conflicts and armed violence are fueled by the easy and uncontrolled flow of weapons and ammunition.

As a result, weapons don’t only wreak havoc on the battlefield. The killing and maiming of civilians, the resulting insecurity and wasteful spending associated with the trade and use of arms, cost poor societies billions of dollars and frustrates the hopes and aspirations of countless individuals striving for a better future.

Shooting Poverty is a project supported by Oxfam. However, the views expressed in the films are those of the filmmakers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Oxfam.

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    Great project! We love it. Check out our videos and filmmaking support materials.

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    Check out our three Shooting Poverty short docs for more personal stories of life in situations of armed violence.

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