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This is a collection of movies, storyboards and images taken during the making of short film 'The Seed', which I directed. It was produced by Nexus Productions.

Watch the finished film here:​3715286

Credits for the film are as follows:
Story and direction : Johnny Kelly
Production manager: Jo Bierton
2D animation: Michael Zauner
3D animation: Eoin Coughlan

Paper modeler: Elin Svensson
Assisted by: Anna Benner
Stop frame DOP: Micolaj Jarosewicz
Stop frame animation: Matthew Cooper
Compositing: Alasdair Brotherston

Music: Jape
Sound supervisor: Mike Wyeld
Foley artist: Sue Harding

Executive producers: Charlotte Bavasso, Chris O’Reilly
Producer: Christine Ponzevera

Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners
Creative director: Keith Anderson
Associate Creative Director: Tony Stern
Associate Creative Director: Frank Aldorf
Art director: Johan Arlig
Copywriter: Steve Payonzeck
Art director: Karishma Mehta
Copywriter: Gregory Lane
Interactive Producer: Stella Wong
Art Buyer: Jenny Taich
  • Tânia Duarte 3 years ago
    Very interesting the movie! I like very much the mixing of digital animation with traditional animation. Good work!
  • Taras Lesko plus 3 years ago
    Great use of mixed media. Finished video looks amazing.
  • Johnny Kelly plus 3 years ago
    Thanks a lot!
  • Dylan Baldridge plus 3 years ago
    Fantastic.. Why is the film itself not on Vimeo? I would love to be able to share it with folks.
  • Dylan Baldridge plus 3 years ago
    Oh coolio.. thanks a lot.
  • binjam 3 years ago
    vous etes vraiment tres forts!

  • Ross Phillips 3 years ago
    I love the bit with the digestive system.
  • Flo VC 3 years ago
    one word:
  • jim le fevre plus 3 years ago
    Nice one sir! Good to see the studio was in a healthy state before we turned up...!
  • Ryan Trostrud 3 years ago
    this is super cool!

    I saw the whole movie and it's literally one of my favortie short films ever.
  • 3 years ago
    how lovely-great work
  • Henry Kamp 3 years ago
    Wow, that is amazing, this is probably one of the best uses of mixed media ever. Very well done.
  • Kirsten Lepore plus 3 years ago
    oh god, i just checked out the finished piece as well. So aaaamazing.
    I'm really glad you posted the making of though -- as a stop-motion animator, it's nice to see how techniques like this are executed! This piece is so fantastic. Thank you for making this, I am inspired.
  • chenghao lee 3 years ago
    I thought it was made by 3d !!

    nice came out !!!

    I've always love the work made by hands!!
  • MUSCLEBEAVER plus 3 years ago
    Wow, intersting!! Great job!
  • matias 3 years ago
    good job people really good i like it a lot
  • DUMAIS plus 3 years ago
    Good job!
  • omari jaffe 3 years ago
    creative !
    i am new to animation
    so thank for the video.
    it hard work .........
  • Remi Noell plus 3 years ago
    Awesome, lot of work for a very creative result. Congratulations!
  • Heather R. 3 years ago
    Really gorgeous short. Congratulations.
  • daithi 3 years ago
    Totally brilliant as always. Fair play dude!
  • Matt Saunders 3 years ago
    Amazing work! Its exactly my cup of tea :)
  • Prof. Michael Stoll 3 years ago
    hi there, great "making of" and great film as well. i wonder if there is an embedable version of "the seed"? i'd like to post it on my weblog. michael.
  • Matthew Roberts plus 3 years ago
    amazing. really really really
  • Agus Yuniarso 3 years ago
    Nice, interesting ...
  • jeff hamada 3 years ago
    great work - posted about it here:​2008/​12/​25/​the-seed/​

    keep it up you guys
  • yaffle 3 years ago
    great stuff.
  • Charles Pieper plus 3 years ago
    Amazing stuff. Brilliant!
  • Frank Beltrán plus 3 years ago
    I saw your great film in some design blog some weeks ago and I was stunned by it. I just wished at that moment to know how it was done and now I bump into this!!!
    I really appreciate that you shared the "making of". I'm a big fan of looking at all the work involved behind a project.
    Greetings from Mexico
  • basileus zinkewicz 3 years ago
    good work, brothers and sisters-architecters!!!
  • JOGU 3 years ago
  • LORCAN FINNEGAN plus 3 years ago
    love it
  • Lucas Zanotto plus 3 years ago
    such a great look!
  • Linterna Studio 3 years ago
    really great :)
  • Ken Scott 3 years ago
    an amazing amount of work ... thank you for sharing the behind the scene look. Inspiring and educational.
  • Steve P. 3 years ago
    Hey Johnny -

    Too bad they didn't let you go ahead with the "jet engine" - would have been extremely topical.
  • BRABO plus 3 years ago
    Great job, congratulations!
  • shurin 2 years ago
    i wanna do like that!
    your works are my 'wannabe'.
  • Ambrosius 2 years ago
    Such a good job guys! have you put it in for any festivals, you should!
  • Danko Pezzi 2 years ago
    Johnny Kelly is the greatest person alive, I think he is God.
  • Chad Paulson plus 2 years ago
    Outstanding! I love the way you brought together traditional and digital techniques to make something truly unique.
  • Nathan 2 years ago
    wow effort!... great results
  • Steve Talkowski 2 years ago
    Simply brilliant!
  • Ryan Junell plus 2 years ago
    I'm a fan... nice...
  • Ben Palmer 2 years ago
    brilliant work, well documented 'making of' video. thanks.
  • Johnny Kelly plus 2 years ago
    Thanks for the positive feedback. Adobe had us document the entire process which is why there's this 'making of'. If you're interested there's lots more info and development work on the Adobe site:
  • Denis 2 years ago
    love frame by frames
  • Vj seve 2 years ago
    wouha love it
  • Steve Rinzen 2 years ago
    So very good!!!
  • atzu 2 years ago
    Stunning job! Big team work, congrats!
  • holke79 plus 2 years ago
    your work is AMAZING.
  • Olja Ilyushchanka 1 year ago
    Great work!
    The best inspiration!:)
  • gabriel borda plus 8 months ago
    wow.. so much work... awesome... great job
  • Composition plus 7 months ago
    This is unreal!
  • deaquellamanera 6 months ago
    i whant that job
  • Awesome
  • YaprodYafilms 1 month ago
    good job
  • Jose 24 days ago
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