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27. Network Television Camera Setup at Fenway Park - S…
3 years ago
Please check out my Television Production Blog at​wp/​my-blog/​

A college professor who teaches television production asked me to shoot a short step-by-step video of my set day at Fenway Park for the television network I freelance for.

I shot this video with a Kodak Easy Share v705 digital still camera set to movie mode. For this project, this video is content driven, not visual. Sorry the picture is less than standard definition.

I voiced this video in a Fenway bathroom using my new Zoom H4 four track stereo handy audio recorder. I used the built in stereo pair on the unit and I am very happy with the results.

I also shot a short video about the Sony HDC-910 that is available to view in my videos on Vimeo.
  • Aaron Esterling 3 years ago
    Awesome Tom! Looks like a nice place to shoot from. Thanks for giving us the tour.
  • Amish Solanki plus 3 years ago
    Thats insane! I love the ending with the shotgun mic. I can't believe how simple it is setting it up.
  • DURBAN plus 3 years ago
    I actually didn’t blink thru out the whole 10 min and 29 sec. Great Step by Step video. I loved it.. and gee I love your job..
  • Mike McInerney 3 years ago
    Very nice Tom, any chance of a step by step from inside the truck. How about inside the Green Monster and the guys who work in there. Great job.
  • Fault Line TV 3 years ago
    looks like a super sweet job, now i know who's filming when i see that left field cam..thats pretty sweet..
  • Alex Newson 3 years ago
  • Underground Planet plus 3 years ago
    Great vid Tom, really enjoyed it. Nice job on the vo as well.

    - Ray
  • Hands-on-Video 3 years ago
    I wish you all could have heard Jesse the technical directors' comments during the fax. That is often the most entertaining part of our day at Fenway!!
    Nice job Tom !! , but you forgot to mention the nice 3 hour lunches you guys get!
  • ilolproductions 3 years ago
    Nice!! I've used studio cameras on pedestals before, but setting this up and breaking it down each day is much different! Didn't realize that focus mechanism was actually mechanical. It feels so smooth.
  • Berislav Petrovic 3 years ago
    i see u are enjoying in your work
  • Daniel Dreier 3 years ago
    Tom, great video, and thanks for the tour!
  • Brian Boudreau 3 years ago
    Great vid tom.. I enjoyed it. that cam is insane!!

    when did you start sporting the new haircut? :)
  • Craig Stevens 3 years ago
    Love the camera inside your mouth. Such dedication haha
  • FTV plus 3 years ago
    This is the first time i have ever watched a 10 minute long video on Vimeo and stayed focus. Great Job!
  • Adrian B plus 3 years ago
    +1. Top notch stuff.
  • KAI MEDIA plus 3 years ago
    Nice! Very interesting, thanks for the video=)
  • Tim O'Bryan 3 years ago
    Once again, a stellar educational video! It is amazing seeing everything come together with such detail.

    I almost like these videos more than your own cinematic works... (maybe not--those are phenomenal!)

    Thanks again for another insider look!
  • Chris Christensen 3 years ago
    very enlightening!
  • NCFX plus 3 years ago
    Awesome, that camera setup is truly amazing. Just one thing I do not understand: do you use mechanical zoom with that huge lens? Why? I just though you would use servo driven focus. Do you prefer mechanical focus?
  • Brian Mulligan 3 years ago
    I was just curious about what the price of the camera was.
    The price I found on the internet was $94,700. No wonder you take so much time fastening it down to the ground.
  • David Hodge plus 3 years ago
    Tonsil Cam? Now that is a new one. An acquired skill to be sure. Loved the insider look into sports television. Too cool, Tom.
    Do you get to follow along with the game much from there?
  • Aaron Reason 3 years ago
    You have a great voice!
  • Gutsy Heron 2 years ago
    very interesting to see, thx man
  • All Elbows plus 2 years ago
    very very cool! thanks for making this.
  • koen miseur 2 years ago
    Really cool video!
  • Brandon Vincent 2 years ago
    Being a huge Red Sox fan from Worcester and a budding videographer, this video has special meaning. I've just stumbled upon your videos today Tom and I have to say I'm impressed. I hope some day I'll be doing the things you're doing.
  • Druidus 2 years ago
    Many thanks for this interesting look 'inside'. You should consider a second carrier - making educational videos
  • Kai Mayer 24 days ago
    Do you have to built up the camera every time ? :D
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