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62. The Vimeo iPhone App Tutorial
5 months ago
57. DSLR Accessories
8 months ago
56. DSLR Lenses
8 months ago
The Vimeo iPhone App is one of the most powerful tools for watching and creating video in the known universe. How does one harness such an awesome application? Learn how in this tutorial video!

For more insight on using the app check out this lesson from Vimeo Video School-​videoschool/​lesson/​70/​navigating-the-vimeo-iphone-app



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  • Andrea Allen staff 5 months ago
    Informative and fun!
  • Daniel Peters plus 5 months ago
    Gonna have to test this puppy out on my ipad2 :)
  • Max 5 months ago
    Woo Hoo! Thanks.
  • Jesse Shotland plus 5 months ago
    Wishing I had an iPhone... Will this be made for Android soon?
  • Ryan 5 months ago
    Yeah, iPad and Android-specific apps will be coming eventually.
  • Alex Trimpe plus 5 months ago
  • Erick C. 5 months ago
    holy shit, 9 minutes to explain it?! sounds way too complicated! OMG, dont you know my life is SO important. i dont have time for thissssssss!!!
  • Daniel Hayek staff 5 months ago
    Hah, what if these 9 minutes change your life forever Erick?
  • Erick C. 5 months ago
    WHAT? i want it changed forever in 3 minutes tops! i have too many adorable baby animal videos to watch!!!
  • Adam Troup plus 5 months ago
  • THE LIGHT SURGEONS plus 5 months ago
    now that is worth getting a iphone upgrade for i think! well done guys!!!
  • Ben London plus 5 months ago
    the app is gorgeous, the streaming is smooth and loss-minimizing, i love the interface and controls are smooth but feel custom. Great stuff!
  • Scott Foley plus 5 months ago
    I appreciate the effort that went into this video and the software at work behind it. Well done Vimeo staff. well done.
  • Daniel Hayek staff 5 months ago
    Thanks, shooting a glass surface like the iPhone in a glare filled setting is pretty hard.
  • Gabriel Shalom plus 5 months ago
    will this work on the new ipad 2? this is great!
  • Andy Nicolaides 5 months ago
    Lovely app but to those asking its not natively supported on iPad 2. You can 2x blow up the original but thats not nice!
    Lovely app for iPhone though! Pride of place on my homescreen!
  • Daniel Hayek staff 5 months ago
    You can have the full Vimeo experience on the iPad already, try it out in safari.
  • RagdollOp plus 5 months ago
    Great app but is there a search function?
  • Katie Armstrong staff 5 months ago
    Search is coming soon!
  • Stuart Atkins plus 5 months ago
    that's awesome. it was the 1 reason i checked out the video. looking forward to a search feature
  • Melissa Lyons staff 5 months ago

  • mike ambs plus 5 months ago
    Agreed. Katie is an adorable narrator :)
  • Not bad on the eyes at all!
  • Hector Cuevas 5 months ago
  • marioland 5 months ago
    That app actually got me to Vimeo :D I like editing and uploaing right from my iPod Touch 4G!
  • Michael MejiaFilm 5 months ago
    Awesome video. Love the video editing option, better than the iMovie app I bought for my iPad 2. Hopefully there will be a Vimeo app for the iPad soon!
  • ScottHeath plus 5 months ago
    Great tutorial. Can't wait to start using the app.
  • Why not for the iPad? I ask this because I use Vimeo all the time but the iPhone is way to small to have fun with video.
  • Wilhelm Tell 5 months ago
    I like it, good job!
  • gumakau 5 months ago
    really cool app :) but i need app for android!?
  • gumakau 5 months ago
    thanks :)
  • Stian Servoss plus 5 months ago
    Amazing App, I decided to try it out today, and I finished a short video but it won't upload. I tried HD, Standard and Low quality. Has anyone else had this problem?
  • Jamie Pippin 5 months ago
    How can I add music from my iTunes library to a video? I've tried importing through WiFi connection and USB iTunes connection, but neither seem to work.
  • Oddity 4 months ago
    hey guys... dont know if you know but there are huge ssues with this app. For one I cannot import videos from my iPhone Camera roll.
  • Oddity 4 months ago
    :( and app crashes alot! Katie... whats upwith that? Is there an update/fix coming out soon?
  • Katie Armstrong staff 4 months ago
    It's comin'!
  • Oddity 4 months ago
    OK Katie, if you say so I believe you! Just hope it comes soon. I liked your tutorial video by the way... "...not so bad on the eyes..." cute :)
  • Inofaith 4 months ago
    Looks like a really quality full blown app.

    Can't wait to won an iPhone so I can record and edit some blog/social videos to keep my people up to date when I'm on the road :)
  • ok and where is search option??? how search video, people??
  • John Lee Siebert 4 months ago
    the app is awesome :)
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