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Above is a tutorial video on the Vimeo iPhone app. If you'd like to review the basics of the app you can also refer to all the letters and words written below.

First things first. Where can I download the app? How much does it cost?
Head right here to get the app. It's free! If you're already a Vimeo member, you can easily sign in. If not, signing up is quick and painless! All you need is an email address to get started.

My Stuff
Once you're logged in, you'll notice the navigation tabs along the bottom of the screen, which take you to all the major parts of the app. You start off in the My Stuff tab, which has three sections at the top of the screen.
  • Inbox, this includes all the videos from your contacts as well as Groups and Channels you're subscribed to.
  • Watch Later, here's the queue of videos you've chosen to save for later viewing.
  • My Likes is full of the awesome videos you're already liked.

Watching Videos
On each video clip page you're able to like, play, or add it to your watch later. You can also leave a comment. When you play a video, try rotating the screen for landscape mode viewing. Tapping the screen makes the playbar appear, which allows for pausing the video or Xing out of the screen and returning to the clip page.

This section of the app gives you a curated selection of some of the awesome Channels on Vimeo, simply tap on the Browse tab in the bottom navigation bar. This feature will continue to grow and develop further in the near future!

My Videos
All of the videos you have uploaded to Vimeo are stored in the My Videos section. At the top of the screen, there is a series of tabs that allow you to sort your videos by date, number of views, or alphabetically. You can also change the view layout from list form to thumbnail view. If you select one of your videos, you'll be taken to a clip page. At the top of this page, you will see an Edit button, which will take you to a page where you can edit the title and description of your video.

Below the video is a menu that enables you to manage your video in a number of ways:
  • Use the Share function to show your video to friends on other social networks, or you email or text them a link.
  • Tag your video.
  • Check on the likes it's gotten.
  • View the comments others have left.
  • Add it to Groups, Channels or Albums.
  • Manage the privacy settings.
  • Choose a Creative Commons license.
  • There is also a Stats section, where you can see which of your videos are most played, most liked, most loaded, and more!
  • The credits section allows you to add other Vimeans who may have worked with you on the video.
  • The Video File section enables you to replace the current video with a newer version, or lets you download and edit the file. You can also select to download to camera roll, which let's you save a copy of the video to your iPhone

Camera Mode
In the My Videos and Recordings section, you'll see a blue camera icon situated in the upper left hand corner of the screen. This is our newly designed camera, which boasts a handful of features that make shooting just a little sweeter.

In camera mode, you'll see a settings gear in the lower right hand corner. By going into your settings, you can:
  • Set your flash to auto, completely on, or off.
  • Set display options to zoom, all (which is the default setting), or fill (which stretches your image to take up the entire display).
  • Select to have a box or grid appear to aid in the framing or composition of your shots.
  • Switch to your iPhone's front-facing camera by pressing the little camera icon.

You can shoot video in portrait or landscape, however you must choose this before you begin recording. Tapping on the screen in a specific area will focus the camera on your subject. Once you have positioned your phone accordingly, you can begin shooting by pressing the camera icon, which will turn red. A time counter will appear in the upper left hand corner to help you keep track of the length of your clip. To stop recording, simply press the camera icon again and your clip will be saved. To see all of your clips, you can head over to the Recordings section by pressing the square icon in the lower left hand corner of the screen.

In the Recordings section, you can see all the videos you've shot and all your editing projects. If you want to upload, edit, or apply effects, simply press the clip, and choose the corresponding option in the menu.

Video Editor
If you press a clip, you can choose to open it in the video editor. In this menu, you can also add other clips taken in the Vimeo app, or other videos stored on your iPhone. Once inside the video editor, you will see a box in the upper right hand corner of the screen that provides your project summary. It tells you how many clips are in the project, the total running time, and the image resolution. In the bottom portion of the screen, you will see a series of blue bars representing your video clips. You can scroll through the clips by moving along the timeline with your fingertip. By putting your thumb and forefinger on the timeline and extending them outward, you can zoom in on your clips. Pinching your fingers back together will zoom out.

  • Clip editing- To edit a clip, tap on the blue bar. You'll know it is selected because a yellow border will appear around it. Dragging at the beginning or end of the clip will trim it. You can also manually set the In and Out points in the box on the upper right hand corner of the screen. By swiping your finger to the left in this box, you can also adjust the volume level of the clip, change the scaling or how the image fills up the screen, apply different effects, or delete the clip from the project.
  • Transitions- You can add a transition between clips by pressing on the small grey box that appears at the beginning or end of the clip, just below the blue bar. From the menu, you can select the type of transition, and another swipe allows you to set the duration.
  • Playback- At any time while editing, you can play through your project by pressing the play button in the upper left hand corner of the screen. You can also watch it in full screen by pressing the icon, and pressing again will exit full screen mode.
  • Titles and Text- Pressing the add icon in the timeline below the blue bars, will add a title. You can enter your desired text, adjust the size, set the position and pick the text color. When you click done, you will see it appear in the timeline, and you can drag it to position.
  • Audio tracks- Pressing the third add tab at the bottom of the timeline will allow you to set an audio track to your video. We have a selection of copyright free tracks to select from, or you can add a recording from your phone. The audio track can be trimmed the same way you did your video clips.

When you've finished editing just select the x in the upper right hand corner. On the project detail page you can save your project as a video file and select to export it. You can also choose to upload it straight to Vimeo in either HD or SD. Share your creation with the world by posting it to Vimeo!

On the account page you can see your video count, the number of likes you've given, how many contacts you have on Vimeo, and your weekly upload quota which tells you much you've uploaded this week and the amount of space you have left. The stats section is also there, it will tell you the videos that are most played, most liked, and other cool breakdowns. The information can be organized in general list mode, laid out in a spreadsheet format, or by geography. Also you can set the date ranges with the options down at the bottom of the screen.

We've put a lot of the best of Vimeo into this app and we're excited to see what you will do with it. As always we'll be making modifications and changes with time but for now enjoy!

Ready for a challenge? Use the Vimeo iPhone app to shoot, edit, and upload a video of your creation. Share it with the Vimeo Community by posting it to the iPhone Film Collection Group linked below!

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Navigating the Vimeo iPhone App

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