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38. Final Cut Pro Tutorial: How to Multi-Clip Edit
2 years ago
17. Greensboro's Child
3 years ago



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  • Alain Pilon 2 years ago
    Thx for the tutorial. My only question is: how do you 'uncut' a clip? Let say I move from one camera to the next then decided that I dont like it. You show how to change back the second cut to the original footage but the cut will remain.
    I cant figure out how to remove the cut and return to the original footage.

  • Andy Coon 2 years ago
    You can always delete that cut and then pull the original video footage over that cut to the next edit. Not sure if that is clear.
  • Alain Pilon 2 years ago
    Yep. Thx. I dont know why it never occurred to me to do it that way :-S
  • Oli Kember plus 2 years ago
    I can't thank you enough for this eye opener of a video. About to do a music video and this is going to save me hours of time. Thanks.
  • Zac Codner 2 years ago
    WOW! I always just stacked them and had 3 video lines then would cut and drag them to make it work. Thank you Thank you Thank you for this!
  • Michael West 2 years ago
    Just shot a stage play as an editing project. Tried to capture different angles. I was left with lots of footage I didn't know how to use. I started doing it like Zac and didn't look forward to days of 'look and cut and get angry and redo, then repeat'. Your tutorial has shown me the light. Thanks. Michael
  • Bruno Rachacuca 2 years ago
    Amazing time saver...
  • David Thomasson 1 year ago
    Outstanding tutorial. I was getting lost trying to read how to do this. Your tutorial made it nice and clear.
  • Andy Coon 5 months ago
    Glad I could help
  • Jim Clark plus 1 year ago
    Excellent tutorial. I spent a couple of hours reading the Apple FCP manual and was thoroughly confused. I watched your tutorial just once and was then able to edit a MC the first try. THANKS!
  • Andy Coon 5 months ago
    That's what I like to hear!
  • John H. Reynolds plus 1 year ago
    Thanks you man!! You edit the way i do, Thanks!!
  • Ryan Doris 1 year ago
    Really great tutorial. My only issue is that I'm having trouble getting the multiclip to work with audio that is from a separate recorder and synced up with the two video clips. It's like not recognizing the audio at all. Any tips?
  • steve hoog 9 months ago
    Ryan, did you ever get this straightened out? i'm having a similar issue. I can't get the new audio to sync no matter how much I work at it.
  • Doloto 1 year ago
    right on maan, this helped when I didn't have my book around
  • Ben Drotar 11 months ago
    Andy, Nice tutorials you've helped me out of some tough spots, keep it going.
  • Zooto Films 10 months ago
    hi, nice tutorial, i tried this in FCP 7 and my videos just keep freeezing, i set the settings to unlimited rt and dynamics but still the same then changed it to safe RT but still the same do you have any suggestion
  • Andy Coon 5 months ago
    I know you probably already found the solution but it might be the speed of your drives that are keeping the footage lagging. What kind of footage are you editing?
  • Charis Alexandra Pope 10 months ago
    Thanks so much for posting! Seriously saved me countless hours :)
  • Andy Coon 5 months ago
    Glad it saved you those hours...cause it took me hours to do this. ;-)
  • steve hoog 9 months ago
    I've seen about 8 different versions of how to work with multiclips. This is the first that seems to work. THanks, Andy.
  • Andy Coon 5 months ago
    Glad to hear it work for you.
  • Wayne Brubaker 9 months ago
    Great tutorial. How do I keep both the viewer and the canvas in "open". I found that I couldn't get the MC to edit correctly unless both windows are in "open" and the canvas constantly switches to "sync off". What button is wrong. And its always just one button right?
  • Andy Coon 5 months ago
    Sorry it took me 4 months to answer this but, yes it is always one button in the viewer and sync to "open"
  • Radu Barbu 9 months ago
    Thanks you man!
  • Andy Coon 5 months ago
    You're welcome Radu
  • Christopher Marks 8 months ago
    Cheers for that. Never clicked on the Sync ' open ' button on the viewer. Thought multiclip was worthless until now...
  • Andy Coon 5 months ago
    Glad it helped
  • GreenPeas Productions 7 months ago
    Thanks for the tutorial, using FCP 7 when I put the clips on a sequence and open it, as soon as I select the angle or shot for a marker, the preview image screen stops moving when playing the timeline. Am I missing something?
  • CJ Richter plus 7 months ago
    Yes, I am having a similar problem. Thinks not working simultaneously or creating cuts when i click on them.
  • Andy Coon 7 months ago
    That happens sometimes with me too. Occasionally when I click on the "VIEWER" it activates that window and the timeline window needs to be active when cutting. Always make sure the timeline window is selected.

    Another thing when it gets caught up like that either jump forward or back on the timeline and play for a second then go back to the spot when it stopped moving. That will remedy it. Good Luck, multi-clip editing can be a pain in the ass sometimes, but when it works it is great.
  • Very good explanation and your english is clear, afortunately. Thank you !
  • Richard Satoru 6 months ago
    This 7-min video will save me countless hours! Thank you!
  • Andy Coon 5 months ago
    Awesome, thanks
  • Ken 6 months ago
    Great tutorial, thank you so much. A tip for fine tuning cuts afterwards: Instead of dragging each clip individually, you can use the r Tool (press r on the keyboard) to grab the middle of the cut between clips and move it (left or right) and the new cut is done when you let go. I find it saves a bunch of time fine tuning the cuts.
  • Andy Coon 5 months ago
    Great suggestion. Thanks for adding it to the thread.
  • Diogo Atadini 6 months ago
    Thank you very much for that Andy...
  • Andy Coon 5 months ago
    Your welcome Diogo
  • Benjamin Bode 5 months ago
    Does anyone know if it is possible to do this even if your clips aren't continuous? I had three cameras rolling for an event, but each one stopped several times during the shoot. Is it still possible to somehow do multiclip editing?
  • Andy Coon 5 months ago
    Nope, the best thing to do is open a new sequence and drop the clips in there and export but uncheck the Make Movie Self-Contained. Export the sequence and do not make any changes to that sequence and close the sequence...then bring the exported movie back into FCP and multi-clip away.
  • Benjamin Bode 5 months ago
    Thanks. You are certainly a man of great intellect!
  • Joey Howell 5 months ago
    Another way to do this, if you can spend $150, is to use​howto_pe_finalcut.html You can use this to sync your cameras and make multiclips automatically. Has saved me many hours. Great piece of software!
  • paul mattock plus 4 months ago
    Just finished a five camera music video for a local band... and now I find THIS! Could have saved me hours of unnecessary cutting and pasting. Who do I sue...
  • Jason Benham 3 months ago
    awesome tut man! Helped me out tremendously!
  • Roberto Duarte 1 month ago
    Great and simple, thanks for saving me so much time!!
  • KJ Roelke 14 days ago
    If someone can help that'd be awesome:

    I shot some interview footage of some people with two (albeit different) cameras simultaneously. Now as I'm trying to MC edit I find that the audio/video between the 2 clips aren't syncing up later on in the clips. Am I doing something wrong or is the footage just crap?
  • Percy von Lipinski plus 5 days ago
    Were they shot on a digital camera?
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