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1. Realistic Tilt Shift Effects with Final Cut Studio…
2 years ago
Shot on Canon EOS 5D MkII @ 30 fps
Lens: Canon 24-75 f/2.8
Software: Final Cut Pro 7 and Motion 4

During the tutorial you will learn how to:

• Setup posterization effect in Final Cut
• Creating masks in Apple Motion
• Build up a realistic TS-Effekt in less of time
• Speed color grading

Checkout the final clip on:​7591054
Frankfurt | Tilt Shift. Canon 5DmkII

We have used AAE the entire Project. But at the beginning of this week, I recieved Final Cut studio 3 and I wanted a little bit practise with this nice Applications.

My conclusion: Intuitive UI and very fast rendering time.

Here is the Raw-Clip for practice:​vimeo/​


Music is Oslodum by DJ Dolores



  • Valdas Kotovas plus 2 years ago
    Thank you for the tip how to use with FCP...! I see you have very creative team...
    Good luck in all your projects !
  • Dennis Steib 2 years ago
    Great to hear thank you.
    Much fun and beautiful recordings for your planned trip to Ecuador.
  • thirteensquared plus 2 years ago
    thanks for that! easy and an excellent effect!
  • Ulf Holmström 2 years ago
    Fantastic, i see you have started this program before! :-)
  • Pyttroll 2 years ago
    Awesome, thanks for the tip.
  • Kieran Mithani plus 2 years ago
    really cool cheers
  • Greg Grom plus 2 years ago
    Great job, thanks a million!
  • robert faldner 1 year ago
    vielenvielen dank! coole sache ...
  • 1984 Productions 1 year ago
    thank you very much for this tutorial, cause I find your clip as one of the best examples of tilt shifts on vimeo...
  • j0n4s 1 year ago
    sehr cool. vielen dank.
  • Shano Lores plus 1 year ago
  • Dennis Steib 1 year ago
    Thank you all for writing comments!
  • roemer overdiep plus 1 year ago
    thank a lot!
  • Brown 1 year ago
    thanks for this
  • wow great tutorial i am from Brasil in south America and i thought that was great and very practical...
  • Pix Inc. 1 year ago
    Very funky.
  • Kyle Roberts 1 year ago
    Great work! do you need to bring it in Motion though? if you aren't doing the enhancing like on that building? Just make a dirty mask with a 4 or 8 pin mask feather the edges and de-focus the bottom layer?
  • onward films plus 1 year ago
    Thank you very much. Excellent job. Simple and easy to understand.
  • Andrew Agutos plus 9 months ago
    hi, for some reason when i render the clip after the effects are applied, the video is lost and only the sound remains. has this happened to you and do you know a way to work around it?
  • Alvise Tedesco plus 9 months ago
    Wow! Dankeschoen
  • Matt Qrc 8 months ago
    Let me try to do that.....
  • Juliana Ochoa 8 months ago
    wow!!! great tutorial, you are a Master to, teach in few minutes this great tip!!!
  • Martin Rubio plus 7 months ago
  • Bardo Baskoro 7 months ago
    Wicked! Terima kasih!
  • Very helpful. Thank you!
  • Frank Harvey plus 5 months ago
    Really nice, thnx;)
  • 413 Studios plus 4 months ago
    Thanks Dennis! Those lenses are too much, it's nice to get the effect without breaking the bank.
  • JoeA 4 months ago
    Thanks this was an excellent tutorial! The results work quite nicely even with older versions of the program ->​22492719
  • Karolis Prekeris 4 months ago
    Very helpful, thnks!
  • Fake Ideas 4 months ago
  • Felicia Lovelett plus 4 months ago
    Extremely cool & thanks for making practice file/tutorial available for download.
  • Osama Al Najjar 3 months ago
    thank you so much for this great tutorial :)
  • David Souto 3 months ago
    great!! Thanks
  • Stefano Scavitto 2 months ago
    Wow! I love you!
  • Linda Mason plus 2 months ago
    THANK you so much, will be using this technique this summer with young people!! I love you too! lol
  • Alexander Bognar 2 months ago
    Nice, very nice! It works
  • Jack Dillon 2 months ago
    i suppose this would work the same way in AE as well :D
  • max jahn 19 days ago
    could u do this on final cut pro
  • George Gabriel 12 days ago
    which version of FCP are you using?
  • A.B.R Productions 12 days ago
    Very good job I will try it out
  • Paul Hugo 1 day ago
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