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7. Raise it!
5 days ago
6. Mixed Tape
5 months ago
5. How to make a riding video
8 months ago
3. Washout Jam
2 years ago
2. MTB Hang-Five
2 years ago
This is meant to be funny and sarcastic. Just a few ideas on how many video makers can improve their web videos.
  • ZLOG plus 8 months ago
    this needed to be said! As a person who looks at web videos all day long I thank you!
  • Cycle Jerks 8 months ago
    Haha, thanks!
  • herman gomez 8 months ago
  • Cycle Jerks 8 months ago
    Cracks by Flux Pavilian
  • deviant me 8 months ago
    cracks ft. belle humble (flux pavilion remix)
  • Sven Simon 8 months ago
    haha, love your avatar, bro!
  • Cycle Jerks 8 months ago
    Haha thanks! Some fixed gear group from Vermont or somewhere stole it from me a while back, and then tried sending me a cease and desist order about it. WTF? lol
  • Sven Simon 8 months ago
    haha, are you serious?! you know, i think if anybody then "the band" would have something to say about this and not just some random gang...
  • Cycle Jerks 8 months ago
    You'd think so right?
  • Rohaan Taneja 8 months ago
    too true, well said...
  • Jesse de Koster 7 months ago
    Haha this is amazing.
    Allthough I think this video would suit better on Youtube.
  • Wendell Frink plus 6 months ago
    soo true
  • Mad Scientyst plus 5 months ago
    !!!!! love it !!!!
  • Rodney Mishler plus 5 months ago
    Rule # whatever, don't make a video containing ZERO video. Especially not on Vimeo.
  • Cycle Jerks 5 months ago
    Wow, I'm so insulted...... Well, I'm sure there's a cut down in there somewhere anyway.
  • Ryan Bowen plus 3 months ago
    Dig it!
    Great way to teach by showing exactly what you mean and incorporating it in the video itself. props
  • Lumz Lenz plus 2 months ago
  • Deborah Hargroves plus 2 months ago
    Good job!
  • Ryan Price plus 1 month ago
    nice points, but dub step is overplayed too.
  • Cycle Jerks 1 month ago
    It wasn't when I made this. In fact, almost no one knew about Dub or Flux.
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