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In the inaugural episode of Final Cut Prose video tutorials, Apple Certified Trainer Peter Salvia introduces Final Cut Pro keyboard shortcuts. Intended for the beginning Final Cut Pro User, episode 1 is brought to you by the letter A and the letter Z.



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  • Dominick D. 3 years ago
    thanks alot for this
  • Peter Salvia plus 3 years ago
    You're welcome Dominick, thanks for watching!

    Anything specific you'd like me to post about?
  • IAL VP 3 years ago
    Very cool!!! One idea for a tutorial would be about how to properly set up FCP, as in folders, files, bins, back up, sound FX, different sequences, scratch disc, render files .... and how to keep organized through the editing process.
  • Peter Salvia plus 3 years ago
    Awesome suggestion. Expect to see a project template tutorial here in the coming weeks. Also, be sure to check out FCProse episode 5 for managing hd media:​2810516
  • Oli Kember plus 2 years ago
    I agree totally with 'IAL's comment. Being unorganised in final cut leads to a lot of problems. It'd be great if you did the other 24 letters of short cuts too. I appreciate however it'd take a lot of time.

    I know final cut has loads that I'm slowly stumbling into and every time I come across a new one it makes me wish I'd known it way earlier. And non letter based short cuts would be useful too. A simple but useful one is shift+backslash, I found out the other day it plays a clip just from the 'in' to the 'out' point. Again, I wish I'd known this sooner.
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