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62. Nidhogg Trailer!
3 months ago
49. How to do a Sky Replacement with Adobe After Effects CS5
11 months ago

Look on the Bright Side | If it's Cloudy, bring the Sun | Track, Comp, Perfection

In this tutorial, we look at how to do a complex sky replacement with Adobe After Effects CS5. We take a look at a variety of tools, including Tracking, Displacement maps, exposure, Refine Matte, Edge Blur, Colour Correction with Curves, and applying a vignette.

If you have any comments or questions, please let me know!

  • Martin 11 months ago
    where I can find the footages
  • Kert Gartner plus 11 months ago
    If you want to dissect this tutorial, you can find the footage here:​2010/​09/​how-to-do-a-sky-replacement-with-adobe-after-effects-cs5/​
  • Tim Bonvallet 11 months ago
    Excellent tutorial! You're very articulate which makes following your videos easy and enjoyable.
  • Keerah 11 months ago
    very good idea with edges. but i think the sky or the water footage should be precolor-corrected too to be more close to each other. cause they still got some different bluish tint
  • Everett Bowes plus 11 months ago
    Excellent tutorial!!! Packed full of great tips and tricks.

    and the pace of your delivery was perfect!
    (is there any way you would make this available for download? I'd love to keep it on file so I can reference this often)
  • Jordey the Omen 8 months ago
    Finally a tutorial that explains everything and its relaxing to watch.

    I think that andrew kramers is good but somethimes he does stuff and makes me want to do like, ok WTF did he just do.

    Keep it up
  • Kert Gartner plus 8 months ago
    Thanks Jordey!
  • Oli Kember plus 8 months ago
    This is great, thanks for such a succinct tutorial, you've covered all the aspects of selling it as a totally believable replacement. Many thanks.
  • Fuqua Studio plus 7 months ago
    Enjoyed the video, keep 'em coming. BTW what microphone are you using, the audio is very nice.
  • Kert Gartner plus 7 months ago
    Glad you liked it! I'm using a blue snowball mic.
  • Brad Magnus 6 months ago
    Thanks for the great tut!
  • Brice Clocher 6 months ago
    That was epic! Thanks for the tips!
  • Geoff Broadway plus 6 months ago
    well done Kert and thanks for sharing, and great to see someone who can really use AE!
  • Nick Goldston plus 6 months ago
    Honestly, you are the man. I can't WAIT to try this!!!
  • montywent 6 months ago
    It will be easier if you'll just do this for me in the future. Even though your delivery was clear, quick and without a lot of filler, super job, I just want you to do it for me anyway...sometimes it's better if you just let an expert do it!
  • Kert Gartner plus 6 months ago
    Hah, thanks :) You could always hire me :) hehe
  • Frank Bonner 5 months ago
    wow. great job!
  • Jordan Tomb 4 months ago
    Incredible. Thank you so much for this tutorial. I love your explanations. You really make things clear for the viewer. Again, thank you!
  • Sergey Zavarykin 4 months ago
    Simply AWESOME tutorial! put on my favorites List!!!!
  • raul abonitalla jr 4 months ago
    magnificent sir
  • eduardo 4 months ago
    muy chevereeeeeeeeee, muchas graciasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.
  • Scott Brickert plus 4 months ago
    Thanks for all the work. It wets my appetite for digging deeper into AE.
  • Chris Arriaga plus 4 months ago
    That just solved so many questions I've had on how to apply my random ideas to actual projects. Thank you.
  • J. Xavier Velasco plus 4 months ago
    Really cool!! Thx for sharing.
  • Philipvw 3 months ago
    Is this THE BEST WAY to to Sky replacements?
  • Kert Gartner plus 3 months ago
    There's no such thing as "the best way" in VFX. Everything is dependent on the shot you're tackling. But you can use some general techniques that will work with most of the shots you encounter. This is the way I approach the problem to start, and if it doesn't work, you can start experimenting from there. :)
  • Philipvw 3 months ago
    Yes but the keying method he uses seems not very sufficient. In your experience, what's the best keying method then? How to choose?
  • Kert Gartner plus 3 months ago
    Again, it depends on the shot, and the keyers that are available to you. I only used the colour range keyer because it's simple, but you could probably get much better results out of Primatte or Keylight if you have them.
  • Stephan Chaikovsky plus 3 months ago
    that was great!
  • Will Spillane plus 3 months ago
    dude you're rad! thanks for sharing!!!!
  • Jose Novanta 2 months ago
    Thank's broo..nice info...^^
  • Benjamin Bode 2 months ago
    you are a god in a world of human crud.
  • Kert Gartner plus 2 months ago
    LOL :) Best Comment Ever :)
  • joe mcivor 6 days ago
    One for the GoPro camera; thanks
  • Fabio Boxikus 6 days ago
    thanks a lot for sharing this!
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