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Created for an Internet Video Production class at Columbia College Chicago. We create any kind of web show, then promote it ourselves as homework! Sweet class!

Did video at 60fps 1920x1080i in raw H.264 capture using iShowU HD

then converted to the new Pro Res LT for fast rendering with all the motion use.

Exported raw file using Pro Res 4444 Codec

then used Compressor with full frame settings to bring to 720p at 30fps

Did the music and voiceover recording in Ableton Live 8 using midi and a custom synthesizer.
  • ANTHONY JACKSON plus 2 years ago
    Thank you,but i,m working with a pc.
  • Alan Dennison 2 years ago
    the same principle adjustment should increase render speed on any computer with any program, lowering color bit always will yield faster renders. Although its probably more noticeable of a change on mac's. Since they are awesome... :)
  • Joseph Griffin 2 years ago
    Mac ftw!
  • Antonio Segura 2 years ago
    yes Mac ftw!
  • pc = sux
  • rickflick 2 years ago
    Well made. (A small point - the announcer seems to have a tendency to drop the "ing" endings. Like "editing" sounds a bit like "edideen". Probably a regional accent.)
  • Make Some Tea plus 2 years ago
    Useful tip, Alan. Thanks for sharing.
  • ANTHONY JACKSON plus 2 years ago
    Thank you Alan .
  • mothnode plus 2 years ago
    Thanks for the tip Alan, highly useful!
  • Jolifilm! plus 2 years ago
  • Antonio Segura 2 years ago
  • El Vigilante 2 years ago
    any chance on premiere? I've been looking for the equivalent settings, but can't seem to find them.
  • Alan Dennison 2 years ago
    I think its Maximum Bit Depth that your looking for under your sequence settings not sure though, havent used premiere in two years!
  • Great tip. Thanks for posting!
  • Peter Miranda plus 2 years ago
    Word !!
  • Lisa La Rosa 2 years ago
    Hi There, tried this and it did not work, my renders at 8-bit for my HDV sequence was actually 2-3 minutes faster then they were with an RGB render. How is it so?
  • Najee Forbes 11 months ago
    thank you thank you thank you!
  • LAMAR+NIK plus 10 months ago
  • Jonny Schaab 9 months ago
    @Lisa La Rosa I noticed the same thing, I imagine that it is because it has to down-convert to the lower bit-depth when working with the higher quality clips, but who knows
  • Rafal Cwiok 3 months ago
    Columbia College Chicago for the win! =D
  • Mr. Tunes 25 days ago
    nice work of making a simple tutorial more engaging.
  • Thanks!!!!!
  • Fabio Boxikus 6 days ago
    Nice trick, thanks!
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