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Director/DP * - Shot for Canon USA in downtown Los Angeles with all available light. No outside light sources were used. * I directed this short with co-directors Stu Maschwitz and David Nelson.



  • Nick Keating 2 years ago
    Incredible. I can't believe this is all natural street light! Nice work Vincent & crew!
  • Jordan Lloyd plus 2 years ago
    This is unbelievable guys. Amazing work!

    The majority of shots here look at home in any $$$ major hollywood production.

    I hope there is some behind the scenes stuff that will unravel soon.
  • 6400... holy moly...What are some of the lenses you used?
  • Tom Lowe plus 2 years ago
    Finally showed up on Vimeo, huh?

    Nice way to make a debut :)
  • Sebastian TR plus 2 years ago
    Now we are talking....... awesome stuff.
  • Mediamorfosis plus 2 years ago
    wow, very nice!!
  • Rob Martin plus 2 years ago
    yeah baby!!
  • Mark Nicholson plus 2 years ago
    very nice!
  • TK plus 2 years ago
    great coloring.

    lenses? please!
  • Glen Ryan pro 2 years ago
    great work - thats amazing at 6400!
  • Philip Bloom pro 2 years ago
    Very nice, beautiful clean image. More saving up then!!
  • Akira Wing 2 years ago
    yay, nice stuff, flows very nicely. Rockin' visuals
  • Glen Ryan pro 2 years ago
    Glad I didn't get a 7d now - this looks a bit more useful (and I can still use it as a stills camera on a range of jobs) Wonder when it will hit the streets? Canon have obviously pushed it forward to counter D3s but it will it be readu to ship them anytime soon?
  • Simon Packman 2 years ago
    the 1D IV is gonna be around 5,000$ meaning 500$ tax plus warranty being 200-400$ depending. I would just get an ex1. The handicap is that these cameras don't shoot raw video. Photography should be left to film in my opinion, unless you do photo journalism.
  • Glen Ryan pro 2 years ago
    Yep RAW would be great! Compression is a problem - although so is moire and jello etc etc - they are certainly far from perfect DSLRs but you can actually make a pretty good living at the moment using them for video and stills - and its challenging but fun work - so I'm enjoying shooting on them. For web video - which is were most video ends up anyway the footage is fine if you shoot around the problems and weaknesses.
  • Simon Packman 2 years ago
    i actually own a 7D. Very good for learning and what not. But I'm directing a commercial in January for television and we are obviously not gonna use my 7D. A DSLR is perfect for a photographers /filmmaker. Im into both, but it doesn't really replace film for the high end projects, or replace raw for high end projects. Its a great tool for learning though.
  • Glen Ryan pro 2 years ago
    Footage off new RED looks like it might be the go - but there's obviously the added cost! For now as long as the client's are happy with the DSLR footage then the challenge is to get some interesting stuff with all the limitations... I'm sure in a year or two we'll look back and think we were crazy trying to shoot video with DSLRs - but for now it's all a learning curve I guess! My main thing is shooting IR panoramas - usually on film - but they've stopped making the film so it's adapt or die!
  • Life File Videos plus 2 years ago
    So unlike stills, the video captured on DSLRs and ex1 is always compressed? What captures RAW video? We're probably talking way over my budget.
  • 3 to 5 years and traditional cameras will be a thing of the past ... there are sd/xc systems coming that have terra bite capacity ... the dslr revolution is here, all those amazing fast lenses in the used camera store are now gold .... any and all traditional concepts are now just things that elitists cling to ... same as an revolution in art.
  • Cine De Laredo plus 2 years ago
    If your good, you can produce great stuff with any camera. seek knowledge.
  • Leo M3DD 1 year ago
    One of the wissest comment i´ve ever read in the web, Lafaret has won a PULITZER right?
    and Now he is using a DSLR instead of a red, or a arria alexa, and the movie is so great that u completely forgot the cams or the tech involved, just the story.
  • Ian Nicholson 1 year ago
    I was involved in a TVC using a Canon 5D MkII - shot by one of the world's top TVC directors. To all the detractors talking about RAW, it's all rubbish. HD as played on BluRay or even broadcast is still a compressed format, so why are you crying about RAW? These cameras still produce a better image than professional broadcast cameras of ten years ago, and I think you WILL see more 'high-end projects' using this kind of gear.
  • Dan Hendricks 2 years ago
    Holy crap.
  • Mike Panganiban 2 years ago
  • all available light?any coloring in post?
  • Nathan Clarke plus 2 years ago
    Credits read Colorist - Stu Maschwitz - so that would be an affirmative
  • Dave 2 years ago
    Guess I'm not saving up for a 7D anymore...
  • Son of Sizemore 2 years ago
    ...saving up for the 7d would have been quicker! Now we have to *gulp* try to find another couple of grand :(
  • Alex Covo 2 years ago
    amazing low light shots
  • Miguel Lope plus 2 years ago
  • Myles Thompson plus 2 years ago
    Great work.

    How is the rolling shutter on this camera compared to 5DM2?
  • Docmorzy 2 years ago
    Yes, same question !
  • occubus jive 2 years ago
    this is so incredible!

    read the full making of here from Vincent's blog:​2009/​10/​19/​lights-out-camera-action/​
  • Eduardo Duran 2 years ago
  • Darren Abate 2 years ago
    Ok, well, I know what I'm going to be selling a bunch of gear to get now...
  • Eugenia Loli-Queru plus 2 years ago
    Very nice, but is it possible to let us download the original 365 MB file you uploaded here? It would be the best way for us to really evaluate the footage, on a TV (I could play the file via the PS3 on my plasma HDTV). Thx.
  • Son of Sizemore 2 years ago
    Or even a small clip would be useful :)
  • Trevor Meeks plus 2 years ago
    you guys can get it in 1080p on smugmug - check out his blog for a link -

    Keep in mind that the actual file was somewhere around 2 gigs, but was compressed to 356mb for the web... AND IT STILL LOOKS FANTASTIC!
  • Eugenia Loli-Queru plus 2 years ago
    Sorry, no. The SmugSmug version was already re-compressed by the site. I am interested in the version that Vincent uploaded on Vimeo and/or on SmugSmug, the actual 365 MB version (smugsmug offers only the 102 MB version, which is re-encoded and lower quality).

    I know that Vincent might not want to give that video away, but thing is, this is supposed to be an evaluation video for the 1D (and possibly paid by Canon too?). In that case, we do need the originally uploaded file for a better evaluation, sorry.

    When Philip Bloom evaluated his 7D, he did give away the uploaded files.
  • Giulio Sciorio plus 2 years ago
    Thats tight like a Tiger. I shot my first piece called Gravity on the 5DMKII all natural light between ISO 1200 - 5000. Check it out -​6279901
  • Sean Cruser plus 2 years ago
    shit. very nice.
  • julencin2000 2 years ago
    Available light. Holy sh1t! That's incredible!!!
  • Emmanuel Pampuri pro 2 years ago
    bravo ! superbe ...
  • Brenno Castro plus 2 years ago
    Nice video, but not full frame? I guess I will keep with my 5DMKII.
  • Robin Ng 2 years ago
  • Awesome camera, great shooting, nice editing. Story was.... But how does it take a crew that large to make something like that? There were like 200 names in the credits.
  • Snubz 2 years ago
    Nice job Vincent. Looks great!
  • D-Ray 2 years ago

    Wait, did I men tion how awesome this is?
  • Charlie McRae 2 years ago
    Absolutely orgasmic.
  • Nelson Herbert 2 years ago
    just awesome in low light. superb job
  • jehu Garcia plus 2 years ago
    Nice! Love how Canon stuff goes from rumored to first footage to released in a matter of months, unlike other hype driven camera that we've all been waiting for so long that we've forgotten what we're waiting for
  • niko 2 years ago
    very nice video! but one thing bothers me: this awesome car does not make any engine noise! I think the video would gain from some decent V8 blubbering

    But anyway, very nice job!
  • masterfil 28 days ago
    sound is invisible to some....
  • Mikko Löppönen 2 years ago
    Oh my god. I did my own test of the Canon 7d and was very impressed by its low light capability but this...this is just absolutely awesome.
  • GPSchnyder 2 years ago
    This one looks good damn awesome. And this is all done with available Light. You're fucking kidding me, aren't you? Superb big Budget looking stuff going on here.
  • Brad Kremer plus 2 years ago
    Looks really clean. How do you think the low light capabilities compare to the 5DMKII? Is it any better? I am still blown away with what I can capture with my MKII at 6400.
  • Marseille.TV 2 years ago
    Just Woooow ^^
  • Nick Wilcox-Brown pro 2 years ago
    Stunning work: Vince you have exceeded yourself Beautifully composed. Awesome edit. Nice color Stu and that sound....

    Impressed with tech quality of the footage. Looks like a brace of Mk IVs is called for.
  • Edgard Berendsen 2 years ago
    Hmmm.. still the same clayface look from the 5D II on high ISO shots. I know 6400 ISO is impressively clean, but the lack of color detail on skin bothers me.

    thanks for posting!
  • Regis Hervagault 2 years ago
    very nice results considering the available light.
    i didn't notice disturbing artefacts so let's hear it with the resolution charts and mandatory cat tests for moiré and rolling shutter issues on this newcomer and i'm sold !
  • plus 2 years ago
    yes, lets test!
  • A Rigged Production plus 2 years ago
    Drama's not going to be too happy you took his car for a shoot...
  • Wasn't that Turtle driving?
  • A Rigged Production plus 2 years ago
  • Shawn Shannon plus 2 years ago
    clean... told a very cool story.
  • 23 Pictures 2 years ago
    Dig it! Nice barbwire shot and good sequence at 2:30.

    Any behind the scenes coming out, Vincent?

  • Karen Abad plus 2 years ago
    Did it again. Amazing. Happy you're here.
  • Dave Grant 2 years ago
  • FX Films plus 2 years ago
    love it. what a great little clip.
    now i can film weddings in pitch black :D
  • Will Simpson 2 years ago
    Beautifully captured.
  • Heinz Donaubauer plus 2 years ago
    holy mother of additional light and still a very clear image. impressive
  • Hyperfokal plus 2 years ago
    That is awesome. Did someone already mention that? ;-)

    BTW, I've heard a new firnware for the 5d mark II is in the making, coming out early next year. It's official, the 5d mark II finally gets its 25p.
    Now given the price difference I think the 5d mark II is highly desirable, although this new canon baby is making me really sad for not having enough money right now.
    What do you think? 5d mark II now or waiting for Mk IV?
  • William Rich plus 2 years ago
    is this true?? is it only 25p? or will 24p also be available and what other functions will the firmware update?
  • Hyperfokal plus 2 years ago
    Both, 24 and 25p​2009/​10/​20/​canon-5d-mark-ii-to-get-24p25p-video-capability/​
    This also on german canon site, so it is official. :-)))
    This will boost sales on even higher ground, I suppose.
    Release: First half of 2010, I think the reason for releasing it so late is, so that canon can sell the new one first without competition. Canon can ;-)
  • Jared Levy plus 2 years ago
    Canon Australia confirmed both 24p and 25p early next year...

    And to think about all those people who swapped the 5dmkII for the 7d.
  • Very Cool Story - you had an excellent crew and no wonder they dropped everything to come help out!! Amazing footage, interesting times indeed.
  • Moayad Hassan 2 years ago
    Nice Shoes :P
  • oren krimchansky 2 years ago
    Inspiring! thanks!
  • LifePictures 2 years ago
    Very impressive shoots! Masterpice work with natural lighting.
  • Marcelo Paixão plus 2 years ago
    very nice atmosphere! congratulations !!
    and it's unbelivable that there is just natural lights !
  • Ryan 2 years ago
    Just amazing. Always loved the rawness of available light in images and film, its something that aint used enough
  • kedarvideo plus 2 years ago
    It's great to see what can be produced with a DSLR camera. What only makes me sad is the seemingly cold marketing strategy of Canon. Instead of putting all neded features in one camera they are releasing camera after camera that are not perfect although they certainly should know by now what a DSLR camera with HD video function should implement:

    - full frame sensor
    - 24p and 25 p
    - high resolution like the 21 Megapixels of the 5D
    - low light capacity

    ... and in most countries the cameras are not available...
  • Hyperfokal plus 2 years ago
    That is all what the 5D Mark II offers. Except 24p and 25p that is, but it will come next year according to Canon's press release today.
  • Jared Levy plus 2 years ago

    Once the new firmware comes next year, 5dmkII is king of the land.
  • William Rich plus 2 years ago
    Fantastic film! I love my 5Dmk2! and according to Hyperfokal there is a 24/25p upgrade in the works soon!
  • Very nice !
    The only questions left : rolling shutter, autofocus function for steadycam work and the whay compression is used for the QT files.
    Today is a good day. I'am very happy that Canon decided to release a firmware update for the 5D Mark II.

    PS: ISO 6400 is nuts !!! ;-)
  • One more thing : I really dig the grading !
  • Oli Kember plus 2 years ago
    From 21 views one day to 14.4 thousand the next, (and counting), it can mean only one thing - Laforet strikes again.
  • Hyperfokal plus 2 years ago
    The guy in the film is probably running to be the first man who gets his hands on the new cam ;-)
  • Ahmet Karatas 2 years ago
    That's it!
  • Marcelo Reis plus 2 years ago
    yeh, it's fine
  • BumKi Cho plus 2 years ago
    Amazing work! Nice camera moves and shot angles. I also liked the transition bits too. Great sound and edits.
    I wish the video was a bit longer. Really enjoyed it. Too bad I cannot add it to my channel though.
  • Wayne Avanson plus 2 years ago
    nice work Vincent. Very impressive !

  • wow!!!
  • Doug Smith Media 2 years ago
    Great short film. Really beautiful visuals and the sharpness of the high ISO's is simply stunning
  • Anthony Chau 2 years ago
    Looks like I'll have to sell both kidneys now...
  • Mario Špicar 2 years ago
    Great! :D I really like it ;)
  • Carlos R. Dueñas 2 years ago
    WOW, and im waiting for my upcoming 7D...bad boy
  • Bill Strehl 2 years ago
    Looking forward to your talk and meeting you in Baltimore next week.
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