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VCAM production manager Bill Simmon demonstrates the basics of 3-point lighting for film and video. In this example, he lights an interview subject.



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  • Alex Woolfson plus 2 years ago
    Good work, Bill. A clear, well-presented, engaging explanation. I especially liked the cute and helpful titles.
  • Neil Jensen 2 years ago
    Hey, this guy seems like he knows what he's talking about.
  • Diogo Atadini 8 months ago
    Hey Bill, thank you very much for this... I very much appreciate that as I had no clue about it and in lesse than 10 minutes you've sorted loads of doubts I have been having. Well done....
  • Bill Simmon 8 months ago
    Thanks for the kind words, Diogo!
  • Tim Warneka 8 months ago
    Bill - thanks so much for posting this. This is one of the best explanations of three-point lighting that I've seen on the web. Like Diogo, you've helped me sort through a bunch of questions!
  • Gary Davis 7 months ago
    Bill, thanks for posting this, I echo Diogo and Tims words, clear concise and very helpful.
  • Lali Produktion 6 months ago
    Liked it!
  • Aykut Alp Ersoy 6 months ago
    I watched a lot of 3-Point Lighting tutorials but rare of them were informative like this. Thank you Bill!
  • Gadabout Gaddis 5 months ago
    Yes .. this is a PHENOMENAL video training ... but unlike others .. he actually creates a beautiful video ... great lighting.
  • Haxn 4 months ago
    great video Bill thanks a bunch...
    now the problem is, I am counting and noticing light placements (behind scene) for every scene I am watching :-p
  • keith plus 3 months ago
    Best lighting tutorial I've scene!
  • Bob Phelps 3 months ago
    Nice work on this. Clearly shows 3/4 point lighting. I showed this to my high school video production class. Thanks for posting this informative video.

    By the way -Check out the tutorial I have on my page. Might be helpful to your students as well, for interview planning and set-up. I'd love to hear what you think.
  • Henry Giraldo plus 23 days ago
    very informative video that helped me understand better a subject i'm not too familiar with
  • Ray Roman 8 days ago
    One of the best tutorials I've seen on 3 point lighting.
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