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19. Tutorial 2-Cinematography / Film Look / Lighting /…
1 year ago
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Learn what makes great looking images in film, music videos etc. It's not always the camera but how you design the shots. In this second tutorial I try to explain how I setup a very stylized looking performance shot for a music video.

The "streak filter" I use in this video is an actual camera filter you put in front of your lens while shooting. They fit on your mattebox and usualy come in 2 and 3mm sizes. 2mm produces a thicker and more noticable streak and 3mm is less noticable.

Thanks to Christopher Charles for starring in the video!

You can see more tutorials in HD and for free on my youtube channel:​user/​polcan99/​

Got a question for me? Or want more tutorials then follow me on facebook:​TomAntosFilms



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  • Rehan Haque 1 year ago
    hi I really loved this tutorial, short to the point, very clear to understand, with instant visualisation of how your changes are effecting the shot. look forward to seeing more.
  • TLA Productions 1 year ago
    Glad you liked it... i have more tutorials on my site or my youtube channel.
  • 7DPRO.COM plus 1 year ago
    Nice job, I tend to forget how important adding foreground elements can add to a composition. This is an excellent walkthrough.
  • Alex Gardiner 1 year ago
    I have both enjoyed and learnt from your tutorials, many thanks for posting them and look forward to watching more.
  • Jiri plus 1 year ago
    Where can I buy a "streak filter" for my mattebox?
  • TLA Productions 1 year ago
    not sure where you live, but here's one link for UK:​page116.html

    In Canada we just rent them from any Film rental place... I know Panavision also carries their own streak filters in different variations. Hope this helps!

    Also, Tiffen makes them, but they call it a 2 point Star Filter instead of a streak filter.
  • Jiri plus 1 year ago
    Thank you very much... In our country I found many filters (not for mattebox but directly for lens), but only 4 point star, 6 point star, 8 point star... The result is different (as 2 point star). However, 6 point star looks nice, mayby it will be usable too...
  • Jiri plus 1 year ago
    I found shop where I was able buy streak filter from Tiffen (4x4). Result is great. Thank you!
  • TLA Productions 1 year ago
    Great! Im glad it worked out for you... if you can, please post contact info to the place where you got the filter for others who might want to buy them. Specialy since they're so hard to get.

    How much did it cost by the way?
  • Jiri plus 1 year ago
    Ahh, you are right. Here is the shop:​c/​product/​60465-REG/​Tiffen_44STRK3_4_x_4_Streak.html

    $204.95 + shipping
  • femster plus 1 year ago
    Thanks for the Tutorial. Its really helps
  • Andrew Clunie 1 year ago
    it is so helpful to see your thought processes. i think you are talented. i'll check out those films you mentioned as well ;)
  • Brian DeFrees plus 1 year ago
    Great Tips!! Thanks for the tutorial
  • Kris Rubio 1 year ago
    what program do you use for color correction???
  • TLA Productions 1 year ago
    Usualy Adobe Premiere... here's a tutorial on how I do it:​view_play_list?p=3AF9B2B010B69D0C

    Check out tutorial # 6 and 7 for color correction.
  • Kris Rubio 1 year ago
    Thanks dude... actually going to home depot and diy-ing a kino style light fixture... with 2 fluorescents as my key and fill light... on a budget you know... Great stuff by the way and hope to see more...
  • TLA Productions 1 year ago
    I just uploaded a brand new tutorial. It will be up on my site or my youtube channel once it's done converting.
  • Ryan Blaske 5 months ago
    Is the streak filter a filter in Premiere Pro?
  • TLA Productions 5 months ago
    Nope...its an actual filter you put in front of your camera lens. Go to my youtube channel​user/​polcan99/​ where you can find out where to buy that filter and more.
  • Jason E. John 5 months ago
    Thanks great help! Pls show more!
  • TLA Productions 5 months ago
    No Problem! There's a lot more new videos and filmmkaing tutorials on my official page. Plus I add new videos every week! Go check it out at:​user/​polcan99/​
  • Gyver lauricio 5 months ago
    Wow! this is Awesome tips!
  • TLA Productions 5 months ago
    Thnx... there's a lot more since this video here:​user/​polcan99#grid/​user/​3AF9B2B010B69D0C

    DIY dolly and lighting equipment, camera filters, etc.
  • Koutrouli Roula 4 months ago
    thank you for sharing this video and also thank you for the Adobe Premiere link (tutorial)
  • Richard Bentley plus 4 months ago
    Thanks so much, great tutorial! 5 stars!
  • Rolanda Powell 4 months ago
    your tutorial was easy to follow...thanks!
  • sydney maandig 25 days ago
    Thank you very much!!! this is AWESOME TIPS!!! and hope give me tutorial from beginning to end editing premiere pro cs5?
  • Jathish 24 days ago
    This is great tutorial thanks for sharing........ appreciate
    plz show your color correction tips in next tutorial
  • TLA Productions 24 days ago
    I already did 2 tutorials on color correction and a lot more... the whole series of filmmaking tutorials is on my youtube channel:​user/​polcan99/​
  • Jathish 24 days ago
    ya i saw it after writing a comment ......
    thank you very much
  • JulesDesign 24 days ago
    I like much of what you did and I did gain from this video, but I'd like to see more 4/3ths in the image. Meanig offset the framing of your subject. Care to comment?
  • TLA Productions 23 days ago
    Yes... you should see this video I made that talks about that exactly​watch?v=gEWx6zbUDrc
  • Apirana Ipo 22 days ago
    I learnt so much more watching this than any class tutorial. Keep it up.
  • Gabriel Kaszab plus 4 days ago
    great tutorial, thanks for sharing
  • Adam Yunt 19 hours ago
    Great tutorial Tom! What kind of light did you use for the rim light on his back? Did you use a color gel on it, because it looks kind of blue? Beautiful work!
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