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20. Tutorial 3 - Lighting - Shot Design - Cinematography
1 year ago
Learn what makes great looking images in film, music videos etc. It's not always the camera but how you design the shots. In this 3rd tutorial I try to explain how I setup a restaurant scene for a narrative film. As well as, how I fix one sequence from the same film by re-designing a shot.

You can see more tutorials in HD and for free on my youtube channel:​user/​polcan99/​

Got a question for me? Or want more tutorials then follow me on facebook:​TomAntosFilms



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  • Jiri plus 1 year ago
    Wow! Thank you very much for great tutorials. I'm looking for more!
  • Peter Miranda plus 1 year ago
    great tuts..
    thanx for sharing.
  • Dani Croitor 1 year ago
    first shoot: what about those man shadows on the wall?
  • Andrew Clunie 1 year ago
    this was so fun to watch and extremely informative. thank you so much for posting!
  • MosesStone 1 year ago
    Very instructive and helpful, thanks a lot!
  • refugee plus 1 year ago
    Cool Tutorial! Looking forward to see more of them! :-)

    What settings (Lens, Aperture, Shutter Time, ISO) did you use on your 7D for doing the indoor shuts?
  • TLA Productions 1 year ago
    ISO 400, lenses were 24mm f2.8, 50mm f1.8, and 105mm f2.8 Nikon primes with nikon to canon adapter.

    Aperture opend all the way up, and I don't remeber the shutter. Sorry
  • Just Bombin Films plus 1 year ago
    Did you use zoom or prime lenses?
  • TLA Productions 1 year ago
  • EidFilms 1 year ago
    Your tutorials are awesome
    Keep up the amazing work!
  • ofa pro 1 year ago
    Thank you for educating us simply and practically. Will pass it along to many people i can...

    Thank you
  • TLA Productions 9 months ago
    Thnx! You can see all the tutorials and lots more new ones coming on my channel here:​user/​polcan99/​
  • mungkey 1 year ago
    that was so helpful man!
  • Blair Dog plus 1 year ago
    Great videos man!
  • Mr.Moviesmaker 8 months ago
    Very interesting indeed. I usually work with professionals and they always bring along a load of lights and equipment but you handled it just great. Thank you!
  • TLA Productions 8 months ago
    THnx! Dont get me wrong. When i work I also bring a lot more equipment than I usualy use... but I like to have it on hand just in case I need it. I just dont think you have to use every light you have with you or else many times the shots look overlit.
  • Trevor sweeney plus 5 months ago
    thanks for sharing
  • Marilyn Wilson 4 months ago
    wonderfully done, thank you for such a good tutorial.
  • Hillary Nnoruka 4 months ago
    New on Vimeo. Thanks a great deal
  • Shafeek 4 months ago
    Thank u, its a great leson
  • Anjelkam 3 months ago
  • identidades 2 months ago
    WOW, thank you very much
  • Alex Jo 2 months ago
    thank you very much! i am new to this. learned a lot from your videos! salamat po!
  • Maik Bodden 8 days ago
    Thanks for sharing. How about the short movie, is it possible to watch or get the final result somehow?!
  • TLA Productions 8 days ago
    Yup... here's the whole film with 2 hours of behind the scenes and much more filmmaking tutorials​STORE.aspx
  • TLA Productions 8 days ago
    Yup... here's the whole film with 2 hours of behind the scenes and much more filmmaking tutorials​STORE.aspx
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