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11 months ago
187. 6 Things to Check Before Hitting the Movie Record …
11 months ago
181. Zoom H4N Review
1 year ago​check-before-record/​

Run and Gun Style

1. Resolution and frame rate
2. AWB, if I have a few more seconds to spare I will see what the other WB settings look like on the screen
3. ISO - inside outside?
4. Picture Styles - normally shoot standard especially if I am running fast
5. Shutter Speed - easy to jog it 50th for 1080 and 125th for 720
6. then I check focus and hit record

Planned Shoot (Additional Items to Check)

1. Custom white balance
2. I will check the 'blinky's' to see if I am over exposed anywhere (I am not too good at reading histograms yet)
3. Use an 18% gray card to double check the exposure
4. Double check the audio - disable the AGC on my t2i

Somethings I never check because I never change them

1. AF mode - quick focus
2. AF during movie - enable
3. Movie exposure - manual
4. Grid Display - grid 1
5. Highlight Tone Priority - disable
6. Always on Quick Focus using the center or top focus point,
7. Auto Lighting Optimizer on standard.
  • Moritz Lüdtke 11 months ago
    very cool look of the tutorial!
  • Dave Dugdale plus 11 months ago
  • Scott Rieger 11 months ago
    Dave, enjoyed all the videos you've made. Only thing I noticed is that the sound and the video seem to be out of sync in this video. Again thanks for the great tips!
  • Dave Dugdale plus 11 months ago
    That is odd, it seems off at the beginning. But if you watch it on my site (video hosted on YouTube) it looks fine. So I am guessing Vimeo didn't transcoded it very well.
  • Hoyt Media pro 11 months ago
    Thanks again for your tutorials. I have a question regarding audio. You have the AGC work around AND the H4N. What do you rely on the most? I've been debating on spending money on shotgun w/ the AGC work around or getting the H4N.
  • Dave Dugdale plus 11 months ago
    The H4n was a review unit actually. The work around to me is much easy for me on my workflow.
  • Hoyt Media pro 11 months ago
    You know you've hit the big time when you get a review unit. :) Thanks for your reply.
  • Woody 11 months ago
    Yo Dave, thanks for the posting, very informative. Had my 550D for a couple of weeks and I've shooting anything and everything. Your postings along with Calebs have been a great source of info for us noobs. Keep up posting as it helps alot. By the way I don't seem to have any troble with AGC with my Rode SVC, but I'll do a test and upload.

    Thanks again!!!
  • Victor Hernandez 11 months ago
    Awesome video Dave! just one thing, I'm also a fimmaker but with regular videocameras (I want to change to DSLR) and, How works the AF enabled during recording? With regular Videocameras is better disable it in order to avoid the blink of the focus. What do you think?

    Thanks again for the video! :)
  • Dave Dugdale plus 11 months ago
    There is no AF during filming, this is a good and bad thing. Good because of the deep of field you can get, bad because it is hard to follow focus on this cameras.
  • Jake Lucas plus 10 months ago
    Great work Dave! Thank you.
  • krdzle 10 months ago
    Hey Dave,

    Thanks for your helpful info. It seems as if you follow the 180 degree shutter rule. When you shoot 720 x 60p with the shutter speed of 125, are the only things you change the aperture and ISO depending on the light situation? Or do you also change the shutter speed as well? For instance, if I'm shooting a dance which is dark for the most part, do you just have the aperture as open as possible with ISOs up to 1000+? Or do you change other settings?

    Also, since I just acquired the 7D, do I need to upload Canon's firmware to shoot 24p? I've been doing photography for quite some time but I am a complete noob when it comes to videography. Thanks for all your help and keep up the good work. Very inspirational.

  • Dave Dugdale plus 10 months ago
    Do you want to have a shallow depth of field for the dance or everything in focus?
  • krdzle 10 months ago
    I'm looking for both a shallow DOF and everything in focus depending on the shot I want.
  • Everything Studios plus 9 months ago
    Dave, your the man! I have a T2i arriving in a couple of days, and was searching around on Google for some information stuff and you popped up. I appreciate all of the information and sharing so easily and quickly what you know. Many blessings to you and keep up the good work!
  • Sidney Barnes 9 months ago
    What lens do you use for your T2i?
  • Dave Dugdale plus 9 months ago
    50mm 1.8 mostly.
  • Dynamic Events plus 8 months ago
    Thanks Dave for this Video!!! This info is so helpful.
  • syaf 7 months ago
    this will be my note.
  • xeth23 7 months ago
    Great videotutorial... very clear!
  • CineLRB plus 6 months ago
    great tutorial
  • MosesStone 6 months ago
    Hi Dave, I like your series very much!

    Thanks for sharing.............
  • Ronson Kiplin 5 months ago
    Cheers for the tutorial Dave. Great series of vids overall!

    Keep up the good work, and thanks for sharing.
  • Charlie Durrant 4 months ago
  • Josh Hall plus 4 months ago
    I'm sorry I have to disagree with the white balance settings. AWB can kill you in a shoot especially on the go. If you have a 7D or 5D use the Kelvin settings and take a few seconds to dial it in correctly, best use of your time saving recolor. If your using t2i or simalar us the custom white balance in it, worth it to know how to do it!
  • cavendish62 4 months ago
    thanks very much for your help!!!
  • Alex Douglas 3 months ago
    Question on shutter speeds. Im starting out so forgive me if this is a dumb question. You said at 24fps you'll use 1/50 shutter speed. But double would be 1/48 and at 60fps it would be 1/120 not 125. What accounts for the discrepancy of not actually being double? Id it because the camera only has certain shutter speeds and you have to pick the closest one to double?
    Cheers, Alex
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