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124. Time-Lapse and Photo-Video Techniques
2 years ago
Here are some of the camera techniques I used in the "Every Photo Shot For The Conan O’Brien Title Sequence" video I put up. Many people have asked how I did the time-lapse, panning and blurring techniques, so I pulled out my camera and tripod to show you exactly how. Enjoy.

Here is the original video...​blog/​2009/​08/​10/​every-photo-shot-for-the-conan-obrien-title-sequence/​



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  • Can Erduman 2 years ago
    Thx for the vid, Nick. I used the same technique for some interviews using a 200.
    I got the same setup...exept for the medium JPG settings, though. Gonna try it at the next shooting. :)
  • Alexander Roberts 2 years ago
    is the auto exposure controllable with the remote as well? or had to reset on camera every time?
  • Yuli Mitsner 2 years ago
    No, you only control the shutter release. The control shown in the video is the Nikon MC-36 btw.
  • Alexander Roberts 2 years ago
    so then to do the exposure brackets you have to go back and set it up on your camera every time between them? or it auto does the 4-6 exposure frame over and over?
  • robbie conaway plus 2 years ago
    Yes, I'm curious about the exposure changes as well. Was that done in post with after effects or did you do the exposure time lapse on the camera itself?
  • Vanilla Brew 6 months ago
    2nd the motion here. Do tell how that was done. Thanks.
  • Tyler Sparks 1 year ago
    nice one.
  • Andreas Eliseussen 1 year ago
    Nice tutorial! And, yes, it would really help with a video tripod. Also, the intervalometer doesn't need to cost that much, in fact you can get it for around $24. I did, and it works perfectly after 2 months
  • Robert Tadlock 8 months ago
    I created some software that allows you to use your laptop as an intravelometer as well as store the pictures directly on the computer. This way you have tons of space to store your images. It will also stitch the video together for you if you'd like. Here's the link to my site. The software is free (as in beer and speech):​blog/​2010/​12/​3/​windows-binaries-for-qt-canon.html
  • Robert Tadlock 8 months ago
    Also, didn't mean to hijack your comments. Really great work, and thanks for the how to video. Just wanted to let people know, in case someone wants to shoot some time lapse.
  • yustina probst 6 months ago
    I have a horrible internet connection.....can't watch the video! can't learn!!
  • JDub Photo 6 months ago
    Anyone with a d300 or higher, including that fancy d700 of yours, actually has an intervalometer built into the menu system.
  • Richard Bentley plus 6 months ago
    Nice tutorial, easy style and refreshingly modest. Cheers!
  • Anthony Perez 4 months ago
    Thankyou! really been meaning to get out and try some time lapses! this is gonna make some great video in madrid! :P
  • Adam Allegro 24 days ago
    Thanks for the tips!! I do not have an expensife dolly and would like to add a little more movement to my timelapse work. Just finished my first little project preview, like 45 seconds of stuff from around the naples area if you guys care to check it out and give any feedback!
  • MadAbtAV 1 day ago
    I recently saw and got hooked (!) on time lapsed videos. A lot of great work out there! And even more surprised to find that many of these videos were actually made from time-lapsed photos. May I ask why use the technique of using thousands of photos instead of shooting scenes with a normal video camera and then create the timelapse effect in post-processing using a video editor (e.g. Sony Vegas Studio)?
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