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165. Moray Eel
2 months ago
164. ADEX 2011
4 months ago
163. Untitled
10 months ago
156. How to Clean a DSLR Sensor
1 year ago
Tutorial on how to clean you DSLR sensor. Intended for underwater photographers as part of an underwater photography tutorial series, but relevant for all photographers shooting with DSLR cameras.


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  • Ethan Barnes 4 months ago
    lol, you literally Threw it out =P
  • Adam Allegro 24 days ago
    Nice video! I am trying to avoid sending in my D7000 and D90 since I currently live in Italy serving in the Navy. A great alernative to compressed air (I am very cautious about using it anywhere near my camera after i ruined a sensor earlier on... yea i know...), the Giottos rocketair Blaster. You can get a sweet little cleaning kit (no necessarilly for sensors) for about 15 bucks. It is grea when you just need to get some dust particles off. I think I have some other gunk since this is not working anymore. thanks again buddy, great stuff!
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