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Here's a great discussion with Illya Friedman, owner of Hot Rod Cameras, a company that is doing some very interesting things to Canon HDDSLR's - notably: modifying them to support PL lenses.



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  • Marcus O'Brien pro 1 year ago
    Very informative piece answering every question I ever had re PL mount + Canon cameras - thank you Vince for taking the time to sit down and chew the fat about all the modifications, benefits and considerations of making this change on your HDDSLR
  • Very informative indeed. Those lenses look amazing. You can tell that it's a pro lens just by looking at it/by the size of it. :) Does it have any benefit if you mount such lens on a DSLR and use it to shoot stills? Are these any sharper than normal EF lenses or do they have any other benefit?! I'm aware of the fact that you have to remove the mirror in order to mount these, so you can only shoot in live view. I guess that's a drawback, but if it's sharper or has less CA or less distortion then it might be worth it?!
  • Ashley Cutmore 1 year ago
    for the price of a PL mount lens you really are not going to get a better still image for your money. Their advantage is less breathing when changing focus, more accurate distances for the 1st ac, and a smooth aperture for 1/2 stops and 1/3 stops.
  • Ashley Cutmore 1 year ago
    by PL I mean cine :)
  • Laurence Zankowski 1 year ago

    thanks for posting this, useful and timely, wish we had the ruby on this shoot.​c2MiNl

    shot with a 5DMKII and a 7D using zeiss primes and ultra primes.

  • Vincent Laforet pro 1 year ago
    GORGEOUSLY shot! Doesn't seem like you needed any other lenses .... very very nice.
  • Matt Francoeur 1 year ago
    Woww I'm speechless, really ! This is magnificent work.
  • plus 1 year ago
    Stunning. Too beautiful and moving for a logo.

    (In fact, I think it backfired. It makes me want to punch Wrangler in the face. )
  • Rick Lohre plus 11 months ago
    Good God Laurence! I've got chills now man! Awesome work there...awesome.
  • Laurence Zankowski 11 months ago
    To everyone here who has commented on the short "The Wait" it is re-edited and submitted into competition. From what I have been told it is a finalist.

    here is the link,​films.php

    btw, look at ron's commercials, the wrangler one has me in it also...

    again, thanks for the comments, and look up ron or yaron orbach they really are nice folks.

    btw, I have a nephew who is heading off to Afghanistan, ( national guard) , I resisted showing my brother this( he is a viet nam vet) . tears flowed.

    for anyone who has been in harms way or has loved ones going there....
  • Kennon Fleisher plus 18 days ago
    wow... I would have guessed this was shot on something much better than a DSLR. good job.
  • Vincent Laforet pro 1 year ago
    Szabolcs - we did some lens tests vs both Canon zooms and Canon primes... went shot at f2 - it was NIGHT AND DAY in favor of the ZEISS CP.2s... when I shot at night - I shot stills w/ the CP.2s wide open - and the different in quality was noticeable.
  • Ok I just poked around and checked the prices on these lenses...OH MY GOD...I mean really, those are some seriously expensive lenses. Wow. I was sure they cost "a tad" more than your everyday Canon or Nikon pro lens, but damn...15-30K range?! For a single lens?! Wow. I'm speechless.
  • Ashley Cutmore 1 year ago
    You buy a DSLR for 1000, spend a couple thousand on lenses.

    You buy an arri alexa for 40,000, then you spend a bit more on your glass ;)
  • Ron Dawson plus 1 year ago
    I don't know why filmmakers always feel like they need to buy equipment. People. You don't have to BUY a lens. Rent! Works for Hollywood.
  • Ashley Cutmore 1 year ago
    ofcourse. Was just putting prices into perspective :)
  • Kacey Baker Films plus 3 months ago
    Ron, as an entry level filmmaker, I feel the need to want to buy because we are doing everything ourselves, and I want to be able to shoot when inspiration hits, teach myself without limitation or schedule, and most of all get to know the gear intimately. Renting works for Hollywood, because it is Hollywood. Alist film industry people who know their equipment inside out.
  • Ron Dawson plus 1 year ago
    Hey Vincent. Where'd you get the sync rights for the Winston Marsalis song? Is there a site that has it, or did you use connections?
  • cmoore55 1 year ago
    The fact that the HDDSLR world has ramped up as fast as it has, in combination with The major production issues with the RED Scarlet has been the perfect storm for the RED folks. Now so much HDDSLR technology is showing up on the movie and HDTV sets all over the world says a lot for that technology. Its very exciting its going to be very hard for the next format to get in and keep up.
  • Danny Jones 1 year ago
    THANK YOU SO MUCH for this video! :)
  • Joel Bergvall plus 10 months ago
    I bought a 5D and 7D from Illya - and they are just as great as you'd think! Coupled with a set of Zeiss CP.2 lenses they make a great package. Check them out here:​Joel_Bergvall/​Gear.html
  • fresh what cam
  • I think I would just like to hold a $29,000 lens one time!
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