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24. AJA Ki Pro Mini
3 months ago
16. How-to: Shooting ENG style with Dual System Audio …
1 year ago
Daniel Plym, Director of Video Publishing at, gave us a crash course on how he uses his 5D for red carpet shoots. He is a one man operation and breaks down how he combines the 5D with a Zoom audio recorder, Sennheiser Wireless microphone, Pluraleyes software and Final Cut to capture clean audio. This video was used in our webcast Life Without Timecode (Audio for HDSLR)​du0XUu and will also be featured in our upcoming Canon EOS Moving Image Workshop​bAKLg0
  • stevedanielsfilms 1 year ago
    how do you monitor audio coming in?
  • Createasphere plus 1 year ago
    The Zoom Flash recorder has live out for monitoring the wireless mic attached as xlr. And the levels are visible because he uses the hotshoe on top of camera to mount the recorder so he has a constant view of levels.
  • stevedanielsfilms 1 year ago
    Cool. Nice set up and video. Thanks for the response.
  • Ray Ortega 1 year ago
    I noticed you are recording (in the video) at 44.1/16. With dlsr video is it better to record at 48 so that the audio stays in sync with video? Do you always record 44.1 and does it remain in sync over long periods of time? Thanks.
  • Createasphere plus 1 year ago
    No it does not stay in sync over long periods, this works best for quick bursts of activity like a red carpet set up.
  • Pretty much my same setup, thanks for sharing this Daniel. BTW, how are you holding the mic and shooting at the same time?
  • Createasphere plus 1 year ago
    The wireless mic is given to the talent who conducts the interviews off screen
  • Mike O'Neal 1 year ago
    Thanks for the tips
  • Memory Road Media plus 1 year ago
    i've been wanting a Zoom H4N for a while, you've just made me want it more now lol....
  • Daniel Y plus 1 year ago
    How are the H4N and wireless receiver attached to the camera?
  • Craig Whipps 1 year ago
    The H4n is attached with a ball head cold shoe adapter...​c/​product/​640332-REG/​Bescor_SA_1_SA_1_Universal_Swivel_Shoe.html

    ... but the receiver mount might be DIY. Perhaps something as simple as a small aluminum plate with a hole for the 1/4 20 screw from the monopod to thread through. Tightening the monopod to the camera would keep it in place. Then the receiver might be just stuck on the plate with it's clip (or, velcro)

    But, I'm sure it's not any of that, so, I hope he posts a reply to your excellent question. I'd much rather have the receiver there than on my hip. It's looks like it would pack up small, too.
  • Daniel Plym 1 year ago
    I clip the receiver onto my @Zacuto Z-Finder Jr, works perfectly.
  • Mark Bellringer plus 1 year ago
    Hi Daniel
    The H4n ball head mount you use looks different to the one mentioned above - and much better - what is it - where did you get it? Thanks
  • Craig Whipps 1 year ago
    Zoom has come out with a new 2 channel recorder that is selling for $100 everywhere. It's called the H1 and it might be an option or an addition to Daniel's set up, here:​products/​productpage.cfm?prodID=2053
  • Daniel Plym 1 year ago
    The 2 channel recorder is sharp but it doesn't have the XLR inputs I needed, plus we use a mic flag to brand the network.
  • Tim Warneka 1 year ago
    Daniel: Thanks SO much for posting this clip! I'd love your opinion ... I'm going back and forth between the Zoom H4N and the Sound Devices 702.

    In your experience, does the Zoom H4N provide professional-level audio?

    Have you ever gotten negative feedback about the sound quality from your media connections?

    (I'm ready to buy either, but with the SD 702 at approximately 4 times the cost of the Zoom, I'm carefully researching my options. A lot of people seem to love the Zoom.)

    Thanks in advance!
  • Createasphere plus 1 year ago
    Daniel said: It depends on what you're using it for really, that 702 is something you would see on a pro level tv or film set, if you're doing ENG stuff like me then the zoom is what you need.
  • Hans 1 year ago
    Thanks for this video. Do you experience any problems with very low audio levels of the H4n when using the XLR input? There seem to be a few:​aaEqCZ
  • Createasphere plus 1 year ago
    No, we haven't seen that problem.
  • Dan Chung plus 1 year ago
    Hans, depends what mic you are using. The Sennheiser in the video doesn't need phantom power and provides a nice level for the Zoom. Try some Shotgun mics and the results will be different.
  • Bojo Franco 1 year ago
    CAN h4n use as mic direct to the camera? so no more pluraleyes workflow.
  • Createasphere plus 1 year ago
    Camera has no XLR inputs.
  • Bojo Franco 1 year ago
    it can, i found this video showing the set-up​11329136
  • Createasphere plus 1 year ago
    Good find on the video, our preference is always use xlr because it traps a wider dynamic range.
  • Marco Starink 1 year ago
    hi Daniel,
    is it possible to run the sound of the Sennheiser receiver directly into the 5d?
  • Createasphere plus 1 year ago
    No, 5D does not have XLR inputs, the Sennheiser only has XLR outputs. There are adapters to hack a solution, but straight xlr traps a more dynamic range.
  • Bob Russo 11 months ago
    Another way is to record time code to the audio track and use the ability to read audio time code in Media Composer:​7163878
    This is how to sync the audio to video:​14867203
  • Dan Chung plus 11 months ago
    Marco, my Sennheiser Evolution's actually shipped with XLR and minijack connectors in the box. You can put the Sennheiser straight into the camera but unless you have the higher end Sennheisers there is no headphine jack on the receiver for monitoring.
  • Roman Macák 10 months ago
    Im using ZOOM H4n for about year and I have to say its really great thing. Very versatile! And for its prize... great. But there is space for improvement.
  • Darius Fitzgerald 10 months ago
    Great video! Where can I get an attachment similar to the one thats connected to your Zacuto viewfinder?
  • Everything Studios plus 8 months ago
    Well put together. Thanks so much for sharing. Blessings.
  • David James 8 months ago
    The DSLR set up is now the most cost effective way to shoot multicam events. Thanks for that.
  • Superior Media plus 7 months ago
    Great vid. Do you know if there some similar software as Pluraleyes for Adobe Premiere Pro CS5? It seems to be a great and very useful software to use if you use a external soundrecorder with a DSLR.
  • Singular Software 7 months ago
    PluralEyes is available for Premiere Pro CS5 for both Windows and OS X. You can download a trial version here:​W2DZ3
  • Dennis O'Clair plus 7 months ago
    FYI, there is a new Sescom cable that is designed specifically for use with the ZoomH4n and DSLRs. It features a 25db pad and a jack for headphone monitoring.​eoND64
  • Worship Media Pro plus 3 months ago
    Thank you! I just got my Zoom and you made it simplified in this video. I will try out the Singular Software too!
  • Cinemotive Films pro 3 months ago
    Nice workflow... thanks.
  • Yoann Harvent 2 months ago
    Thank you very much for the info. It's been a great help!
  • TS Audio Visual 2 months ago
    Why ? is there black tape over the Zoom's Text but not over the Sennheiser,is this an advertising thing ,or You did not want to admit to using consumer grade kit..its all too obvious what the flash recorder is and who makes it,I personally prefer the Tascam DR100 , you could say a tad more tactile in its control,love the 5D and glass though..good video,all I need now is a few grands worth of MAC and software :o) Thanks for the info.
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