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Here is my workflow for converting files off the Canon 5D MK II and Canon 7D. For more tutorials visit my tutorial web site at


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  • Peter Miranda plus 2 years ago
    Great stuff...

    keep em coming.
  • Chip Dizard plus 2 years ago​8282770

    This tutorial above is how to set up a preset in compressor to make your footage look good online.
  • JTH 2 years ago
    thank you so much great tutorial !..
  • Pete Cox 2 years ago
    cheers for that. Can I do this compressor or is it better to download this software?
  • I use both, and I see no difference. I just like MPEG streamclip better. But compressor is great!
  • Pete Cox 2 years ago
  • Primelife 2 years ago
    Thank you, now video can be mounted without delay, and the picture quality seems to me became more saturated!
  • Pelicula Inc. 2 years ago
    tried it. that makes life a lot easier!

    just to add: on FCP v.6, you should pick the second Pro Res 422, because the first one is larger even though it makes no distinction on the listing.

    thx! keep em coming.
  • Chip Dizard plus 2 years ago
    Good pickup and thanks for your comment. I will post more tutorials soon.
  • Austin Timyan 2 years ago
    Thanks! Great video. Question. What program do you use for screen capture. I really like the zoom feature and the quality is fantastic
  • Chip Dizard plus 2 years ago
    Thanks for your compliment. I am a big fan of Screenflow.​screen-flow/​overview.htm

    I also have used Camtasia for Mac​camtasiamac

    Either way at least on a Mac you can't go wrong. For this screencast, I used screenflow.

  • thanks for the tutorial! you are awesome!

    i used the codec: Integer (Big Endian), XDCAM EX 1090p24 (35 Mb/s VBR)

    is that a good one? I liked it because the size is smaller than the original material!

    THANKS again!
  • Andy Ojst plus 1 year ago
    Hey man great video! I do have a question though. I just got a 7D and I transcoded all of my files to Prores LT in compressor. The only thing is, whenever I render my clips it takes a looong time. I'm using a netbook with 8 gigs of ram so I don't think it should take more than a couple of minutes to render say, a video with just a little bit of 3 way color correction added to it. I think it has to do with my timeline settings being different than my videos, or something in the easy setup. Could you please tell me exactly how you set everything up to edit your 7D footage? I'm guessing I've forgotten to change some setting or have overlooked some little thing and that's totally slowing down my workflow.

    Thanks again man, and keep the videos coming!
  • Toby G. 1 year ago
    thanks for the tut!
    but my problem here is, that i haven't got all the 422 codecs, because i don't have FCP.
    What can I do?!
  • Chip Dizard plus 1 year ago
    Sorry, you need FCP to get the ProRes stuff.
  • Toby G. 1 year ago
    Oh ok thanks!
    Is there any other good codec I can use?
    Especially for editing (my "raw" 7D footage) in Premiere Pro on my MBP?!
  • Chip Dizard plus 1 year ago
    Try Apple Motion Jpeg A.
  • kevin nowicki 1 year ago
    i have FCP 5. it doesn't have prores. which one do you prefer to use if thats not an option?
  • Chip Dizard plus 1 year ago
    Try Apple Motion Jpeg A.
  • This comment has been deleted.

  • kevin nowicki 1 year ago
    Thanks man. I'll give it a try. Hopefully Ill get outta the stone age of editing one of these days.
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