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1 year ago
22. DSLR Episode #2: Controlling Exposure with a Fader ND
1 year ago
14. Eyes in Silhouette
2 years ago
12. Glass Eyes
2 years ago
11. Old Eyes
2 years ago
10. MagiCal
2 years ago
This is the seconded installment of the DSLR Video Shooter Podcast.

View show notes here:​episode-002-using-a-fader-nd-to-control-exposure

Let me know how I am doing and please don't hesitate to ask questions!



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  • Matt S plus 1 year ago
    Thanks for the tip on the stepper rings. My only concern with a fader is the chance that it will get inadvertently turned or jostled in the middle of shooting some video. What are your thoughts on this? I'm tempted to buy a fader since my fixed NDs are a royal pain to use.
  • Caleb Pike plus 1 year ago
    Excellence question... Stay tuned for the next podcast sometime this week or next for the solution to that and many other things.
  • HowardG 11 months ago
    A small tab of Gaffer Tape(tm) or BluTack(tm) - in USA: Elmer's Tack. Especially if you want to apply the same amount of ND to retain focus lengths, even perceived focal lengths across a number shots including master/CU's, reverses etc.

    Then remove for next set-up. Happy times!

    (DON'T be tempted to use duct tape... evil sticky crap that takes forever to clean off equipment!!!)
  • Jesse Tobler 1 year ago
    Learn something new everyday. Thank you Mr. Pike.
  • sidekik 1 year ago
    fantastic post, i was looking for a review like this, good to see the fader nd in action and what it can do.
  • Pierre 1 year ago
    Simple and clear post Caleb! Thank you for sharing.
    The double rotating pola filters are also good use for all cams in a fixed manual setup.
  • Caleb Pike plus 1 year ago
    Thanks! And you make good point.
  • lalan7 plus 1 year ago
    thanks Caleb.
  • Dave Dugdale plus 1 year ago
    That was great thanks! I am going to buy one soon. I pick up my T2i tomorrow!

    If you are taking requests on what topics to cover next, for me that would be about ISO. Since the shutter speed is locked down and the F stop is as low as possible, how does ISO fit in to this?
  • Dave Dugdale plus 1 year ago
    It looks like you have done some tweaking to your light set up which looks better, can you describe any of those tweaks? I looks like the hair light has a ton more control to it now and is not spilling on your face.
  • Caleb Pike plus 1 year ago
    I previously had the rig setup on a ceiling bar over on the right side of the room. So instead of putting up with that I installed a metal bar right behind where I sit. Now I can hang anything up there and get the rig RIGHT behind me which is what you want.
  • Micah Van Hove plus 1 year ago
    How much color distortion do you notice with the Lightcraft fader ND? I've been looking at Singh Ray's Vari-ND but it's very expensive.
  • Caleb Pike plus 1 year ago
    There will always be some distortion. Check out this fxguidetv podcast. they compare the light Craft with Singh Ray's and even 4x4 filters and lightcraft was on top. video here:​fxguidetv/​
  • Micah Van Hove plus 1 year ago
    Yeah I've actually seen that, for some reason I remember it saying the Singh Ray's were the best, but for the price, I might just go for the lightcraft. Thanks.
  • Micah Van Hove plus 1 year ago
    Also, can I use two step rings? I'm using manual Nikon lenses, and I believe the thread is 52mm. Can I go from 77 -- > 58 ---> 52?
  • Caleb Pike plus 1 year ago
    Save yourself the extra ring and use this one:​yjzr4v3
  • Micah Van Hove plus 1 year ago
    Oh, great. Didn't see it on the lightcraft website, didn't think to check Amazon. Dur. Thanks!
  • Bonobo 1 year ago
    This is a great tip. One that is useful for both cinematography and photography. I never even knew that the faders exisisted! Good work btw. Have learned a lot from you tutorials.
  • Tyler Ginter plus 1 year ago
    Great job and accurate instruction!
  • Caleb Pike plus 1 year ago
    Thanks Tyler!

    Working on a shutter speed/ ISO/ Aperture video and going to plug you great shutter speed article.

    Love you stuff, thanks for the comment!
  • Daniel Nilsson 1 year ago
    Thanks! Great explanation! I already have the 72mm Fader ND with step up rings and it works really great. But what rubber lens hood should i buy for the 72 mm fader. IsnĀ“t the outer filter thread on the rubber lens hood bigger like 77mm?
  • Caleb Pike plus 1 year ago
    Both filter threads are 72mm. You can see it a little better in this video:​10492949
  • Daniel Nilsson 1 year ago
    Great thanks!
  • Glenn 1 year ago
    Just got my Light Craft 52mm and 58m.
  • Baron Abas 1 year ago
    Caleb, as a videographer using video cameras, I took ND filters for granted since it's snugly tucked into the lens.

    Now I'm using the 7D and your tutorial has taught me lots. I also like that you covered the Stepper rings too. Thanks :)

    Other than lightcraft, what other manufacturers would you recommend?
  • Caleb Pike plus 1 year ago
    Glad to be a help! These DSLRs really demand discipline and precise use. Its the cinematographers dream.
  • matt freire 1 year ago
    just to let you know man i've been showing this to loads of people and we all love it. good job
  • Caleb Pike plus 1 year ago
    Thanks Matt! Glad to be of service.
  • AngDavKev 1 year ago
    You're helping me so much to get started.
    thx again
  • Caleb Pike plus 1 year ago
    Glad to be of assistance!
  • Pawel Wojtowicz 1 year ago
    Were you using the Fader Mark II? I was curious how the new one improved with regards to more lens support and loss of sharpness.
  • Thanks soo much man...really appreciate...When i first saw this video, I knew I would have to buy the fader ND soon and now that I have some money, it is definitely my next purchase
  • Noche de Luces 10 months ago
  • Giorgia Benazzo 6 months ago
    very very interesting video =)
    I'm gonna buy one soon. I've got a 24-70 sigma, do you think it could be it ok the 72 mm? (I didn't see any ring to adjuste the difference in their site)​product-list/​19
  • Caleb Pike plus 6 months ago
    Get the size that you lens is. Should say on the lens.
  • Marjan Apostolovic 6 months ago
    what's 188 rule???
  • Caleb Pike plus 6 months ago
    Its called the 180 Degree Shutter rule.
    Learn everything you need to know about it here:​?p=385
  • Azlan DuPree 6 months ago
    great topic and tips.

    what do you think, how much ND400 reduce the shutter speed in daylight condition?

    and, what if i use step-down 72mm-58mm ND filters on my 58mm lens? Vignetting?

  • Caleb Pike plus 6 months ago
    Its hard to tell how much ND you need. Day light changes or you walk into shade. Hence the Variable ND.

    As long as your ND filter is bigger than your lens you are good.

    But if you try to put a 58mm ND on a 72mm lens you will probably see vignetting.
  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Caleb Pike plus 6 months ago
    Yes. UV filters can be a problem. I had the same issue when I first started shooting with mine.
  • VIDEOHOOD plus 6 months ago
    Excellent! Loved your Hdslr podcast ! Been watching a lot. Thank you so much for sharing!
  • Kadshah Nagibe plus 5 months ago
    Just wondering how much better optically is the Singh-Ray 77mm Vari-ND Variable Neutral Density Filter over the Fader ND how do they compare and
    does the thin mount for the Singh-Ray help any with reduce vignetting? I already have the 77mm Fader ND and I'm happy with it just wondering if it's worth the upgrade.
  • Caleb Pike plus 4 months ago
    All I know if respected DP Mike Seymour tested Lightcraft, Singh-Ray, and Tiffen 4x4's and found that LC and Singh-Ray were almost exactly the same, while the Tiffens (stack) had a huge amount of color shifting.

    My LC Fader ND has been great over the past year.
  • Wrap Media plus 5 months ago
    Very nice video, never thought there were affordable fader filters!
  • Stephen Diaz plus 4 months ago
    SAVE YOURSELF A BUTTLOAD OF $$$ AND GET A POLAROID VARIABLE ND FILTER!!! Seriously, I just got a 77mm one on there and it's legit! Super cheap too. Plus for the smaller sizes, it's even cheaper. I got one for my gf's 50mm and it was like 30 bucks! Here's a amazon link (where they're cheapest)​j6DQAk
  • Hakim Benkrid 3 months ago
    Hello Stephen, I am tempted to buying the Polaroid filter for my Sony NEX-VG10, but I am concerned about color shifting and vignetting. could you comment on the results you are getting with this filter?
  • Stephen Diaz plus 3 months ago
    in my experience, i haven't noticed either...although I've only had mine for about a month, and am not too nit picky on those kind of things. I'll look for it next time i use mine, but like i said i haven't noticed it and usually i notice things like that pretty fast.
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