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A couple of people have asked me how I get the wide-angle interior car shots in some of my videos. Here's a very quickly thrown together (and admittedly very long) video that shows you really how simple it is to modify your Flip Ultra HD or Flip Mino HD with some off the shelf camcorder accessories and some super glue.

Filmed on a Sony Webbie MHS-CM1

(Note: This will probably void your warranty if you do it to your camera - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!)
  • Jonathan Salinas 2 years ago
    this is awesome I wonder is the magnetic ones would work
  • Matthew Kahle 2 years ago
    Do you mean like the ones for the iphone?
  • Ryan Dembroski 2 years ago
    I'm not sure if they would work or not. I'm not sure it's actually metal on the front of the camera...more of a metal coated plastic.
  • Ryan Dembroski 2 years ago
    That's awesome - especially since the Wide Angle I used in this video is proving harder and harder to find.
  • OOKshorts 2 years ago
    SWEET! the flip is a great camera and that does helps give the camera more options! I'm going to hack my UltraHD! thanks!
  • OOKshorts 2 years ago
    so do you find that you keep the wide angle lens on most of the time (given you have the room and it's not in your pocket)
  • Ryan Dembroski 2 years ago
    I use the wide angle almost exclusively on it now. Also, it makes the camera look pretty sweet.
  • Timothy Lou Ly 2 years ago
    Hey Ryan, thank you for this video. It really is amazing!

    I've been struggling between the Ultra HD and the Vado HD. In the videos that I've seen they have both looked great, but it seems to me that the quality of the Vado is all over the place. One video will be amazing, another just okay, and the next is kinda terrible. The one redeeming quality about the Vado was it's wide angle. But now, with the possibility of having that on the Ultra, I think I'm set on it :)

    I also noticed that with the telephoto lens, you can see the curve of the lens around the corner of the frame. I was wondering if there were any other telephotos, different from the one you used, that would get rid of those black edges?
  • Ryan Dembroski 2 years ago
    I think the vignetting you are seeing has to do with the way the Body of the Camera curves up towards the lens. If you did this modification on the Flip Mino HD I don't think you'd have that vignetting with the 2x adapter.
  • Rick Dolishny 2 years ago
    Where can I buy these lenses?
  • Rick Dolishny 2 years ago
    Hey I found one on ebay for $30 and it works great!​7530083

    Thanks for your tutorial. I wasn't afraid at all of the bit with the Krazy Glue! :)
  • Graeme Hay 2 years ago
    I like your modification, one suggestion. Place a piece of paper or carboard over the lens, so that if your ring does touch that area you hit the paper and not your lens.
  • Douglas MacKrell plus 1 year ago
    This is amazing! Thank you SO much for posting this! Just so you know, the only reason I looked up this hack was because I saw this week's Penn Point on Revision 3 and saw that he had modded his HD Flip Ultra. Thank you again!
  • Ryan Dembroski 1 year ago
    Thanks for watching! This mod makes the Flip much more versatile. I use it to shoot inside cars all the time!
  • Sean Carter 1 year ago
    Hey Ryan, great videos. I've been considering doing this mod for some time. Took the plunge today. My question for you is what do you do with the wide angle lens to protect it when it's not on the Flip? Any cases or makeshift cases you have found to be useful?

    Thanks again!
  • Ryan Dembroski 7 months ago
    I haven't really found anything good case wise. Often times Ill just unscrew the lens for transport.
  • Nate Reeves 1 year ago
    could you do this with the sony webbie hd pm1?
  • Emiils Delle 7 months ago
    That is amazing. Could I do this to my Kodak ZX1, how do you think?
  • Ryan Dembroski 7 months ago
    You probably could - but I haven't tried it.
  • Pedro Cruz 2 months ago
    that's pretty awesome. Ü
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