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Check out the accompanying lesson!​videoschool/​lesson/​55/​tripods-an-expos

Music: “Do What You Can” by Lee Rosevere (Creative Commons)



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  • Brian Brown staff 6 months ago
    Funny and informative!
  • plus 6 months ago
  • Soxiam staff 6 months ago
    He said "thread hole".
  • John Doherty plus 6 months ago
    Crafterrific! Will have to look into one of these things.
  • Jon Bryant plus 6 months ago
    I have a shed I need to construct in my back garden, can you help me Dan? ;o)
  • Daniel Hayek staff 6 months ago
    Yes I can. I accept sandwiches as payment.
  • Jon Bryant plus 6 months ago
    Perfect, I have a tin of SPAM in my kitchen cupboard.
  • Kevin Sweeney staff 6 months ago
    Are you a wizard?
  • Dae Mellencamp staff 6 months ago
    If only I had watched this before I bought my first tripod! The directions didn't explain how to attach the camera and I spent waaay too much trying to figure it out.
  • dude you kinda sound like patrick bateman.. and the entire dialogue reminds me of amercian psycho.
  • Daniel Hayek staff 6 months ago
    who me or matt?
  • innomind 5 months ago
    overdone in both acting and effects...
  • Daniel Hayek staff 5 months ago
    Thank you Renat.
  • Derek Beck staff 30 days ago
    "you can just cut that sucker right off!"

    best dan line ever?
  • LA plus 27 days ago
    I love serious hardware!
  • Christian Peterson 3 days ago
    funny stuff man.
    only thing is it's not 'exposÈ', but 'exposÉ' :)
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