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Wanted to share the use I've found for a super clamp and articulated arm combination. It will fasten on anything it can grip and makes a nice steady hand hold. It will not replace a tripod, but it's a nice addition.



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  • Megan Leigh Sweeney plus 2 years ago
    Thanks for making these videos. I love learning new tricks.
  • Helge Hafstad plus 2 years ago
    Thanks for the comment, it's nice great to have this medium to share ideas. I've found much here on Vimeo to learn from! Glad to be able to give a little back
  • steve seagal 1 year ago
    How much?
  • Helge Hafstad plus 1 year ago
    Depends on your location, suggest you google the price from a local dealer. Equipment spec is at the end of the film. Manfrotto superclamp and articulated arm.
  • Great video, I liked the on bike perspective.
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