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With Summer around the corner and the temperatures rising, there are few better activities than hopping on a bicycle and going for a cruise. If only there was a way to film these moments of joy without inevitably careening into traffic because you were fumbling with a camera.

Fortunately for your well being, there is! While there are many bike mounts for cameras that you can buy, there's also an easy way to make a bicycle camera mount on the cheap that will let you film your bicycle adventures with your hands safely on the handlebars, like Mike Matas did!

Bike to the Beach

from Mike Matas


You're going to need to pick up a few parts before you begin, so bike down to to your local bicycle shop and grab:

  • One reflector mount (they're usually free)

Pro tip...
Make sure you ask for the rubber shims, which accompany the reflector mounts, as these will ensure the tight and secure fit you will need to support your camera.
Next, stop by the hardware store to get the following items:

  • One 2" x 1/4" x 20 threaded screw
  • One 2" x 1/4" x 20 threaded thumb screw
  • Two 1/4" wing nuts (or one 1/4" wing nut and one 1/4" hex nut)
  • One 1/4" flat washer
  • One 1/4" rubber washer
  • A wrench and both a flat head and Phillips head screwdriver

When you have all your supplies, head on home and watch this comical and informative video that Bobby Pierce made.


Bobby instructs us to:

  • Unscrew the reflector itself from the reflector mount
  • Pop the bolt out of the mount by inserting and screwing the threaded thumb screw all the way in and then back out
  • Screw in the threaded screw so it is flush with the plastic reflector mount
  • Screw in your first wing nut (or hex nut) to secure the screw to the reflector mount
  • Screw on the second wing nut (with the wings down) about half way down the screw
  • Put the washer on
  • Put your camera on the top
  • Make minute adjustments by turning the wing nuts accordingly
Pro tip...
To absorb some shock and vibration, place a rubber washer atop the metal washer for the camera to rest on!
And there you are! Slap that guy onto your handlebars or get creative and explore different spots on your bike to mount a camera to. A variety of angles will make your final video all the more interesting to watch as Mike Matas demonstrated. Point the camera back and film yourself sucking wind or point it forward for a first person POV vantage of you weaving through traffic.

This mount is perfect for documenting anything from your morning commute to a critical mass ride like Matt Urlaub's great video from Kansas City.


Instead of only shooting video, try experimenting by shooting a photo time lapse from your mounted camera like Paul Malan did!

Bike ride time lapse

from Paul Malan


Ready for a challenge? Build your own DIY Bicycle Camera Mount and shoot your own bicycle adventure. Remember to mix in different angles and try shooting both video and time lapse. Don't forget your helmet!

Accept this challenge

Do-It-Yourself Bicycle Camera Mount

Learn how to build a bicycle camera mount just in time for the summer!

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