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Fan video to the amazing Clams Casino song I'm God.

I used this video to work on my frame by frame editing skills as well as some other time-remapping techniques.

Music by Clams Casino



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  • kommak 5 days ago
    I really travelled.
  • Feel Good Lost plus 5 days ago
    Job done so :)
  • First Dark 5 days ago
    hott scenery
  • Feel Good Lost plus 5 days ago
    ha! You wouldn't say no to a bit of sexy scenery.
  • First Dark 4 days ago
    Just admiring the view ;^P
  • Stanislas 4 days ago
    Great music (love it when the bass kicks in) and I enjoyed watching the vid. Thanks.

    I have a tiny remark: the eyes of the short-haired girl sometimes look real weird as in 4:10, because of the inverted colors. Like she's looking at the camera.
  • Feel Good Lost plus 4 days ago
    Oh I never noticed that before. Kind of freaky! Thanks for watching! :)
  • Lucy Wright 4 days ago
    Really awesome, great idea. Works really well, super cool colours! Was the footage personally filmed?
  • Feel Good Lost plus 4 days ago
    Thank you! Nope I didn't film it, just sampled the clips to practise my editing.
  • David Stephens 2 days ago
    YOu've made my day, thank you soooooo MUCH!
  • Feel Good Lost plus 2 days ago
    My pleasure sir :)
  • Great Video. Inspired me to make some more artistic videos myself.
    What program did you use?
  • Feel Good Lost plus 16 hours ago
    Just final cut pro! :) Thanks for the comment!
  • maira -gk 20 hours ago
    an excellent view video,
    wholly enjoyable!
  • Feel Good Lost plus 16 hours ago
    Thanks a million! :)
  • aerick london plus 19 hours ago
    this was dope!!!
  • Feel Good Lost plus 16 hours ago
    Glad you liked it sir :)
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