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4. Shoot video UNDERWATER for less than $19!!!
6 years ago
2. Sandboarding
6 years ago
1. Baxter's Day Out
6 years ago
I recently made this fantastic underwater video camera housing for only $19, and have used it to capture some great underwater footage. It has featured in the January issue of "Better Movie Making Monthly", which can be found at​issue3.htm.

You can find out more about my video editing course "The Complete Guide To Better Movie Making" at

I also run a regular weblog all about digital video and digital video editing, the art of capturing quality video footage, and how to transform that footage into movie memories that sum up the highlights of your life! The blog also features links to real-life examples of movies made by others, plus tips and tricks of the movie pros.

You can find this at​
  • Iain Brew 5 years ago
    how do u get the camera out / turn it on and off o_0
  • Perez 5 years ago
    good question
  • Remyyy plus 5 years ago
    yeah really good. When it's done, it's done. (but interesting idea)
  • omgz 5 years ago
    if you watch it over its not sealed on the end piece thats what the vasoline is for.
  • ianusher 4 years ago
    yep, the end piece screws on and off to put camera in and take camera out. vaseline is to seal the threads for extra peace of mind.
    see response below for new design for turning camcorder on and off while in the housing.
  • omgz 5 years ago
    why did you use a 3 way tube instead of just single?
  • ianusher 5 years ago
    Hi there, thanks for the comments.

    Okay, new info on stopping and starting the camera. Initially it had to be put in the housing and left on, but one of our readers came up with a fantastic idea for an on/off switch - see here for more details:​issue13.htm

    omgz, the only reason that I used a three way tube instead of a single was that I couldn't find a single that fitted the camera as well as this one - no other reason.

    Vaseline - yep, just for a little extra peace of mind on the threads when you put the threaded end piece on.


  • Matt LaVoie 3 years ago
    Sweet! Nicely designed- this makes me want to live somewhere with nice, clear waters. Unlike Kansas.
  • Joe Oswin 2 years ago
    sweet idea
  • hwang sang kyu plus 6 months ago
    Thank you.
  • Maureen Brill 6 months ago
    Those PVC pipes are very very valuable for do it yourself photo gear. I saw a how to make your own mini-tripod with wheels, using the same kind of pipes. It looked very cute.
  • BasementVision 3 months ago
  • Bryan Casanova 1 month ago
    I use half toilet paper tube for the lens, all inside a dry condom.
  • ппу 1 month ago
    Thanks for the video. Good idea!
  • AJ HILL plus 19 days ago
    You forgot to mention the led weights to compensate for the buoyancy created by the volume of water that you displace. The rig look to be about 3/4 of a gallon to 1 gallon of volume which would need a total weight in the 6-8lb range.
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