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Ft. Bliss
Even though I don't claim anything resembling "talent", I do see a certain "story teller" aspect to my personality-that or its' just a bad ego trip on my part. Who knows?

Anyway, one area of storytelling I enjoy, is though video/movies. I made my first "movie" (in the most liberal use of the term) November 10th, 1990, but never finished it. It was a cheesy spy movie (which are the BEST kind of spy movies!!) called "Homie the Spy" that I made with friends from high school in North St. Paul MN. Too bad I never finished it! LOL. I guess life just got in the way, and I have moved on; college, work, family.

Now I have begun to look at "movie making" as a hobby and something I am pursuing when free time, inspiration and money permits. To that end, I enjoy watching and LEARNING from others in the hopes that my schlock videos may improve in quality and entertainment value-if only to myself and my family and friends whom I drag kicking and screaming into these projects!! However, by pure accident, if anyone else takes even the smallest measure of enjoyment out of my videos...then I must question your sanity!!

Seriously though, if you take any amusement from them, then that's great. Spielberg I will never be, but if I do end up providing anyone any level of entertainment, then I'm glad to have done so.

Catch ya later!

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