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5. The "Sphere Arm" tripod arm for filming Insects (DIY)
3 years ago
I just started to film insects and i don't like the way tripods work.
On a tripod your camera describes a circle and "looks" from the inside out.
What i want is that the camera is rotating around the subject.
So i invented this arm.
I have never seen it before so i had to make it myself.



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  • Lucasberg (Joey) 3 years ago
    Edwin you are awesome. I have wanted to have this exact thing you made so you dont have to keep moving your tripod for different angles.

    This is a huge deal for macro stuff.
  • Tommy Rodriguez 3 years ago
    Super cool!
  • ArtG3 plus 3 years ago
    Very nice Edwin! Thank you for sharing sir!
  • William Jauregui 3 years ago
    Nice, i just want to be able to spin around myself like in the movies.
  • Georgina Ditton 3 years ago
    We managed to do what you want for a college music video project. Not entirely sure how we made it but it involved a piece of wood on the floor with some cogs/wheels attatched so they could spin. We then attached thin scrap metal tubes/pipes to the cog, they had a hole & pin system so you could add more pipes to change the height & then a similar thing to what's on this "sphere arm" of Edwin's to attach the camera.
    The actor stands on the wood & the camera operator walks round with the camera attached to the pipes making a perfect circle. You then speed it up in editing.
    Not very clear I know, but I hope it helps.
    You can see the results at:​watch?v=ScxhGEN7Wto
    It's @ the end of the video. I plan to upload it to vimeo @ some point but it's on the college computers & I'm on holiday :)
  • Viperos 3 years ago
    to me it's like revolution, great job Edwin and thank You for showing us Your solution.
  • Steve Dabal 3 years ago
    that is amazing. The footage is beautiful and the bottle in the begging almost looked like it was cg
  • scon 3 years ago
    Edwin - so simple and so amazing. Thank you for sharing... Love the sound track too :)
  • Michael Roper 3 years ago
    awesome work, great idea... you should patent this and start producing them!
  • Santo W plus 3 years ago
    Very nice gadget, Edwin. En erg mooi gedaan, hoor!
  • Adam Gerritsma 3 years ago
    Genius! Now find a way to adapt it for underwater use...
  • Stephen G 3 years ago
  • Jan van der Meer plus 3 years ago
    Wow great idea, but on location what holds the wood? Please take it with you on our Europen Vimeo Meetup in Amsterdam Beach 080808!
  • Greg Wallis 3 years ago
    Fab! What a cool idea, and if you ever get this to market, then I'm most certainly interested.
  • Philip Cotsford 3 years ago
    I'm curious too - what holds the wood up in the field?
  • Edwin bont 3 years ago
    The arm is attached to a tripod.
    I want the arm to be expendable so i can reach every spot.
    I am still working on it.
  • Georgina Ditton 3 years ago
    Very good idea, I might need to try & make one of these. (DAD!!!!!! :D )
    I especially like the way it can go up & down as well as round.
  • winston venga 3 years ago
    Fantastic, I love it.
    I'll try this.
  • Captain Beef Eater 3 years ago
    Brilliant! Such ingenuity!
  • moriza 3 years ago
    Your creation is stupendous!
  • I love the footage--but the explanation at the beginning was a bit tough to understand. Could you post a photo or two of the whole device? Please?? =)
  • DURBAN plus 3 years ago
    Very well done... great job and thanks for sharing !
  • Chris Morgan 3 years ago
    this awesome, i think i might make a version of this, but ten times bigger!
  • Matty Stevenson 3 years ago
  • Philippe LE PLAT 3 years ago
    It is a very clever idea who gives a very professional look.

    Good idea!
  • Dooshlin 3 years ago
    what cam?
  • kwelwater 3 years ago
    verry nice idear, simple yet efective love it.
  • Kevin Fluet 3 years ago
    Genius! So simple and yet helps create such great footage.
  • Adam Palmer 3 years ago
    ummm, this idea is fantastic, I may just have to steal it for my own productions, you should patent this idea and sell a professional version so I can buy one instead of having to build it!
  • paraffin 3 years ago
    Very great! Simplicity rules. By the way, what's the music?
  • Perez 2 years ago
  • FIVE5IVE 2 years ago
    AMAZING Stuff!!! Thanks for sharing!
  • Claudia Robinson 2 years ago
    love your macros!!
  • theflow 2 years ago
  • James Remar 2 years ago
    This is tight.
  • James Remar 2 years ago
    UHH! This is it baby!
    End of the road, ha hah!
    When you a dawg, you a dawg for life!
    You don't hear me though, you don't hear me though
    You don't hear me though, c'mon, c'mon!
  • 2 years ago
    Great! Now how could you get a fluid movement around the two axis of your ingenious device? What sort of part would you need for this - would ball bearing work for instance?
  • Sabri Noor plus 2 years ago
    Yes, you could take two fluid heads for each axis. But this will be very heavy and bulky.
    The smallest i know is the Manfrotto 701hdv

    Are there small fluid heads with only one axis?
  • Bojan Marusic 2 years ago
    like some 3D animation :)
  • Junke 2 years ago
    Hufffh. Excelente Idea Men.
  • Junke 2 years ago
    Y Excelentes Resultados Tambien.
  • emmagination plus 2 years ago
    So weird...great concept.
  • Mario Pagano plus 1 year ago
    nice work man, keep doing experiments!!
  • Dantes Rosete 1 year ago
  • Adi Yuda 1 year ago
    cool works.. man..!!
  • Felipe Henao 7 months ago
  • Chris Duke plus 7 months ago
    You should definitely patent this idea and manufacture a product to sell. I'd buy it.
  • Lobo Motion Pix 7 months ago
    Absolutely astonishing! Thanks a lot!
  • MikeA plus 7 months ago
  • Koutrouli Roula 4 months ago
    thank you for sharing!
  • Titrox 2 months ago are a genius
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