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38. Video 101: Shooting Basics
8 months ago
36. Couch Mode
10 months ago
34. Custom Thumbnails
2 years ago
31. Vimeo Channels!
2 years ago
26. Groups Tutorial
3 years ago
25. Add Credits
3 years ago
Learn the basics of shooting videos

See the lesson here for more details-​videoschool/​lesson/​32/​video-101-editing-basics



  • Remyyy plus 8 months ago
    Cardboard has never given made me think that much (reflexion, recorded laugh). You guys rock !!
  • Daniel Hayek staff 8 months ago
    The cardboard in New York is very unique.
  • Andy Allen plus 8 months ago
    Man, the cardboard in England SUCKS.
  • Boat Safety Films plus 8 months ago
    if there's enough cheese you can just use the pizza as a fill
  • Emmanuel Visual Arts 8 months ago
    a very good educational video!!! Lol!!!
  • Daniel Hayek staff 8 months ago
    You're welcome :)
  • Rawey Kased plus 8 months ago
    man you guys are amazing!, you keep it professional, educational, and fun!!!!
  • Daniel Hayek staff 8 months ago
    Thank you Rawey :)
  • Rawey Kased plus 8 months ago
    response to the quick reply: and also you guys HELP a ton and are very courteous!

    I feel the same way, but on a lower non-vimeo staff level lol. I think that's a fair way to put it. enjoy your holidays as well as the rest!
  • Wildek 7 months ago
    So Cool Educational video!! Thank you very much. I except to hear about some more color grading lessons...
    Your Grading is awesome Vimeo! Is this a DSLR shoot?
  • Daniel Hayek staff 7 months ago
    Hi, we shot this on a Canon 7D
  • Wildek 7 months ago
    Looks really Great! Thanks :)
  • ailatanotos 6 months ago
    Jajaja!!! No había visto estos videos!! están muy chistososy muy educativos!!
  • Daniel Hayek staff 6 months ago
    Que bueno que te gustan!
  • Maria Lezhikova plus 4 months ago
    Thank you!
    Funny and catchy :)
    Great work!
  • butter be scotch 3 months ago
    Thanks for the info!
  • Constantine 1 month ago
    Funny :D
  • Hassan Saddiq 8 days ago
    Lol smart and funny at the same time. Good job vimeo staff peeps!
  • Daniel Hayek staff 8 days ago
    Thanks Hassan
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