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11 months ago
269. Travel to Japan with Me (iPhone 4 HD)
1 year ago
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1 year ago
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249. Nov 06 - "2012"
2 years ago
The final leg of my 2 week adventure in Japan. We leave Kyoto, head into the mountains to Hakone, to a Riokan. We eat lots of crazy traditional food (some that looks like slime), we travel to Tokyo, check into our hotel, learn that skipping is faster than walking, eat, drink ... drink ... drink ... have a party with models and a giant pool inside a hotel room. Watch Independence Day, return home, coffee with Jamie, SFO.

Shot June/July 2010.

Music by Electric President.
  • Matthew Brown plus 1 year ago
    Hoyl crap, I'm just about to post a Japan video tomorrow morning! I'm so glad to see others posying their Japan experience at the same time. :D Looked amazing! My favotire shot is at 0:16 Love it! :D
  • justin johnson plus 1 year ago
    Hah! Great mind travel alike!
  • macjunki 1 year ago
    Justin, you rock. Thanks a lot for this masterpiece.
  • justin johnson plus 1 year ago
    Aw, thanks man!
  • Daisy Edwards plus 1 year ago
    Very nice Justin! I love the overexposed window shot that reveals the view from the apartment, it's beautiful!
  • Matt Schwarz staff 1 year ago
    Awesome trip dude! Looks like a great time.
  • justin johnson plus 1 year ago
    It was amazing. Life changing.
  • Zack Wolk 1 year ago
    Tarantino has trunk shots and Johnson has Subways. Looks like a sorta relaxing sorta fun all around awe inspiring adventure, thanks for inviting me thru vimeo!
  • justin johnson plus 1 year ago
    I lovveee me some subways!!!
  • Brad Miller 1 year ago
    Looked like a great experience.

    The iPhone 4 takes some nice video. What did the subtitles say that Will Smith said?
  • justin johnson plus 1 year ago
    Now that's what I call a close encounter!
  • charliesteadman 1 year ago
    Even better than awesome. A superb trip summary video. It made me want to see and hear more of your excursion. I'm glad you got to go.
    My daughter (12) goes to Japan this fall for two weeks. I can't wait for her to go abroad and experience a different world.
  • justin johnson plus 1 year ago
    That's great!
  • Looks like you guys had fun, Japan looks awesome!
  • justin johnson plus 1 year ago
    Japan was so cool. So different, but cool.
  • Keith Williams plus 1 year ago
    OMG so brilliant, great advert for iphone 4....
  • justin johnson plus 1 year ago
    Someone put me in an apple commercial pls!!!
  • Ryan Walker 7 months ago
    I loved this video. this is exactly why I film. The last video I made was of all the great things I experienced in 2010 and it is so great to look back at. This video makes me want to film more of everyday life. Loved this very much.
  • Lukas Pollmann 7 months ago
    Have all Sequences in the video been made with the iPhone 4? If yes, then i'll have to buy one
  • Sean Finnegan plus 4 months ago
    Cool video. I'm beginning to shoot vlogs on my iPhone 4, but I find that after I import the footage to iMovie (so that it can be transcoded automatically to Apple Intermediate Codec) some of it has audio that isn't synced. Rendering the clips in the timeline doesn't help. What gives? How can I avoid audio issues?
  • Ben Hammersley plus 2 months ago
    You have to make sure your audio is transcoded at the same rate (kHz) as your original video.

    Hope that helps.
  • The Film Artist plus 14 days ago
    Amazing work Justin, really enjoyed this! :)
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