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338 videos / 2,832 subscribers
A Channel that represents the vimeo VJ Community....All are welcome...Somewhere to discuss one anothers mixes and plan collaborations and swap…
use + 13 moderators
1,888 videos / 2,296 subscribers
The Stereo 3D Channel is home for all things stereoscopic on Vimeo. Short films, music videos, documentaries, commercials, tutorials, camera…
298 videos / 1,852 subscribers
This channel is a collection of projects about newer ways of human and physical interaction, hosted by Jens Franke (…
categories:  Art   Education & DIY   Experimental   Installation   Science & Tech 
1,232 videos / 1,419 subscribers
Supporting the recklessly experimental and underrated talents of Vimeo. Individuals who effectively test the boundaries of style, technique and…
categories:  Art   Science & Tech 
24 videos / 1,046 subscribers + 3 moderators
67 videos / 867 subscribers
From lenses to magic arms, suction cups and stabilizers, any device or software that would add the wow factor to your videos is welcome. This…
categories:  Education & DIY   Science & Tech 
337 videos / 863 subscribers
Research findings in data visualization captured, streamed, animated… beautified!
Benjamin Wiederkehr + 1 moderator
842 videos / 761 subscribers
A showcase of procedural computer graphics, where computer software and artistry meet. Particle systems, procedural models, and visual effects…
Andy Moorer + 12 moderators
68 videos / 694 subscribers
Videos relating to the tech, people, and products of social media.
categories:  Science & Tech 
54 videos / 638 subscribers
Red Giant Software was founded in 2002 by industry veterans to develop and distribute special effects tools for digital video & film professionals.…
Red Giant + 1 moderator
107 videos / 505 subscribers
Welcome to The Wingsuit Channel. Thank you for tuning in. Copyright 2009 Foghead Studios To add your wingsuit videos to The Wingsuit Channel…
categories:  Science & Tech   Sports   Travel & Events 
241 videos / 489 subscribers
Fluids Simulation Channel aims to become not only a way to showcase videos but a place of knowledge and information, showing us what is available…
categories:  Art   Science & Tech 
Vitor Teixeira + 34 moderators
134 videos / 474 subscribers
We share your passion for film and broadcast technology and are excited to bring you these instructional videos created by our technical experts.…
categories:  HD   Science & Tech 
70 videos / 462 subscribers
I'm unashamedly nerdy. I love technology, and sometimes it loves me back. This channel is a collection of the raddest tech shit I can find.…
categories:  Education & DIY   Programming   Science & Tech 
64 videos / 423 subscribers
Welcome to the Carsonified TV channel!
categories:  Science & Tech   Web Series 
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