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2,376 videos / 49,011 subscribers
We are the Staff. These are the videos we like the bestest. Check em out!
categories:  Art   Films 
Blake Whitman + 6 moderators
1,779 videos / 42,766 subscribers
Welcome to the Vimeo HD Channel, home to the web's most creative and inspiring HD videos. Here we feature HD videos that are super awesome.…
categories:  Films   HD   Short Film 
Blake Whitman + 8 moderators
1,858 videos / 11,645 subscribers
A channel for the admirers of any kind of animation
Aziz Kocanaogullari + 1 moderator
1,389 videos / 10,044 subscribers
This is the free Film School of which are published videos tutorials to make your film projects, from the special effects,…
categories:  Education & DIY   Films   HD 
Tommy Rodriguez + 8 moderators
594 videos / 9,108 subscribers
A place for Vimeo's documentaries including full documentaries, single chapters, or extended trailers, over 3 minutes in length.
categories:  Documentary   Education & DIY   Films 
65 videos / 7,891 subscribers
This channel is for sharing editing and shooting techniques for beginning and advanced video producers.
categories:  Editing   Editing   Education & DIY   Films   How-To   Products & Equipment 
Charlie McCarthy + 3 moderators
232 videos / 6,852 subscribers
___________More short films at__________ (((((((((( ))))))))) __________________________________________ More…
categories:  Films 
01VideoLab + 1 moderator
317 videos / 4,366 subscribers
Intended as a vault of inspiration to one and all :)
Juztn + 1 moderator
1,740 videos / 2,954 subscribers
Music Videos :: Short Movies :: Animated :: Films :: motion design :: Stop Motion :: Compositing :: Computer Graphics :: Art :: CGI :: VFX ::…
categories:  Animation & Motion Graphics   Films   Music 
François Mathey + 1 moderator
100 videos / 2,633 subscribers
Canon EOS 7D Channel
categories:  Films 
683 videos / 2,410 subscribers
This is a Channel dedicated to showcasing the bestest Demo Reels by the talented members on Vimeo.
categories:  Films 
Karen Abad + 1 moderator
775 videos / 2,392 subscribers
visual and sound
categories:  Animation & Motion Graphics   Art   Experimental   Films   Music 
211 videos / 2,366 subscribers
The very best HD films from the new iPhone are featured here, already over 130k views, please post a shout if you would like your film to be…
categories:  Films   HD 
The Film Artist + 4 moderators
1,888 videos / 2,296 subscribers
The Stereo 3D Channel is home for all things stereoscopic on Vimeo. Short films, music videos, documentaries, commercials, tutorials, camera…
379 videos / 2,222 subscribers
A collection of video works by users aiming for that 'film-look'.
categories:  Films 
Javed Ahmed + 1 moderator
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